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Watch: Gay Giffords Intern Daniel Hernandez - 'I Must Humbly Reject the Use of of the Word Hero'


Daniel Hernandez, the 20-year-old gay intern credited with helping save Rep. Gabrielle Giffords life, was seated between President Obama and Governor Jan Brewer last night at the memorial service, and was honored as a hero.

Hernandez humbly rejected that term, calling on the assembled crowd to honor others that were there that night, and those who dedicate their lives to public service.


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  1. andy, that looked like sandra day o'connor next to daniel hernandez, not jan brewer...no?

    Posted by: daftpunkydavid | Jan 13, 2011 7:20:25 AM

  2. What a beautiful man, and worthy of being called a hero. Inspiring!

    Posted by: Tone | Jan 13, 2011 8:25:35 AM

  3. Daniel Hernandez is obviously traumatized and it shows. Being in the middle of such a violent act will leave everyone involved changed for the rest of their lives.

    Compare Mr. Hernandez's reaction and response to a Georgetown U. student also at the scene near Representative Gifford who 'Fled' when it all went down. Daniel did show a lot of courage...and compassion.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jan 13, 2011 8:28:18 AM

  4. It was Sandra Day O'Connor that he was next to ;o) ...
    I am proud of this young man! His courage and love for life showed through so beautifuly! He deserves nothing but our humbled show of complete appreciation! Those that may have run were doing what so many people who have done and I don't begrudge them leaving the scene with their own life foremost on their mind! No one knows how they would react to this situation until one is in it! Daniel did something that I'm not even sure I could have done! This is what makes others human and this man a hero. He may reject the label, but being humble is heroic. Yes, the first responders were doing their jobs. Daniel may have just saved Gabby life and I'm proud that a member of the GLBT community is shown in such a beautiful light! Daniel, stand strong through this! You have many more friends then you know and we are so damn proud of you!!

    Posted by: James G in Phillay | Jan 13, 2011 8:52:05 AM

  5. He was indeed sitting b/w Obama and O'Conner, Fmr. Supreme Court Justice - NOT Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.

    Posted by: David | Jan 13, 2011 9:02:42 AM

  6. This man's bravery puts the lie to the long-held belief in arguments against gays in the military, that gays cannot be depended on for courage, or to stand up and fight. By being who he is, Mr. Hernandez has put another lage nail in the DADT coffin.
    To Ratbastard, I agree with your comments. Imagine at 20 years old having an incident like this happen to you, but then to have fame and notoriety thrust upon you in such exponential proportions.
    Mr Hernandez makes me very proud to be American and Gay!

    Posted by: tweedle | Jan 13, 2011 9:42:24 AM

  7. I would love to see an interview with the person/people who raised this young man. They seem to have gotten it right.

    A certain pack of publicity whore morons in Alaska might want to observe and learn.

    Posted by: justiceontherocks | Jan 13, 2011 12:11:32 PM

  8. I believe this man is going to do (more) amazing things in the world. We need more people like him.

    Posted by: lis | Jan 13, 2011 12:31:42 PM

  9. I do have to disagree with this young man. A true hero is someone who doesn't run from a challenge, it's someone who stands up for what they believe, and it's someone that stays true to them selves. He is not only a hero for helping to save the Congress woman's life, but he is a role model for being an upstanding citizen. When you then add in the factor that he is a proud and out gay man working his way up in the political system, it just show how much of a hero he is. It's people like him that will change the minds of people that are against us...it's not always the loud and proud activist that change minds...sometimes, most times it's those people that go about their everyday just being the best person that they can be that change minds. Thank you Daniel for doing what you did, but thank you for showing the world that you are a proud gay man. Gay may not be all that you are, but it doesn't make you any less valuable to society.

    Posted by: ryan | Jan 13, 2011 1:29:10 PM

  10. Three standing ovations from the president of the USA!

    Daniel Hernandez Jr. - Remember that name; he has a bright future in politics and we are all the better for it.

    Posted by: truthteller | Jan 14, 2011 6:01:13 AM

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