1. Michael says

    I hope all you people who are ripping Lady Gaga apart for lifting the melody of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” (who lifted it from The Staples Singers “Respect Yourself”) are very ashamed of yourself. Madonna would never make this phone call. Lady Gaga truly loves all her fans. Love her back.

  2. jot says

    I’ve always been under the impression that she’s nothing more than a hardworking fame whore, but when I finally watched video of the Grammy’s performance just now, I was genuinely moved by the beautiful homage to Alvin Ailey’s iconic ‘Revelations’ that I saw in it. I’m ashamed for having judged and written her off before taking the time to understand where she’s coming from. Revelations indeed.

  3. ross says

    I am not a fan of Gaga’s music or videos or anything to do with her music career…however, I find that I am more and more a fan of her as humanitarian and spokesperson. I don’t recall any star being able to balance their on-stage/recording artistic life with their humanitarian activism so well, and also take part in a corporation’s venture. She is truly a person for the 21st century. Yes, there will always be a little bit of self-promotion, but who has ever been so generous to their fans and their causes at the beginning of their careers? I don’t know why exactly, but this made my day to see her make that little girl’s day.

  4. Rowan says

    Hey guys, remember when Tom Cruise used to ‘save’ people from car crashes and as I remember from a London film opening? He also used to get people to call up their friends when they would be near him and say ‘hi this is Tom Cruise, come to my film premiere, you have free tickets!’

    Gaga in fairness has said she is an ‘academic of fame’, so this is stuff that has been done before but interesting after she honestly said that, you think this isn’t a stunt?

    I guess people will see and believe what they want.

    The upside is that this makes the fanatical fan really happy…hopefully they can use that need to look up in a good way.

    Everyone is a winner.

  5. William says

    I’m sorry – the commenter at 1:46:08 has stepped over the line with their “name.” At no time is a screenname advocating the death of another human correct or acceptable. Civil discussion never includes death threats. Please delete the individual and the comment from this posting.

  6. Brian in Texas says

    If you haven’t yet watched Maria’s YouTube video, do yourself a favor and watch. She is amazing! This is another reason why I love GAGA, she really appreciates her fans! Can’t wait to see GAGA in Houston in April.

  7. Michael says

    @William Agreed. It’s obviously “trapped in the 80’s” JEFFREY. He called her “caca” in another post. So not only is he a fool, he is a coward. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were all TANK.

  8. Patrick says

    Has anyone else noticed, or commented on, the fact that Maria’s version erases the “No Matter Gay, Straight, or Bi/Lesbian, Transgendered Life” lyrics? Am I watching an edited version? Nobody, even on the gay blogs, has mentioned this. If they have, could you please direct me to them.

  9. mike128 says

    I think the problem some gay men are having with Lady Gaga is that they expect all pop music to be written for clubbed-out gay men in their 40s. Born This Way may sound a bit hokey for those of us that have become cynical new yorkers, but it’s a beautiful song for the young people among Lady Gaga’s fans (which makes it a beautiful song for me).

  10. Patrick says

    @ Anonymouse

    Thanks! I hadn’t checked back since Thursday, and so I hadn’t seen any comments. Still, it’s disheartening to know that it is acceptable for some identities to be literally erased from a song about acceptance. Especially since this is supposed to be a “gay anthem.” Not a single person I’ve talked to even noticed this! That is why I thought I heard an alternative version. I wonder if this is the one that will be deemed kid-friendly. I certainly hope to see more conversations about this point.

  11. MikeMB says

    I live in Winnipeg and I heard this live on the radio. I had no clue Gaga was going to call in. It blew me away and brought me to tears and I’m usually a cynic about these kinds of things.

    The little girl, Maria, attends school just a few blocks from my house in a neighbourhood with a fairly high Filipino-Canadian population. Most of them are pretty devout Catholics and that could be the reason she left out the “gay/les/bi/trans” verse. On the other hand, she’s a pre-pubescent 10 year old and I suspect almost any parent might find it somewhat inappropriate to sing about being transgendered etc.

    And for those of you who think this was set up by Lady Gaga’s publicity machine or something, please go set yourselves on fire. That’s ludicrous and this was genuine.

  12. Jonathan says

    This is a publicity stunt arranged by Lady Gooey’s PR team. She is trying to erase the fact that she ripped off the Queen of Pop’s song, then lied and said she received an email from Madonna.

    It’s beginning to look like the end of Gaga and all her ignorant “Little Monsters.”

  13. Patrick says

    @ Jonathan

    The post in question does not say that Lady Gaga approved for the removal of the lyrics. It said that Lady Gaga loved Maria’s rendition, which happens to leave out the lyrics. While this is still troubling, it is COMPLETELY different from what you are implying. Also, even if you dislike this song, why are so many people so invested? Just change the channel and live your life. You have that freedom. It’s sad how even in the gay community people want to tell others how to live.

  14. sparks says

    Saw Maria’s video the other day and she’s awesome! I’m SO happy she will get to sing on stage with Lady Gaga in March.

    Whether you’re a fan of Gaga or not, you have a heart of stone if you don’t think this was very very cool.

  15. brian says

    Lady Gaga is a fake gay advocate who is using the concept of gay rights to make money for herself. If she’s an advocate for something, it’s for herself.

    When you listen to Born This Way, there is hardly anything gay about it. Gay anthem? Please, I’ve heard much better.

  16. Blue rules!!! says

    For your entertainment, here is my interpretation of the comments left here. Brought to you by the color Blue!

    I like blue.

    Yeah, blue is good.

    Blue isn’t a real color!

    Those who hate Blue for having the color Green in it forget that Green has the color Yellow in it!

    Only bad people hate Blue.

    Blue is great!

    Haha! If I change the B to a G it becomes Glue! I am witty!

    B is a color. I neither hate nor like it, but it has a right to exist.

    That little girl likes Blue, so just let her.

    Blue is getting all uppity just because it is the color of the sky. It’s just publicity.

    Blue and those who like it are over!

    Also, didn’t you read? The color Blue is also the color of water, which people drown in. Blue is evil!

    Stop talking about colors. Nobody cares.

    Blue is fake. It’s not even really a gay color. Don’t wear it or like it.

    To sum it up, we are talking about personal opinions. The color I like has nothing to do with you. Thnx!

  17. Jonathan says

    I am sick of being exploited by this woman and then having it thrown back in my face. Lady Gaga clearly knew her gay-friendly lyrics were cut out and STILL approved it.

  18. Eldridge Cleaver says


    Lady Gaga’s music is abortional at best. But can’t you see that she is homophobic too? Why are you supporting her?

  19. MatthewCA81 says

    I was just going to forget about this, but then I saw that comments from @Jonathan were actually used in an article to justify demeaning a little girl. That’s not okay. If you don’t get Lady Gaga, most likely you never will. Whatever. However, to speak ill of a child or use a child as an attack against people is truly unacceptable.
    I will say this regarding the omission of lyrics. When I was 10 there was no way I was going to be comfortable speaking about sexuality to a small group of people let alone making a public broadcast about it. If others are just that much more advanced than I was at that age, good for you. I was not. I wanted to be cute, have fun, and have world peace. Those were my goals. Making sure I didn’t upset 40 year-old gay guys was not on my list of priorities.

  20. JJ says

    Yeah, really– a rendition of a song is not some religious event that has to be done one way. Matthew got it right – she’s a 10-year-old girl who has talent, and there’s nothing wrong with letting her know that, even if she didn’t sing about gays in front of her (possibly conservative) parents.

  21. sal says

    bitter bitter people man!well i’ve seen betty white articles being ripped by trolls like these trolls here,so i understand.hate just because you can,what a miserable life

  22. Eldridge Cleaver says

    Nobody is criticizing the little girl (the one hired by Gaga’s PR team). WE ARE CRITICIZING GAGA FOR SUPPORTING THIS! We are upset that an anthem about us has turned into an anthem used to turn against us.

  23. MatthewCA81 says

    Seriously, there are gay republicans! If we are going to be indignant and angry about anything, let’s be angry about real betrayal. Lady Gaga, Git Yors Gurl. Now, how do we diminish the media influence of gay republicans? I mean if we are all going to have wide-ranging opinions, they should count.
    I think within the gay community we should deny gay republicans sex, kindness, a voice in policy matters, and you know just don’t even physically touch them.
    After I don’t have to worry about being fired or denied housing for being gay, and I can get married, I could care less, but really isn’t this an argument worth having?
    To end in a truly annoying way,I can’t help it I was Born This Way.

  24. Paul R says

    I cannot understand why every post on this site remotely related to Gaga turns into an endless, childish, hateful, often bizarre debate.

    If you don’t like her music, perfectly fine. Calling her homophobic? That makes you an insane, attention-seeking troll, and no one should respond. Yes she’s a publicity machine: her album is called Fame Monster for chrissakes. Why are these obvious points endlessly debated? I guess Andy and his team know how to drum up posts.

  25. ty says

    Eldrige Cleaver is an ass, who cares if lyrics were removed! Who cares if Gaga is a fame whore, better than your job folding shirts at Abercrombie!! And yes, everyone needs to deny gay republicans sex, or at least give them teeth marks.

  26. says

    All of these negative anti-gaga comments are coming from the same Queen. He’s sitting at home, a shrine with candles burning for Madonna in the background, typing furiously on blogs around the internet that his opinions are the TRUE opinions and everyone else is stupid for not believing him. He has no life. His cats are even bored with him.

  27. redball says

    This was absolutely precious!!!!! Gaga is not only incredibly hardworking but has such class, graciousness, and humility. You can tell just by listening to her words. Love her forever!

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