1. PLo says

    Lincoln was a Republican when the Republicans were more like Democrats today. Lincoln would NEVER be a member of the GOP today.

  2. Disgusted American says

    Good Luck with that……You seem like a decent person / but you’ll NEVER Get anywhere in the GOP being Gay…..doesn’t matter what Lincoln said……you can try all you want, it aint gonna help. A Few Looneys..? Are you nutz….MOST of the GOP is NUTZ and Religious wackjobs.
    PS: I wouldn’t Vote GOP EVER!

  3. Andrew says

    “A few people in the Republican party” Nope sorry a few is the people who think being gay is ok, not the other way around Mr. Karger. Its not a courageous move when over 70% of the population thinks it should be repealed. Although I welcome their vote, hardly courageous.

  4. jexer says

    Imagine the Republican platform is a car. It’s a fine car, small government, civil rights, fiscal responsibility, etc, etc.

    But even the BEST car can’t compensate for bad drivers, or unsafely disruptive passengers.

    When the Republican Party starts acting like they’re NOT playing grand theft auto… I’ll consider joining them. Not until.

  5. David in Houston says

    This guy is absolutely delusional. The Republican party is controlled by evangelical Christians, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. It will NEVER be the party of Lincoln in his lifetime. You can’t un-ring a bell. The Republican party has made it crystal clear that gay people have no place at their table. Mr. Karger should acknowledge that fact, and perhaps try to start a new political party that isn’t vehemently homophobic.

  6. says

    um back to lincoln and roosevelt? that would be the dems. learn your history and how parties shift over time idiot!

  7. justiceontherocks says

    In the foreseeable future we are stuck with two very imperfect political parties. On gay rights, one of them is considerably more imperfect than the other. By being a sane gay voice Karger may help to make it less attractive to demonize non-heterosexuals. I think we should all wish him well in that mission.

    And I am sure he knows that he’s pushing a heavy rock up a steep hill.

  8. Randy says

    The more acceptance gays gain in the republican party, the more they are disarmed of their anti-gay weapons.

  9. Jacob says

    A gay republican is a huge oxymoron. being a gay republican is like being a nazi jew or a black klansman, it just doesn’t make sense.

  10. Adrian says

    He’s trying to do an inside job of correcting the GOP. Noble effort in vain. Maybe not. Wish you the best, Fred.

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    Of course gays can be Republicans — gay Republicans merely have to settle for being second-class and never getting attention to any of their interests.

  12. AdamK says

    The Republican Party is an anti-gay hate group. A gay Republican is a self-hater and needs psychological counseling.

  13. says

    Listening to this man it is clear he clings for the label “Republican” more than what it actually stands for. “Bring the party back to Lincoln and Roosevelt” – Really? Because every republican after them has been offensive, right? Right.

  14. ggreen says

    Gay Republicans think their money or station can keep bigotry away from them and always preach personal responsibility. But as soon as they get bashed or vandalized for being gay they expect everyone to come to their defense. Republicans are selfish at their core, its in their DNA along with living in constant fear. Republican gay quislings are no different.

  15. says

    Also, Roosevelt LEFT the republican party and formed the Progressive Party. Lincoln and Roosevelt were both progressives. If you want today’s progressives, they’re in the Democratic Party.

  16. craigers says

    Of course you can be gay and Republican Fred, just like you can be a Jew and a Nazi. Should you be a gay Republican? Well, I guess the answer is the same as whether a Jew should be a Nazi.

  17. BartB says

    Wow, Fred a whole EIGHT Republican Senators and FIVE Members of the House stood up for DADT? How many didn’t?

    Don’t blame the gay-hatred in the Republican party on the “leadership” they are there because the rank and file want them there. Partly because of our desire to have our marraiges recognized on a federal level, because of our desire to serve openly in the military, because of our desire to adopt and raise children. It’s simply not true, Fred. Not true. It’s the rank and file Republicans who are behind this or those leaders wouldn’t be there. They are ELECTED.

    And when you have to go back to a time when people had wooden teeth to make your case for the Republican party being progressive, you make yourself look ridiculous, Fred. The Republican party is no friend to gay people. It hasn’t been for nearly fifty years. That’s a fact. And you can tilt at windmills all you like and wish for sunnier skies and warmer breezes but that doesn’t make them happen. The Republican party hates — yes, hates — gay people in the most sanctimonious, intollerable, immoral way possible. Fred, paying for TV time and making internet videos isn’t going to change that and you spouting off names like Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt only makes you seem desperate and silly. So stop.

    Face reality, Fred. We all have. We know who the enemy is.

  18. Joe says

    There’s a difference between being a social conservative and republican – though the mainstream republicans don’t really believe it.

    Really, if they went back to Goldwater and abandoned the crazy reaganite republicans, then our country and gays would be just fine becoming republican.

  19. Joe says

    Actually, need to amend my comment – I mean our country would better off because social issues wouldn’t be debated over and it would be fine for a gay to want to be a republican or become one.

    However, I do not think republicans have the right answer for our country overall, even if they are only concerned with smaller government and fiscal issues.

  20. Bryan says

    Lincoln and Roosevelt were Republican in name only. It’s a grotesque distortion for the current crop of christofascist neocons to lay any claim to them. Today, both of them would be regarded as screaming liberals, accused of “socialism,” and otherwise reviled by the GOP.

    By the standards of 20 years ago, Obama is actually a moderate-to-right-leaning conservative, and would have been utterly rejected by the DNC of that time.

    Karger is a mush mouthed opportunist, the sort who would have advised Jews to join the Nazi party in order to change it from within. It’ll be interesting to see how the GOP responds to his apostasy.

  21. Al says

    “Lincoln was a Republican when the Republicans were more like Democrats today. Lincoln would NEVER be a member of the GOP today.”

    Lincoln was a rabid racist, and his policies ensured practices like child labor.

    Enough with the Lincoln love. He was a Classical Liberal. Big difference.

    Republicans today are how they always were.

  22. Dave says

    Al, you are clearly insane. You have no sense of history or politics. Are you some paid right-wing troll?

  23. GregV says

    Indeed, Lincoln was elected overwhelmingly in liberal bastions like San Francisco and Vermont and faced his opposition from social and religious conservatives.
    The electoral map of 1860 looks remarkably similar to today’s maps of red and blue states, with the blue cities and states that voted for Gore and Obama having gone for Lincoln and the red counties who voted for Bush having strongly OPPOSED Lincoln in favor of the other three parties of that time.
    It’s baffling how his name is brought up fondly by social conservatives today, as if Lincoln’s party had much of anything in common with today’s Republicans other than the fact his party was using the same name for their party.

  24. darkmoonman says

    You can be a “gay” Rethuglican only if you’re rich, happy being in the closet, and believe yourself better than everyone else who is gay and don’t give a damn what happens to them since you can buy your way around the laws.

  25. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Good luck Fred. It is important that gay issues no longer are used as political wedges to win elections. Your run for the Presidency as an openly gay person will help teach many Republicans that they can accept and even like gay people.

    The country is moving in the right direction, but full equality is still elusive. Neither political party is fully accepting, but thankfully we aren’t openly bashed by most Democrats.

    The Democratic Party (with a President who doesn’t accept marriage equality for gays) has a ways to go. The Republican Party is on an even longer trek and most likely will wander through the wilderness for another 40 years.

    Let’s hope the Republican Party can be changed sooner rather than later. It would be helpful if we could achieve full equality here in the U.S. so that we can attack the bigotry and hatred spewing from so many other places around the world. There are 80 countries that recently voted against a UN provision that sought to condemn extra- judicial killings of gay people. We have lots of work to do.

    Again, best of luck with your campaign. It will be tough slogging, but I hope you make a lot of headway.

  26. Ninong says

    Can one be Jewish and a Nazi? Can one be an African-American and a member of the White Citizens Council? Can one be a Catholic (or an African-American) and a grand wizard in the KKK?

    Can one be an African-American and a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? Actually yes, as long as they’re also a Mormon. The 300+ members in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra have recently increased their black membership from one to three or four.

  27. Wilkby says

    An openly gay man being a Republican seems even more self-sabotaging than an African American being one. Just plain dumb.

  28. Ray T says

    The Last time I voted Republican was for General Eisenhower, I had just gotten out of the army. Nothing is ever all good or all bad. With the rise of Nixon and Joe McCarthy the Republican Party went to the right = fascism. Under Geo. Bush Jr. it became no better than the German Nazi party. It made me sick to see the nation I served install the process of incarceration without respecting the legal rights of prisoners and torture. If a man Like Fred Karger has the guts it takes to try to bring that party back into the rheum of freedom for all and malice toward non than more power to him. We could use a Republican party that respects all people equally and does bring a measure of physical responsibility to the government.