1. patrick nyc says

    From the poorly written Bachmann opener through the rest of the show, this was one of the all time worse episodes ever. I know Tina Fey left huge shoes to fill but Meyers just sucks. Even his usual strong suit Weekend Update was flat. I hope Lorne Michaels cuts his loses and hires someone else to lead next season.

    It’s not the cast, they are one of the best in years, led by Wigg, Sandberg and Hader. Also while Eisenberg was great in Social Network and The Squid and the Whale, he should stay away from comedy or live TV.

  2. Joseph says

    Wow. Mark Zuckerberg is actually more likable than Jesse Eisenberg. Wait. Anybody is more likable than Jesse Eisenberg.

  3. D.B. says

    Last night’s episode was spectacularly unfunny. Really, an all-time low. Who knew that Jesse Eisenberg would be so bad at sketch comedy — he makes January Jones look like Lucille Ball.

  4. says

    one of the WORST EPISODES EVER. The Kristin Wiig/Michelle Bachmann was a big, disappointing YAWN. The musical guest? RIDICULOUSLY HORRIBLE. Jesse Eisenberg? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?? I cannot waste anymore time watching SNL. It’s now part of nostalgia…

  5. antisaint says

    That might have been a little better if Mark Zuckerberg (the real one) didn’t keep smiling RIGHT into the camera after every joke. “I invented poking!”

  6. Paul R says

    Given how crappy this show can be, last night wasn’t so bad. (Note: a Tivo helps.) But I agree with another post: Seth Meyers should be let go. He’s smarmy and sophomoric. I wish they would rename it the Kristen Wiig Show and let her do whatever she wants for 90 minutes. She’s nearly always flawless.

    And I’d never heard Nicki Minaj before, and thought she was mildly funny and her music was OK given that I don’t like hip-hop (though it was pretty pop at times—and she seems to be pulling a page from the Gaga or maybe Katy Perry book of “outrageous” looks).

    I hate to say this given the racism that so often crops up in these comments, but the African-American comics on the show are a real weakness. The guy who did the Tyler Perry skit during the news proved he has good timing, but almost everything else he’s in is dreadful. (I’ve long since stopped learning most of their names.) The ongoing skit where he sings every 15 seconds is unbearable.

  7. RWG says

    When are they going to get Mark Zuckerberg on ‘What Not to Wear’? I mean, the guy is a billionaire and doesn’t know how to buy a decent set of clothes. Mark, baby, you’ve got the money, you don’t have to dress like a community college freshman.

    OT: I thought the Blackenstein skit was funny, but that singer…whoa! Try a melody sometime, you might like it. You know, rhythm, melody, harmony…makes music.

  8. Dave L says

    @RWG: he works 16 hours a day and dresses like most 26-year-olds would at work if given the chance. He’s clearly a somewhat asocial individual and has the money to do whatever he likes, and could probably dress in tattered rags without affecting his potential to get investment or sex. So I doubt he gives a crap; just wants to be comfortable.

    It’s a tech thing, especially in California. And geek billionaires aren’t noted for their sartorial taste.

  9. Rowan says

    Didn’t see this but from other blogs, they LOVED it!

    Also, Eisenberg is soo funy in interviews, especially if Andrew Garfield is about but have a feeling he is naturally funny and not manufactured funny.

    Like Anne Hathaway is good at taking on jokes but isn’t funny if you read her interviews.

  10. Gregoire says

    Actually the Blackenstein skit was funny — it was made by Nikki Minaj — and I didnt mind the Spa Talk. That’s already two more skits funnier than a typical episode.

  11. Yanz says

    The real Mark is SO precious! And he’s being true to his geeky self so all you “sartorial” critics, back off! Who made you guys the clothes Nazis? Geez…

  12. Q says

    That’s a lot of Bergs! Jesse Eisenberg seems really sweet but TV sketch comedy is not his milieu.

  13. says

    It’s so funny to think back about how nervous and generally PO’d Zuckerberg and Facebook were about Social Network… in reality, it was one of the best things for them. At the end of the day, it was a good movie, making the project seem even more interesting than it really is, and I’d go so far as to say that it humanized Zuckerberg in a way that’s made him much more appreciated in society than he otherwise would have been. Some of that came from the efforts he’s made to put himself out there and smooth over those edges, fearing what the movie could do to him and the company, but I actually think the movie — as unapologetic as it is — turned Zuckerberg into an interesting and compelling figure. These kinds of people should realize that the metaphorical warts in life make people more compelling and interesting, not less.

  14. jj says

    Mark Zuckerberg minimalistic life – supposedly interested in freeing himself of desires (ie Hindu)

    I thought Andy Samberg’s “The Creeps” episode was BRILLIANT