1. John says

    Joan Rivers is a washed up, arrogant, has been. The only thing humorous about her is her ridiculous plastic face. Why Fox would have wanted her to appear is the question.

  2. Paul R says

    I don’t care what you think of Joan Rivers, these tweets are great.

    And yeah, Melissa is pretty sad.

  3. brenda says

    Joan Rivers is a legendary comedian, an icon of comedy who has been through the fire and lives to laugh again. She is gay-friendly, a joke-maven–brimming with jokes–and she’s genuinely funny. Also, her face looks kinda good these days–not as puffy as before.

  4. booka says

    In observing Joans comments, then “John” here; I can tell you one of them is hugely arrogant…guess. She has done more for the Gay community than some typical mal-adjusted bitchy Queen, and contunues to do so. I really feel that is the main problem in the Gay society; the total lack of gracious appreciation for each other, and those that support us. What a mean world it has become, that bitterness is the goal. John: why don’t you try today to be kind and grateful to just one person, even if it is just yourself. I suspect you could really use it. If you can find a way to do that then that fire inside you to hurt somebody might go out, or at least not be stoked.

  5. Rob says

    Joan Rivers is an icon of American humor- in the first class at Second CIty in the sixties, with Alan Arkin. She misfires from time to time, but when she nails it she nails it, even now. She’s entertained on some Atlantis cruises I’ve been on, and people were wetting their pants.

  6. Peter says

    John can think whatever he wants about Rivers. The point is that it’s absolutely inappropriate for Fox News to “protect” or “stand up for” Sarah Palin.

  7. paul says

    apparently John has not seen Joan Rivers documentary…where it shows her personally deliverying meals to home-bound people…a chartity organization in NYC.
    Joan is an Icon…I would love to meet her and talk to her. She doesn’t deny who she is or what she does. she just keeps going and going! After Johnny Carson had her banned for NBC, she plowed forward!! She should succeeded Johnny…who knew he was such a prick to her.

  8. Joe in CT says

    I admire Rivers, but who cares about this Fox booking tiff anyway? For a showbiz veteran, Joan’s delusional to expect them to be impartial about the mama-bear moneymaker.

    (Agree that her talking daughter-prop is a bore.)

  9. woodroad34d says

    Fox News proves that it is not “fair and balanced”. Apparently Sarah Palin needs to be protected.

  10. pete N sfo says

    You’d think by now that someone would explain to Melissa that she IS NOT THE STAR and should keep quiet and let her mom shine.

    Joan, is hilarious on stage & a very warm person 1 on 1. And, let’s face it (no pun) she’s been famous for how long now???!

  11. cupcakes says


  12. Rowan says

    John please do not tell me as a gay person you are anti a pro gay woman and pro an anti gay woman.


  13. scar2 says

    Love her. She’s paved the way for a lot of female comedians. ‘Piece of Work’ was a great movie. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut at the Oscars.

  14. Dan Cobbb says

    Joan Rivers is the only well-known American who has the balls to call the Tea Party what it so OVBIOUSLY is!?
    That’s quite ASTOUNDING!
    God bless you Joan!! I’m so disgusted with the current crop of mealy-mouthed Democrats, it’s just nauseating!
    What on earth is wrong with placing blame where it belongs? Why are we SO AFRAID to call the extreme right-wing of this country the morons, non-thinkers and idiots that they are?!

  15. Gregory says

    Joan Rivers is Fabulously Fabulous… when she’s bad, she’s REALLY bad and admits it. When she’s good she’s BITINGLY RIGHT ON and everybody else admits it. I’m surprised FOX invited her in the first place. Are they clueless (duh) as to who she is? She’s not one to mince words.

  16. FunMe says

    Joan had a show at FOX where she was fired , unfortunately, it lead to the suicide of her husband. Joan rose from the ashes and came back bigger than ever.

    I’ll admit, I have a hard time watching her face with all the plastic surgery. But she is funny. (Her daugher …ugh.)

    Joan will survive. She doesn’t need FOX fake news. She’s well like in Hollywood, and that’s all that matters.

  17. New jersey boi says

    Now wait a fuckimg minute. Both sarah palin and doctor
    Laura run around screaming about them being censored by every one over thei common stupidity and in the case of palin, inciting murder.

    But Fox thinks as a matter of policy they csn cancel Joan’s appearance
    Because she exercised HER free speech rights?

    You people on the right are complete and utter morons.

  18. josepe says

    this old lady is a big joke , she has the nerve! she is a republican, and she uses “the gays ” for her convenience.

  19. Beau says

    There’s a special place in my heart for this old, tightened-up J.A.P.! I don’t care what any of you say.