1. Paul R says

    Maybe it’s because DC sucks. And I’ll be back there twice in the next couple months. Yay.

  2. B-rod says

    As a DC resident, I can tell you the Metro system is going downhill fast. Between crime and constant breakdowns, escalator issues, etc. and let’s not forget two trains plowing into one another a couple of years ago killing a dozen and injuring scores, you take your life in your hands when you go down in those stations.

    Oh yes, and now they are conducting random bag searches – totally unconstitutional. Welcome to 1984.

  3. willie t boned says

    Anybody care to translate the ebonic statements about the “white boy” ?

    The black underclass in DC are the most RACIST stupid trash I have ever experienced in my life.

    The glares when trying to get service at CVS, being told by a coworker at a that her daughter would not speak to white people because she hates them, friends being mugged and beat in the street — yes white racism is bad – but the black racism in DC is the WORST I have ever experienced in my life.

  4. X says

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. There have been a few cases that I’ve read about in Philadelphia as well as some other cities. It seems like today’s kids need the Clockwork Orange style adrenalin rush of violence to make them feel anything.

    Fortunately, the videos usually help the police catch the kids because you can’t video something and post it on the internet (easily) without leaving digital footprints.

  5. says

    this is one of the reasons why i left DC. i area up there, went to college and said enough. this city is one of the most racially divided cities in the world and i was mugged 5 times simply for being white.

  6. says

    Commenters, please do not allow this thread to devolve into a flame war involving racial epithets. Comments that do not approach discussion of this incident with civility and regard for fellow commenters will be deleted, and commenters may risk being banned. Thank you.

  7. james says

    Alexander Graham Bell must be rolling in his grave knowing that his invention to connect the world has devolved into a tool for America’s (not) Funniest Home Videos.

  8. Travis B says

    L’Enfant Plaza is one metro stop away from Anacostia – where no sane white person should ever ever go.

    Amazingly that area borders where DC built their new baseball stadium (after they bulldozed the gay business area).

  9. CoMo'mo says

    I’ve heard some comments lately about the way FaceBook, YouTube and related social media and the implements for using them are moving humanity into a new state of “connectedness”. There are some other buzz words I’ve neglected to remember because the entire notion of being accessible to everybody all the time repels me, whether it’s the intrusion on my own privacy or the promotion of a Hive Mind. This is an example of the level to which all of these media will descend, a perpetual “reality show circus”. I’m sure there are similar setups taking place all the time that don’t get much coverage. The incident when Bill Nye fainted in a packed lecture hall and nobody helped him because they were busily texting and photographing is a couple of steps above this. It’s not racist to identify the perpetrators, whatever their skin color or ethnicity.Our culture seems to be devolving rapid into a “sensate” state where casual violence is added to perpetual self-indulgence in commercially exploitable crap, and fewer people have individually honed imagination, compassion or simple decency relative to others. (here endeth the Rant).

  10. GAYLY says

    Having lived in DC for 10+ years, I can say that DC is the most racist city in America. The black majority here does a terrible job of practicing tolerance and peaceable co-existence of other racial/ethinic classes. They’re too busy focusing on the injustices of the past to accept that they have themselves become the oppressive (abusive) majority here. In fact, as the video demonstrates, such wrongdoing is practically encouraged as long as the victim is white (or not black). The perception that the victim may be gay didn’t help his cause.
    This is just another in a catalog of teen assaults, fights and/or near riots happening on the metro.
    DC needs to a better job of policing on the Metro. Period.
    DC also needs to do a better job with its youth.

  11. tooboot says

    Racial epithets aside, Andy, this is a race issue. The victim was white and the victimizers were Black. One could argue, poverty, or disenfranchisement or one could argue cultural values and lack of parenting/education as the underlying motivations behind this brutality, but race is at its core. This kind of behavior prevents race from being overlooked and I would venture to say that many Black people feel the same.

  12. justme says

    “No, there’s no gay angle to it (as of yet)…” What does that even mean? Is a gay angle supposed to suddenly leap out of the shadows? What is that angle supposed to be? Are we waiting for the angle or is the angle an ever-present danger?

    Do you mean “the victim is an identifiably gay man who hasn’t yet identified himself as gay”? Are you seriously suggesting an anti-gay hate crime doesn’t occur if the victim refuses or neglects to identify his sexual orientation? Because we all don’t know what a 47 year old gay man looks like? Or are you saying that he wasn’t chosen as a victim because there was something about him — his being identifiably gay — that attracted his attackers?

    Yes, there’s a “gay angle”. The victim is gay. Apparently, gay white men should be careful in the DC subway. Why not say any of this? How is it helpful not to?

  13. Sean says

    Woah. Wait a second, what’s with all the racial posturing going on? I watched the video and I don’t see anything that suggested the attack was racially motivated, besides a comment from the person taking the video about the “white boy” (which is silly anyway, since the people taking the video don’t seem to be related to the attackers). I’m not even certain the attackers were black (the video is too dark to ascertain their ethnicities), and he doesn’t say anything about their race- mostly just their age.

    I also don’t see anything about the guy being gay, and I’m not sure why people suddenly made that leap.

    If these comments are in any way an indication of the general attitudes of white gay folks towards people of color, it’s no wonder that there’s such a disconnect between the lgbt community and other minority groups.

  14. Ryan says

    A “gay angle” would imply that either Allen Haywood is gay or that the attack was motivated by his sexuality. Neither of which has been stated in the news videos or articles. That’s why Andy is saying that there is no “gay angle”. I’d also venture to say that he put that disclaimer on the article because he gets accused of posting things that are deemed not gay enough for the site.

    Thank you Andy, for posting this.

  15. David Kaufman says

    This is clearly an attack with both race and sexuality-related issues. But what’s your MO for posting it? First you say there’s no clear Gay connection; then when the inevitable racist comments appear — you ask the readers to please keep things civil. Yet the person who should keep it civil is you. Be a man and take some responsibility for the what you post. We are all well aware of the reaction something like this will elicit — rather than feigning surprise when it does, why not just tackle it from the get-go and be upfront about it. Homo-cowardice at its despicable worst.

  16. ep417 says

    Horrible, I admit…but no “gay angle”? Read between the lines. He was coming home from Results, a very gay gym, completely on the other side of town from where he lives and works. And not to be stereotypical, but he works in a florist….. I lived for years at the stop on the green line one stop away form L’enfant, and I never witnessed behavior this reprehensible…..

  17. says

    Sean, most of the commenters have been very specific about tying their observations to the DC area – observations gleaned from having lived there themselves. I have lived there as well, and I absolutely agree that racism pervades every aspect of life in the city.

    I decided to leave after walking down a busy street in the middle of the day and getting punched repeatedly – in the back of the head – by three black teens. Witnesses were plenty, and most did nothing, but one man actually left his car in traffic and came to my defense, eventually edging the attackers away. They promised to kill either of us if they saw us again. I consider myself lucky though. Without that stranger’s generosity, they might have killed me there and then.

    DC is divided into black / white, rich / poor, powerful / disenfranchised in such an obvious and immutable way that living there soon becomes unbearably oppressive for every one but the elite. I hope one day it burns to the ground.

  18. gwyneth cornrow says

    Clearly a lot of projection is going on in the comments. Which is really just as sad a comment on American society as this news story.

  19. dex says

    Okay, I’ve lived in D.C. for years and have a few problems with the comments here:

    L’Enfant is *not* one stop away from Anacostia, it’s three. It’s in the heart of the city, and closer to the Capitol building than it is to Anacostia, as well as being one of the most heavily used stations in the Metro system.

    Without getting too deeply into the obnoxious racism of “no sane white person should ever go to Anacostia” (done that too), regardless of race it is a fact that it’s one of the poorest and crime-heavy areas of the city. And while Anacostia is “one stop” from Navy Yard–where Nationals Stadium is, and where I lived for 3 yrs mugging-free, by the way, there is a *river* between them. They’re entirely different areas.

    The majority of students in D.C.’s–notoriously terrible–public schools are black or Hispanic (and I’d bet money that school districts with a white majority are all in Northwest–the ones that aren’t sent to private school, that is). Is it any surprise that a bunch of teenagers causing trouble are going to be kids of color? That doesn’t mean an attack is racially motivated.

  20. tooboot says

    @ Sean:
    If you really don’t comprehend why people made the leap, (more like small step)to that conclusion, then your naivete is part of the problem. Even in silhouette, the race of the assailants is identifiable by their hair texture and the verbal colloquialisms used. We have to be willing as a society to identify and call racism, regardless of what races are involved, by its name so that we can do something about it. Pretending it doesn’t exist does no good. If this were in the South and the victim was Black and the vicitmizers were White, what would you say?

  21. says

    without any lead up to how it started?

    Anyway; when people are attacking you you don’t screach “stop it” U kick , punch and bite a chunk of skin out of someone’s neck = whatever it takes to defend your own life. If he had actually fought as vs screached like a biatch they might have backed off. Screaching only portrays you as prey which eggs on predators

  22. ratbastard says

    Various forms of these types of incidents are common [and have been for many years] not just in DC [which is BAD, and has been at least since the late 60’s- 70’s] but in cities all over the U.S., even the world. IMO, if it solely involved a so-called gay bashing, it would be reported on more widely. It’s because it’s obviously racially motivated that it’s coverage, and coverage of MANY similar incidences, are low-key. And before the advent of the internet, MOST incidents like this wouldn’t be reported in the media at all.

    Government, various ‘Advocates’, businesses, and especially real estate interests have a big interest in either covering up or keeping coverage of common-place incidents like this low-key.

    Anybody who is really familiar with living in an urban area, especially large city like DC, Atl, S.F., etc., [and is honest], regardless of their race and background, knows what I wrote above is true. They saw in this gentleman a weak [in their eyes], fag ‘White Boy’ [quiet, reading a book] and a deserving target. And look, he could just as easily been black or whatever. But the fact he is white was icing on the cake. Whoever thinks this wasn’t a nasty, vicious hate crime is delusional. And notice it was ‘Chicks’ who instigated it? That’s not surprising either.

  23. says

    I was horrified to watch this video. I swear, if this happened to me, I would literally beat the sh_t out of these vile attackers…females or not. I’m not normally a violent person, and I generally don’t condone it; however, if it came down to self-defense those bitches would learn not to fu_k with people for absolutely no reason!

  24. Jeffrey says

    There IS a race problem in DC when the newly sworn in mayor identifies people’s races in his slightly stoopid One City inaugural speech by their “color”: “Black, white, red, brown, yellow…”…C’mon, mayor, I haven’t been called “yellow” or “brown” in decades. Um…your speechwriter’s living in the 60s. Asians just aren’t called yellow. Native Americans just aren’t called red. That language died a long time ago. Yes, it is semantics, but it’s more than that. Would the mayor come up to you and say to your face that you were yellow or red? No. Then why use it in a speech? Say Native American, Latino, Asian. Don’t use stoopid sterotyped colors people used in the 60s. Way to implement progress from the start. What a laugh.

  25. Eleanor says

    This attack was obviously all about race — the girls chose a white man as their victim knowing he would be not fight back in the middle of a crowd of black people.

    They even taunt him with this fact, yelling that “No one here cares about you!” That was clearly a statement about race.

    They chose their victim well — the one LEAST likely (or able) to strike back in that environment: a grown white man.

  26. Derrick from Philly says


    I read your warning early on in this thread, and I tried to word my comments with civility. Obviously, I didn’t meet the mark. But do mean to tell me that NO regular black commenter to Towleroad made a comment that was civil enough to be printed?

  27. GAYLY says

    I am a GWM. Since moving here, I have been assaulted three times in this city (once clearly and solely because I was white) and had countless friends who have also been assaulted without provocation and often without clear motive. Oddly, for most of my black friends and rich, white friends this is not the case. The victims are invariably white/caucasian (sometimes Latino or Asian) and are those who live and work amongst the masses. The attackers are almost always black. These are facts. But, the racist angle does not come from this disparity alone. The racism comes into play when those who are witness to it and do nothing. It is appallingly tacitly approved by those who would excuse the behavior of the attackers with socio-economic justification or whatever. The chasm is only deepened by the abject refusal of those like Sean (above) to ask the same questions they would in other circumstances. It is important to call out racism even when it is a “minority” race (opposite in DC) being the aggressor. This situation is exacerbated by a lookie-loo syndrome and a reluctance to get involved. Oddly, Sean makes as many if not more assumptions than those calling out the attackers motives. His thinking would have us believe that it’s the guys fault for not understanding where the girls beating him are coming from.
    I mean, seriously?
    I have NEVER seen (first-hand) in MY ENTIRE LIFE a group of white people (poor or otherwise) beating a black man or woman. EVER! Not in my lifetime! When I have seen it in the news, the attackers are automatically labeled racist without speculation to motive. Why should we employ a double standard here, Sean?
    Socio-economic status does not excuse assault regardless of your skin color. The better question here is why you refuse to see it or even consider it. Your auto-response it set to the 1960’s era civil rights movement.
    In a city where blacks are a majority, where the mayor is black, the city council is black, the head of the largest sector in town (the government) is black, and a good deal of land and power is rested in the hands of the black majority, is it not fair to question when that majority is being oppressive? Is it not fair to ask why so many whites are consistently attacked and then a blind is turned by the ruling elite because of national racial politics? And, why when a white gay man is run out of his community after being constantly beaten and tormented because of his skin color and sexual orientation is it inappropriate to call it what it is: a hate crime?
    I have been called “cracker” so many times I don’t even flinch anymore. I have been to NYC, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, etc…I have also been to many small towns. I have not seen first-hand nor heard anywhere the kind of abuse towards other races as I have seen the DC black community heap out to others of different races.

  28. Alan says

    Thirty-five percent of the adults in the District of Columbia are functionally illiterate. They don’t care and their parents didn’t care about education. One doesn’t need to read and write to cash a welfare check.

  29. Derrick from Philly says


    Let me say this as civilly as possible (which I have been trying to do all day): if this kind of violence happens to black people everyday in big cities across this country–what makes you believe that it shouldn’t happen to you? A mild-mannered black man READING A BOOK in a DC subway would be just as much a target as you for those type of female thugs.

    You say that your black friends have not had these types of experiences. Well, I have, and so have some of my friends, and so do other black city dwellers–at the hands of black thugs. This is nothing new.

    Yes, there are black people who hate white people. If those black folks who hate whites lead violent lives then they will commit violence against whites. It still happens in the reverse also–it used happen a lot.

  30. SFshawn says

    Hopefully someday law enforcement will take their jobs seriously. About 20+ years ago they had a program in New Jersey that took these agressive,anti-social and incredibly violent kids into an actual prison to talk with lifetime prisoners about the REALITY of prison(rape,intimidation,violence and quick death for those who resist)and those Macho “Hetero” males and Smartmouthed female bitches(of all races) were literally SCARED SHITLESS of becoming someones fucktoy in prison and they didn’t want to end up there!
    They did a follow-up video with both prisoners and kids who visited 20 years earlier and 90% said that meeting changed their futures. It would be nice if the law mandated that kids with a proven history of violence had to be “educated” by the lifers in prison about what they are in for if they continue hurting innocent citizens.

  31. Rich says

    @markdc So what’s your point other than racial hatred? Despite your racism, you stomach going into the District to sell real estate cause it’s profitable?

    BTW, real estate sales is about as bottom feeding and QUEENIE and ULTRA GAY a profession as you can get. Why can’t guy’s like you act like men and real jobs?

  32. ratbastard says


    I’m not a gung-ho, L.E. is always right cheerleader, but it’s disingenuous to blame them for this or for the fact there are MANY feral ghetto kids roaming around DC and other cities. That’s the fault of their mommies [dad is USUALLY not around; welfare and other social services have always stipulated single, unmarried mommies get more goodies], a subculture where it’s normal for these uber dysfunctional ‘Families’ to exist, even thrive, and the social service taxpayer subsidies that enable it. One of the reasons this afflicts the so-called black community worse than any other is because when the welfare state Great Society really kicked into high gear in the 60’s, blacks in particular were singled out for social experimentation. This social experimentation, using primarily welfare and other social service payments and benefits, destroyed the basic family unit, deliberately favored black women, and marginalized black men. The social consequences have been disastrous and tragic.

  33. dctopman says

    One Gay angle to the story is that the reporter, Robby Chavez, is openly gay and an inspiration to many in the Washington, DC area. From an announcement after they were married: “…TV reporter Roby Chavez and his partner Chris Roe lighted a unity candle during their wedding ceremony August 21, 2010 at the Woodrow Wilson House in Washington, DC. Chavez of Matthews, Louisiana, and Roe, of Monticello, Wisconsin, tied the knot after they had been together for five years. Roe popped the question on the night when DC became the sixth place in the U.S. to legalize same-sex while Chavez was on a tight deadline covering the story. The couple will spend two weeks in Greece for their honeymoon…”

  34. Q says


    I have had a few of my tamer comments deleted by you before they even hit the page! I thought it was just me until I read Derrick’s comment. And now I see this racist boolshyt by MARKDC that is STILL there!! WTF??

  35. Chris says

    The situation is SAD…But boyee Ratbastard. You sure do know alot about the so-called Black Community for one who doesn’t like them.

  36. ratbastard says


    Who said I don’t ‘Like’ the ‘Black Community’? I didn’t. I have black friends and have always had black friends. I grew up in and live in diverse neighborhoods and cities. I attended diverse schools. I am used to living in ‘Diverse’ environments.

    Chris, have you ever heard of ‘Sociologists’? Are you aware your world, from the clothes you wear, the vehicle you drive, your politics, the music and other entertainment you like, are all heavily influenced and manipulated very sophisticated teams of psychologists, sociologists, and others?

  37. ratbastard says

    Maybe MARKDC is a TROLL. Hmmmmm….what do you think? Now why would ‘MARKDC’ be trolling this subject? Who benefits from driving a rational conversation into the absurd?

  38. Sam says

    @chester67, Don’t you mean “what did YOU post that was so bad?” under yet another alias…

  39. Derrick from Philly says


    thank God it’s the end of the day on Friday. You just made it totally necessary for me to leave this office, go out and get me a drink immediately… a whole bottle.

    And If I get attacked by a wolf pack of female thugs I’ll have to let you know because when someone of my complexion is the victim–the media doesn’t care…and neither do most of the guys who posted on this thread today.

    Oh, Gwyneth Cornrow: I appreciated your’s and Sean’s comments earlier today.

  40. C says

    I think the most disgusting, racist issue at play here is the huge leap people are making from these kids being a stray group of punks to representing “the Black majority.” DC has unique and complex issues of class and race, and using this isolated image of angry Black youth versus defenseless White man misrepresents the situation and hinders a productive discussion of the wider issues at play.

  41. GAYLY says

    @Derrick from Philly: I am not sure why you have to force yourself to be civil. But, I am glad you did.
    I am not saying it should happen to you before me. OR, me before you. I am saying it shouldn’t happen to anyone. Period. I am also saying that when it does happen and someone is targeted solely because of their race (or sexual orientation), it is doubly wrong. Even when the victim is white. I would also say that you are less likely to be the victim of a hate crime from a group of black thugs given that you are black.
    I have had and have friends (of all races) who have had things happen. Muggings, break-ins, etc… We ALL have. Or, at least most of us. It seems as though living in the city carries some inherent dangers. But, hate crimes are another matter entirely. And, in DC, there seems to be a tacit tolerance (maybe even encouragement) on the part of the black community (the majority) when the victims are non-black. And, if the victim is gay too, all bets are off. Furthermore, there is a resistance to even conceiving of it as a hate crime. Having been assaulted solely because of my race, I find your comparison insulting and totally dismissive. And, THAT is the point. You couldn’t possibly perceive of a world where white people are actually the victims of racism or that a black majority could violently oppress other racial minorities? Welcome to DC. You don’t even realize your own racist thinking. I would be equally appalled if a bunch of white hillbillies beat a black man for nothing more than his skin color. Would you were it reverse? Judging by your refusal to accept that whites can be victimized too, I would say “no”. And, that would make you a racist or at the very least prejudiced in your thinking.
    I have been the victim of a hate crime. Period. End of story. Your rebuttal about being attacked by black thugs although horrible does nothing to diminish this fact. It and your previous arguments only bolster it.
    And, I am not addressing what happens in Philly or even in LA. I am not addressing what used to happen. I am addressing what has happened to me. What has been happening DC most currently. And, how it affects me and us as a community.
    And, the media didn’t care when I (or many of my friends of various colors) was attacked either. Just sayin’…

  42. ratbastard says

    C said:

    ‘I think the most disgusting, racist issue at play here is the huge leap people are making…’


    No friend, the most disgusting, racist issue here is these kind of incidents are wide-spread and usually, almost always, not reported, down-played or covered up as being legitimate hate crimes. You’re right in saying many black people have no problem acknowledging these incidents and the wide-spread problem of extreme levels of violence in many majority black communities, but they are often ignored. Many blacks, whites, and others consistently ignore, down-play and outright cover-up very common, wide-spread violence, in especially urban areas, committed by mostly blacks, and which can often be, at least partially, motivated by racial hatred, and of course extreme homophobia. This doesn’t play well with certain ideologies party-line that ‘Minorities’ like blacks, can’t be racist, are only victims, and that all ‘Oppressed’ minorities are one, big happy family full of empathy for each other.

  43. j says

    I’m not going to get into the racism debate, but will say that regardless of the situation, people resist helping out in most situations.

    Years ago I was waiting for a train at the cleveland park station in DC (a white, wealthy area). It was a saturday evening about 7 or 8. There were about 20 people waiting as well. As the train approached a guy had a seizure on the next bench over. As the train pulled up he was on the ground with a small pool of blood and still in the middle of his seizure.

    All but two of us, stepped over him to get onto the train. I and one other person stopped and helped the guy. I didn’t even know what to do, but knew that I couldn’t ignore it. This was in 1999, so we didn’t have cameras on our phones, because no doubt someone would have stayed behind just to film it.

    Two years later I was walking home for lunch in Dupont and a guy at a stop sign on a bike all of a sudden had a seizure. Again, same thing, people just kept on going. I stopped to help, having learned what to do since the last time, and one other person came up and helped. Ironically it was a friend I hadn’t seen in years, and last I knew had moved out of DC.

    Point is that if something happens, the majority of people will not help out.

  44. J says

    I doubt this is a racial thing. They probably did this because they felt like they have nothing else to do. I also suspect they are not from DC but Prince George’s county which is in the DC metro area. People from PG act like this all the time for no reason…

  45. MarkDC says

    @ Rich

    1. The “point” is I’m one of the few people not willing to pretend this is not about race. I’m also not willing to repress my anger about it. I’m not going to tip toe around the egos of black people who attack others in public based on racial identity alone.

    2. Actually real estate is nothing like you describe it. I’d expect an opinion so poorly developed from someone who gets his idea of reality from: 1) television, and 2) the claustrophobic Urban Gay Fantasy. Exhibit A: your assertion real estate is “QUEENIE and ULTRA GAY”. I can only presume your experience is very limited and confined to your experience as douchetard fag in Urban Gay enclaves.

  46. GAYLY says

    @C: For the record, I neither believe, nor have I heard other posit that the black thugs REPRESENT “the black majority’ in DC. Rather, I think YOU do. I do not think that the vast majority of blacks in DC are violent hoodlums who go around assaulting non-blacks. I do think that the vast majority go around with blinders on choosing not to believe that a once victimized community is now the at fault majority.
    There are black hoodlums who do specifically target non-blacks solely because of skin color for assault. This makes them racist hate-mongers. Instead of just dismissing it as the typical antics of urban thugs, we should call it what it (sometimes) is. Sometimes it is and sometimes it ain’t. But, when it is, it is. Sure, sometimes a non-black is just the unfortunate idiot but often in DC he is the WHITE idiot. Or, Latino idiot. Or, Asian idiot. Or, the gay idiot.
    And, I agree with you that using one isolated image would be a hasty generalization and would not benefit anyone. But, it is NOT isolated. You would dismiss my personal and many other individual experiences. Even people on here are telling you different and you dismiss it. The only thing preventing a wider discussion is the inability of some to concede or consider that many whites (and other minorities) feel and are in actuality victimized by racism in DC. And, this warrants discussion. Just as it does when blacks are the victims of racism and/or hate crimes.
    This video does not demonstrate the motives of the girls but it does strike a chord with the some viewers – a community who feels victimized and largely unheard.

  47. grego says

    that IS disgusting. Metro has CCTV cameras everywhere now, I hope this guy takes this as far as he can go. Attack by a mob is a serious offense.
    Thankfully the worst i’ve faced in DC was the loss of my Trek bike that disappeared from a secure rack in front of the station master’s booth. Both the Kryptonite lock and the bike vanished without anyone seeing anything.

  48. MarkDC says

    Where were the Metro Police?

    @ “J”: you’re right – PG County is a nightmare.

    I’ve noticed people from Maryland in particular, regardless of race, are remarkably insecure, angry and hostile.

  49. says

    Good job on race relations in the gay community Andy.

    My fav’ comment so far is the “dumb niggers” one.

    Not that this post has anything to do with the gay community. But clearly you couldn’t pass up a good find to incite your readers to comment.

    We all know that gay America is a mirror reflection of the nation in its class/race/economic/identity issues. Which is why African American gay bloggers like myself constantly remind other LGBT African Americans and gays of color to read the LGBT blogosphere—-go see for yourself what these bloggers blog and the kind of readers they attract. That will tell you a lot about them.

    You may be a good friend of the white gay community. But you’re no friend of THEE community.

    And I’m glad to see David Kaufman calling you out on it. It’s about time gays and lesbians of color see you for what you are. You and your redneck readership.

  50. Paul R says

    In October I was mugged and violently assaulted–the guy nearly broke my windpipe while dragging me 20 feet–leaving a subway station in San Francisco. Then, while I was briefly unconscious, his female accomplices stole my wallet and keys. There were cameras filming the area, but the city hadn’t trimmed the nearby trees, so the police couldn’t get a clear image of anything aside from people running away with my loot.

    It was 11 pm, but there were at least 40 people in the area. No one did anything to help me. I got in a cab, completely disoriented, and the kind driver insisted on taking me to the police, who coincidentally were two blocks away. I identified the guy who’d choked me (he’d been released from jail two hours earlier on similar charges and was walking down the street–smart!) and the police shut down a four-block radius for two hours. They interviewed me extensively, interrogated scores of people, had a car watch my house since the criminals had my address and keys, and had an ambulance do a thorough review of my injuries. But because the guy had given my credit cards to others and had nothing of mine on him, they eventually dropped the six felony and nine misdemeanor charges they’d filed against him because they needed a witness to corroborate my story–an impossibility–which obviously pissed me off enormously.

    At no time did I think, Oh I hate the Puerto Rican guy and his two black accomplices for their race. I hated them because poverty, propensity for violence, and drug addiction led them to attack me (from behind–he choked me as I was walking away after not giving him money he’d asked for–otherwise it’s pretty hard to take down a fairly well-built 6’1 guy who knows how to fight).

    They used my cards at several places, and I provided the police with the exact times and amounts of the things they purchased, but the businesses couldn’t be bothered to provide the police with the tapes even though they all had cameras. That also pissed me off a lot. But there were plenty of white people in the area who would have done the same thing to me. I look rich and gay, so I was a lucrative and apparently easy target.

    Being the victim of crime sucks, but in SF violent crime is fairly low and often has nothing to do with race. DC (where I lived for 26 years) is different, but location is irrelevant: violence is never acceptable. And even though some people will think I’m a wimpy, ultra-PC lefty (despite often being accused of being a Republican by zealots on this site), I understand that many such attacks have nothing to do with race. Perhaps the Metro one does—DC definitely has far worse race issues than SF. But people with money don’t attack other people to get money. Poor, bored, and/or sociopathic people do. It really saddens me to see so many gay commenters make racist comments every chance they get on this site, and I cannot understand why MarkDC hasn’t been banned given Andy’s early warning.

    Derrick from Philly, it’s great to see you back, but I fully understand why you and others have moved away from Towleroad. Racism is so ignorant, and coming from gay people it’s 100 times more so. Sorry for the long post.

  51. Natira says

    People should warn these kids, and similar trouble-makers that they will be killed if they continue threatening and harming people. By the cops and by those who defend themselves. It was just a few months ago when a man killed 2 attackers on the NYC subways with a knife in self defense. I carry too and so do many others. Some are just waiting for the opportunity to use.

  52. mboaz says

    It’s always suspicious to me when white men claim to be “oppressed” by black people. This is not to say that these white men aren’t being harassed or attacked for being white and/or gay – it’s a shame it’s happening and I don’t condone their mistreatment nor am I out to belittle their experience. But let’s be honest here: it’s completely ahistorical and downright silly to suggest that white men as a social/racial class are being economically, socially or politically oppressed by black people. These white men are not being denied loans, harassed by police, living in substandard residences, passed over by employers because of skin color et cetera et cetera by black people. Let’s call it for what it is – intimidation and harassment at the hands of a small group of violent people who are, partially if not wholly, motivated by the victims race – and not analogize it with the historical, methodical and ongoing oppression of blacks in America. When and if these violent black people are brought to justice, the white male victims can be assured that the judicial system will enact the severest punishment it can seeing that black folk, generally speaking, get served harsher sentences than do their non-black counterparts.

    In other words, these white guy’s unfortunate and awful experiences are not a systemic consequence by years of degradation brought on by centuries of black supremacy; unlike their perpetrators, all they need to do is go anywhere else in the US to regain their privileged status as white men in America. Unfortunately, this is what I think the white male posters on this blog are harping about when they bemoan their mistreatment at the hands of black people; they are frustrated by the inability to cash in on their given privilege i.e. to be impervious to the violence and turmoil that their non-white neighbors live through everyday.

  53. says

    @David Kaufman. Homo-cowardice? You really are above racism, homophobia or namecalling. You are a homophobe. Admit it! And you’re the one feigning anger. What with your comment as to why Andy posted this video? Are you serious? You don’t have any decency do you to be condoning this type of behavior. Those kids were monsters irregardless of their race and what they did was terrible and WRONG. Look that up and get some values. As a gay Asian and among the rank of those gay bloggers that my friend Derrick Mathis mentioned who calls out gay white men when they’re being racist when it is called for. Andy’s post does not rise to that level. NOT AT ALL. You’re a black apologist and an obamapologist. Don’t forget Dr. Martin Luther King’s profound wisdom of “judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” (emphasis mine)

    Andy posted the video because it was news and it concerns gay men. The fact that you condone a hate crime against white men, gay or straight, makes you no better then the people you accuse of discriminating against you. Shame on you!

  54. says

    @Derrick Mathis. I am a little concern and very disappointed that your comments seem to defend those attackers. Derrick, you are better then this. This is not the battle you wanna fight because it is not worth your time. What those kid did was wrong. I’m concerned as a gay man. It pains me to know that fair-minded people such as yourself could be so tunnel vision when it comes to race.

  55. Rich says

    Hey markdc!

    Here’s a tip, since it’s Saturday and you’ll be “hostessing” yet another glittering open house, try using the “N” word and the rest of your racist repartee on your gentrified, wealthy white hispster urbanites while you’re serving them tapanade and beaujolais nouveau. You might even get a sale out of it.

    I can only imagine the NGALREP real estate office you work out of. Try sharing your cowardly candor on race relations directly with them instead of annonomously on TR. I’m sure they’d love seeing your true white trash colors.

    Seriously man, step up to the plate and get a real job.

  56. mboaz says

    @ Nakhone It’s not your place to tell someone what fight they should be fighting. The outrage I have by the senseless violence against LGBTQ people in large part comes from my loyalty to a community in which I’m a member; the same outrage flairs up when I read unfair generalizations and mischaracterizations of black people on this blog. I’m a member of both communities and I don’t have to choose which side to take when a given situation seemingly has both of these communities at odds with each other. (Which is ridiculous since being gay is not a white matter or a black matter). Instead, I can construct nuanced responses to both those who condone violence against LGBTQ people and to those who demean the discourse happening on this blog with their blatant racist comments. I can fight both fights – though it is damn tiring!

  57. Chatam says

    Markdc probably flips houses in poor black neighborhoods and then reassesses them above value to poor credit risks. Common practice in DC.

  58. Scotty says

    Como’mo nailed it with the most perceptive comment on this thread. While this video is disturbing, it’s not surprising to me at all. This seems to be the nexus of social networking sites, Youtube, reality TV, and the rise of entertainments that involved watching rapid-fire video clips of people being injured or humiliated (truTV, I’m talking to you.) And really, the only difference between this video and others like it in recent years, and innumerable attacks on people in urban areas in the years before cellphone cameras, is that video of it was recorded and posted to a website.

    Does this really signify a cultural and social slide? Perhaps only to those who are historically ignorant or naive. This is still a country in which, as late as the 1940s, whole towns of good, churchgoing, Christian white folk would turn out–men, women, the elderly, even young children–to watch black men being lynched, in lengthy, ritualized sessions that often involved torture and mutilation. The townsfolk would make the outing into almost a picnic, with a festival or party atmosphere, and souvenirs, photos, and postcards of the events would be sold or traded afterwards. Compared to that, a few angry teens assaulting a man on a subway platform and giving him a black eye while onlookers taped the attack doesn’t seem quite so bad.

  59. Watts says

    This is nothing new, filming/taking pics of people beating up homeless men, setting people on fire, ripping womens clothes off, etc. has been going on since technology created the opportunitiy to create this form of instant reality infamy.

    Anyone trying to draw racial conclusions about what went on here is purely drawing upon their own racist foregone conclusions and should examine their own motivations.

    I doubt the prepetrators cared who they attacked as long as the camera was “in focus” and got uploaded to the NET.

  60. Chitown Kev says

    A couple of my comments were blocked here last night.

    This thread is disturbing on so many levels, but I, for one, am not going to condemn Andy for posting the damn thing.

    Derrick From Philly made the most sense though; I don;t think you would see almost 70 comments on this thread if the victim here was black…that falls under black on black crime I suppose.

    Much less racist comments.

    And you know, when it comes to comments about lynching and Washington DC I can only think of the time that 8 (or 9) guys pummled me to the ground as I was walking home (drunk) from the Brass Rail (this happened over 20 years ago).

    And there were onlookers for that incident.

    A couple of years ago there were teens on the Chicago -el that teased and taunted me because I was wearing flip flops. And I will admit to being a little concerned about the possibility of violence.

    In short, racist reactions don’t help much but the willingness to minimize actions like this do not help either.

  61. says

    @ MBOAZ Sorry, but the gambit that racially motivated crime is explainable or understandable in the context of historical oppression is shopworn and lazy.

  62. Rich says

    MARKDC, Now you’re gonna sit there and lie that you’re not a real estate agent?

    And just what is it about RE sales that’s so damned attractive to middle aged gays such as yourself? It’s the recepticle for queens who have failed at everything else and can’t fathom doing an honest man’s day of work.

    You may as well be working the cosmetics counter at Bloomingdale’s.

    And “The guy’s Gay. Total Gay accent” talk about projecting.

    Google it and join…

  63. Ben says

    Markdc Your assertion that because he had an effeminate Southern drawl was the reason he was beaten is indicative of your ignorance. Did you even graduate college? You sound pretty stupid.