Watch: Gay Prom Night at the State of the Union Address


Jeanne Moos describes the plan by Democrats and Republicans to mix it up at the State of the Union address as like a prom, or perhaps, a gay prom (especially where Rep. Mark Kirk is involved).


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  1. This is the coolest thing I've ever heard of!

    Posted by: anonymous | Jan 25, 2011 1:47:27 PM

  2. Mark Kirk is a Senator.

    Posted by: deegeezeee | Jan 25, 2011 2:06:46 PM

  3. BEST MOVE ever!!! I wonder who Boenher is sitting next too?

    Posted by: Liam | Jan 25, 2011 2:41:42 PM

  4. This is just plain stupid. There is plenty of legislation to work on, and this is just another distraction.

    Posted by: Paul | Jan 25, 2011 3:16:19 PM

  5. @Paul - they have to go to the State of the Union address. They're not going to be working on any legislation while it's going on. So why not try to demonstrate some bipartisanship and unity while they're doing it?

    Posted by: PG | Jan 25, 2011 3:53:03 PM

  6. @Liam - I hope you are kidding. As Speaker of the House, Boehner will be sitting up on the podium behind the President, where former speaker Pelosi used to sit next to Vice President Biden in full view of the country as the President speaks. Who knows, we may even get to see him cry!

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 25, 2011 5:49:53 PM

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