1. Jusic says

    I don’t think his co-workers would be pissed at him, there was no place to move their cars. If they did had move their cars they would have of been wash away with their cars, I would rather lose my car then my life.

  2. gr8guyca says

    I don’t understand how the guy in the blue shirt is just standing there while the water has enough force to carry away cars. Why isn’t he carried away, too? Any thoughts?

  3. Dave says

    Sea level is currently rising at a rate of 1/10 inch per year. Due to the CO2 already in the atmosphere, sea level is projected to continue rising for several centuries. Projections for the year 2100 show great uncertainty, ranging from several inches to nearly three feet. The impacts of rising sea level include loss of coastal ecosystems, flooding of cities, displacement of coastal inhabitants, and increased vulnerability to storm surges. And the effects would be magnified if the frequency of severe storms increases, as some climate models project.

  4. james says

    Thought about the man in the blue shirt. A vehicle is a fixed object unable to adjust itself in the current. A human can shift his/her feet or position and find a somewhat stable spot, like standing in the sand at the beach when a wave comes in. The physics of a flexible object (a human) versus an inflexible object (a vehicle) are different. I have been able to stand in a rushing creek up to my knees without being swept away precisely because I can feel the current and the ground beneath me. A vehicle can’t do that.

    I think I spotted an emblem on his arm, so perhaps he was a police, fire, or rescue officer. The man in the yellow coat probably was, too. While I think it was foolish to venture into the current (getting hit by debris being a risk), they may have been watching for people caught in the water and needing to be rescued.

  5. says

    Blue shirt is a cop. He was looking for people inside the vehicles.

    Typical- we here in Oz have a decades- long drought, and then suddenly three-quarters of Queensland is under water…

  6. Trey says

    @gr8Guyca the cars have tires full of air, they have more mass with air pockets closer to the water, i.e. more friction and variables… i dont maybe that doesn’t fully explain it to you. anyway, a woman’s stiletto heal against the ground can have as much force as an elephants foot. (lol wow i think i just wrote a bunch of nonsense.)

  7. shannon says

    They are getting their karma due to the treatment they gave to the original people of that land…the Black people! they used them as target practice..beheaded their children…now the land they stole is being taken from them by NATURE..

  8. Sargon Bighorn says

    Shannon, silly silly thing that you are, do you think the brown and black people are not suffering? You think the rain is not washing away their crops and trees and cars? No one has a claim to being “The original people” That’s racism at its most horrible level and speaks to a wickedness of the heart that is dark and evil. We are all people of the planet equally.

  9. john says

    Good for you SB,Shannon is a f…wit.
    What i find unbelievable is people have the time to film cars being washed away but are not helping people evacuate.
    That would be the decent thing to do.

  10. Josh says

    I wonder if Shannon realises that his notion of ‘kama’ is only really one step away from those who claim birds are dropping dead because of DADT. Fuckwitsayswhat?

  11. mary says

    The guy in blue is quite lucky. Even though he isn’t standing in the creek proper (stronger current) it can take just 1 foot of water to pick you right off your ass, especially if a hard object carried by current hits you.

  12. Daniel says

    Andy – the comment about shelters (sometimes) not welcoming LGBT people or couples is rather presumptuous. Brisbane has a large gay population. QNews is merely offering to facilitate help to those in need in addition to available shelters. No shelter would turn away anybody in need, nor would others judge. In Australia, in times like these, everybody helps each other regardless.

  13. jonathan says

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