1. gr8guyca says

    Can we possibly go ONE news cycle without a Sarah Palin story? The best way to get rid of her is to ignore her. She is a failed candidate from Vice-President and the former Governor of a small state. She has no real possibility of being elected anywhere. So, let’s just ignore her and hope that she goes away.

  2. Rob says

    I disagree, GR8GUYCA, I think we need to publicize every step of the crash and burn of Sarah Palin. Lady Bunny is magnificent and this is hilarious. Sarcasm reveals the truth when logic fails.

  3. walter says

    sarcasm but right on point this woman has to be continual shown for the clown she really is because she still has a lunatic fringe who would follow her to the gates of hell. the more exposure of her makes the cracks in her persona larger and more likely to crumble.

  4. darren stevens says

    Palin with a Pinocchio nose is excellent branding. In these days of ‘peacekeepers’and ‘job killing’ one good image can tell a hell of a story.

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