1. JT says

    Could it all be offensive to some? Sure. Do I think we need to make a giant deal of it? Not really. Why?
    I may get flayed for this, but frankly, this myth that the people that serve in the military are mostly respectable, upstanding citizens is just that, a myth. I grew up in a military family. My father served with respect and valor for 25 years in the Air Force, so he’s one of the exception. But today’s soldier, like my brother, whom was in the army, went in cuz he barely got outa HS, was too lazy for college, and was offered an upfront cash prize to enlist. Not really the cream of the crop. Most enlisted people are the ones that didnt wanna do anything else, or wanted money to buy a new lifted truck, or HAD NO OTHER OPTIONS, and this was the easiest choice. I live near Camp Pendalton, and most marines are ANYTHING but the best and brightest.
    This behavior on board the Carrier is typical, and you know what, we get what we pay for, so as long as they do their jobs, and dont cause harm, lettum act like fools.
    Dont get me wrong, they serve their country and all that, but its mostly a government subsidized fraternity and rehabilitation program that happens to carry guns.
    To those officers that do serve with distiction and honor, my hat is off to you, not just for your job, but for dealing with your fellow servicemen who may not be all that they can be.

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Of he were some middling junior officer in charge of the ship’s laundry, no big deal. But this clown was XO at the time, and now captain of a USN carrier…that means he’s typically on the short-list for RADM and command of a battle-group. It reflects badly on his leadership skills, and whether he has the respect and confidence of his superiors and subordinates.

    How this slipped past his fitness-review for his captaincy reflects badly on the entire chain-of-command that this wasn’t caught. Obviously his subordinates, his commanding officer and the Battle-group commander knew if it was broadcast WEEKLY on the carrier’s CCTV. As with instances of “loss of zipper control”, he should have been quietly passed-over for promotion, and reassigned to a less sensitive and less-prominent posting ’til early retirement. There are only 12 carriers in-service and a lot of sharp-elbowed competition by some very competent commanders for that slot.

  3. says

    My tax dollars should not be used to produce a vile “funny” video. period. Try and stick up for them, but the fact of the matter is they made an offensive video using government equipment on government time.

  4. BobN says

    “My tax dollars”

    Then you should do everything in your power to make sure that the military becomes a nine-to-five job so everyone can just go home after a good day’s work.

    Besides, they can use my tax dollars.

  5. Someone Wants To Be in Showbiz says

    I watched it — BFD. I couldn’t take any offense at it — it wasn’t vicious, just not well written, obviously aiming at humor.

    But it does make me think the XO is gay and would probably like someone to shower with — just to conserve water, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, and don’t ask me anything else about it because I’m not telling.

  6. says

    Individual soldiers in a video like this — big whup.

    XO of the ship sponsoring it — big deal indeed.

    Command level people are held to a different standard, in the military and in the corporate world as well. This just isn’t appropriate for a command level officer. Do you really want a clown like this as one of the Joint Chiefs some day?

  7. Jeff says

    There have been–and surely will be–homophobic attacks and acts of gay discrimination in the military. Those should be the focus of our attention, not this ultra-lame attempt at humor from soldiers trying to let off steam during wartime.

  8. Fred says

    What I take offense to is that the XO of a ship that is home to over 5,000 men and women felt this video was appropriate to create and take part in. The fact that he endorsed broadcasting the video on movie night is a whole other issue and says more about his lack of professionalism.

    Hard to believe the XO was later promoted to commander of the Enterprise. Hopefully he will remain on board when the ship is put in mothballs in a few years.

  9. walter says

    i’ve said before the man was xo and should have displayed better judgement. what would have been said if he had chosen to do it in black face,or wearing a yarmulke or head scarf.this is the same of childish that took to women during tailhook and careers were ended people had to resign. how can you command a multi billion dollar ship showing very poor judgement. these men will be responsible to implement the repeal of DADT amd what if they handle it the same as a joke. everyone says they are blowing off steam boys will be boys. sorry they are members of the us armed forces ang should act accordingly. maybe our panties should be in a bunch just continues stereo types

  10. vonlmo says

    If this guy isn’t retired & managing a Goodwill Store in 12 months, then truly the terrorists have won.

  11. Bill Michael says

    Oh GROW UPPPP…!!!!! Jesus Christ what are these people whining about? Maybe the US Navy is no place for a school-marm, eh??? Sounds like someone is trying to swallow a gnat and pass a brick. I think the video was funny and I would be HONORED to serve with Captain Honors. You forget that these are adults who could be called up at any moment to lay down their lives for our country. They aren’t children who need to be paddled and sent to bed without supper. Go away, Mrs. Kruse, just GO…

  12. Vince in WeHo says

    This is news? Men in the military behaving badly? We’re way passed “Girls Gone Wild,” folks.

  13. says

    By all reports, the videos were puerile and, if not vicious, certainly displayed an unacceptable degree of disdain for women and gays. Attitudes like that have a real impact on — how shall I put it? “morale and unit cohesiveness.” If he wanted to entertain the crew, he could have rented a DVD of some war movie — there are lots of very good ones.

    The idea that a clown like this is in command of a warship is kind of scary. Oh, and Bill Michael — if they’re adults, maybe they should act like it.

    Based on past history, Honors will get a promotion.

  14. V-8 says

    JT, it is precisely because the military does NOT get the cream of the crop that videos like this should not exist…

    they need to be educated, and not have their problematic beliefs reinforced….

    just because they r not the smartest cookies in the jar does not mean we should give up on them and put them first in the line of fire….

    the military could be a place where they better themselves, and not a place where they stay the same, get worse, or get killed….

  15. Joe says

    I watched the videos and have to say this guy comes off as an incredible ego maniac, exhibiting very poor judgement. Even the statements he repeatedly makes about the commanding officer not authorizing the video seems to be his way of saying “I’m cool, I’m one of you, I can be irreverent and funny too.” It’s as though he just wants to demonstrate that he’s a likable, regular guy. Instead, it all comes off rather pathetically. What an idiot. It’s all very sophmoric, including the dated music: Jefferson Starship? Oh, please, make it stop!

  16. Rick in Ct says

    Bill Michael has it right. These are extremely disciplined people performing a dangerous job. This is no 9 to 5. I too would be honored to serve with Capt Honors. The record will show that officer and crew rocked that mission and Honors didn’t make Captain for nothing.

  17. Andalusian Dog says

    The most offensive parts of those videos were their lack of good comedy. They’re just plain bad. The mild homophobia and misogyny were just the icing on the cake. I agree with some of the others, I am kinda pissed that this is where my tax dollars are going. And why are we paying for a ship to have a camera crew and editing team? It’s a waste of money, clearly.

  18. says

    Once and for all, can we throw in the dump..boys will be boys crap, These are men in women in our Armed forces. They are supposed to be LEADERS, My father would never have stood by and let this happen..why cause he was a moral man,Morality is the most important things that these so called leaders should be showing not this moron and for those of you who say ..oh i would serve with him, yeah right he would mock you and make a fool of you just like he did everyone else, and these two morons in the video with him, gosh i sure hope they all get the boot, My brother was in the Navy and he would NEVER have tolerated this say, because he was raised by my mother and father with dignity and morals..throw the bums out and swiftly my man..

  19. says

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