1. Mike says

    The world may be changing but don’t kid yourselves, the republicans are not. This is just a transparent ruse to appeal to moderates and independents. Republicans could care less about gay rights or anyones rights for that matter… they only want to make a buck at someone else’s expense.

  2. Boxerdad says

    wait, what? we’re supposed to be thrilled because suddenly the cool kids decided we would be fun to have at their parties? give me a break.

  3. Alex says

    After reading up on Red Eye, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a wonderful satire of everything else on its network. Too bad it comes on during the late night infomercial hours when everybody’s asleep.

  4. says

    red eye is desperate for viewers

    it currently is negative $ making for Fox. Fox’s answer to a conservative version of Jon Stewart.

    They either go leftish or pull it off the air.

  5. Jason (the commenter) says

    That clip was offensive, but I do like seeing how mainstream gays have become.

  6. justiceontherocks says

    How is the clip offensive? Except maybe to the FRCs and the LaBarberas of the world.

  7. plaintom says

    Nothing can destroy a social conservative faster than comedy. The simple dismissal of these hatersexual groups tells you how far and fast general public opinion is swinging. People no longer feel the need to placate these crazoids.

  8. ted says

    Gutfeld is not and has not been anti gay on his show. He is constantly making gay jokes and I am sure some dimwits really don’t get the humor. @Mike: What? only make a buck at someone’s expense? I am openly gay in Louisiana’s Republican party. Elected. Not the only one. Many of the higher ups in the party are sick of anti gay attitudes, especially Republican women. @Boxerdad: What? Suddenly? If you even watched the network yuo’d realize this is not rare nor sudden.

  9. matt says

    What Louisiana Republican party are you talking about? I’m also from LA and have daily contact with the republican officials of the state. While I will say that to me personally they have been nothing but supportive (me being gay is really a non-issue, but I get the occasional blind date so I’ll say supportive), none of them are going to try and move the state forward in terms of curbing the discrimination that both of us receive – school bullying (2008), adoption (2010), etc.

    On a different note, where are you elected? kudos.

  10. Todd says

    Gutfeld is a cynical, patronizing FOX tool – and Bill Schulz is the token queeny quisling.

  11. ratbastard says

    I’ve actually seen the show. It’s a COMEDIC take on the news. It’s IRRELEVANT. Some ideologs obsess over it and/or ridicule it because it’s [GASP!] on Fox [sorry, faux].

  12. Yeah, WhAt? says

    Not so much a fan of GOProud. But the Log Cabin Republicans are heroes to the gay community!

  13. anon says

    The joke about chest shaving was funny. The problem for the right wing is there isn’t much more traction they can get out of the issue. With gay marriage outlawed in almost all conservative states they have very few issues left to run on. Also, the SPLC’s labeling of FRC and other groups as hate groups really puts a crimp on their public image, in the “won’t touch with a ten foot pole” way. That’s how the pols will look at it. FRC = KKK, so stay away.

  14. ratbastard says

    The SPLC is developing quite a questionable reputation itself. With the internet and collapse of ‘Traditional’ media [ALL controlled by special interests groups] they [and other institutions] can no longer control their reputation and operations. This is one big reason why both the ‘Radical’ left and right [and big business] want to control the internet. It scares them.

  15. Sobering Thought says

    The comment about the cynical use of gay issues to bring Repubs to the polls just goes to show you how the party leaders regard their members.

    Not all Repubs are stupid or bigots, but if you are a stupid bigot the Republican Party is your party of choice. And the fact that such tactics are deemed worthwhile shows you how large a part of their party this works on.