1. topsyturvy says

    Odd that Carrey didn’t mention “Phillip Morris” last night. Typically when the host has a movie to promote it’s mentioned in the opening monologue.

  2. Paul R says

    @R, that’s usually the case, but they sometimes sink in a funny skit near the end that would probably spook a lot of early viewers who give up. Last night the trio of junkies singing songs asking the audience for a place to live was pretty funny—the lyrics of the songs, anyway.

  3. amsam says

    another hilarious idea at SNL not fully worked out and kind of just petering out. if this is the best we’ve got maybe sketch comedy just doesn’t work?

  4. Tell It Like It Is says

    This was great! I love black swan. I was on a film set with Jim Carey and he was hysterical during and between takes.