1. Will says

    I’ve always thought he was incredibly hot! Whoo, need to take a walk outside to cool off, lol! Hott!

  2. apernettt says

    LMAO!!! Dude knows how to mocks himself and he’s not ashamed to do so. And the ass? well, that’s a beautiful ass!

  3. SFshawn says

    Considering it’s been 10 years since he finished “Dawson’s Creek” he looks amazing and to think that sexy gay daddy John Wesley Shipp was pounding that sweet bubble butt is just too much reality/fantasy to deal with on a horny Friday afternoon. lol

  4. gino says

    Perfect combo of sexiness and humor. I don’t know if he has kids in real life but he’s a total DILF.

  5. huh? says

    Oh my that was HOT. He’s in the early stages of a Neal Patrick Harris-like career resurgence. Self-mockery coupled with a hot body. Next step: come out! (I wish.)

  6. topsyturvy says

    OMG. Whatever he’s doing to that weed-whacker at about :18 seconds, I want him to do to me.

  7. JSH says

    @MATTRETT — What “fairly well known past” of Mr. van der Beek’s would that be, then??? 😀

  8. Brian in Texas says


    He had a segment in the film “Storytelling” which had a gay element to it; love scene. But was later cut from the final release of the film.