1. steve says

    Ok – I’m not into twinkies, and I’m not into Glee (really) and I’m not into musicals – but Darren just does it for me. Wow.

  2. Ty says

    I hope the costumers on Glee allow these two guys to wear something different (those school uniforms are getting somewhat old), but regardless, Darren’s smile is still awesome :)

  3. Rob says

    Check out his Glee audition- it’s a YouTube video of “Lean on Me,” I choke up every time. The man knows how to deliver a song.

  4. mike says

    Towleroad frequently gets items from gossip sites so its suprising that the recent blind item that appeared on brit site PopBitch never made it’s way here. To wit; an unnamed Glee cast member pulled a Philipino lady-boy during this star’s visit there over the Christmas holidays.

  5. stevetalbert says

    Mark Salling (who plays Puck) was also in the philippines over xmas. I met Darren Criss through a nephew when they were doing the Harry Potter shows in MI. He would have no problem hanging out with trannies or even gay people, but he is pretty straight. The really great thing about him is he likes gay people, so he doesn’t care if people think he’s gay or not, and thinks it’s a compliment.

  6. Woodroad34 says

    As much as I find Darren Criss more attractive physically than Chris Colfer, I find Chris’ singing and acting infinitely better–hence his Golden Globe. Chris can sing songs — Darren tries to perform songs…screwing and contorting his face as if that will give more emphasis to what he’s singing. together they’re adorable–separately, I’ll take Chris.