127 Gay Men Arrested in Bahrain

Police in Bahrain, a country that imprisons and deports homosexuals, has arrested 127 gay men at a "depraved and decadent" party.

The Gulf News reports:

6a00d8341c730253ef00e5504c849d8833-640wi "The revellers hired a sports hall in Hidd, a conservative village on Muharraq island in the north of Bahrain, and organised on Wednesday evening a fee-paying party that brought together gay men from the Arabian Gulf countries.
Most of the gays were between 18 and 30 years old and one Lebanese and one Syrian were among those arrested following the police bust, Al Ayam daily reported on Friday. Neighbours, complaining about the late night noises emanating from the sports hall in the traditional fishing village, had alerted the police who sent a patrol to verify the claims at around 2.30am."

"An undercover agent paid the 20 dinar entrance fee and was allowed into the hall where he saw dozens of cross-dressers drinking and smoking shishas. More patrols were called in and 127 people were arrested in the police swoop, the daily said.
Initial investigations have revealed that the gays were either Gulf nationals who came to Bahrain for the party or were living in Bahrain and flocked to the hall in Hidd. The organisers are being held separately."

Update: According to at least one report, the party was actually a wedding for two of the men arrested.

This, of course, hardly isn't the first time gays have been targeting in Bahrain. Back in 2008, there were reports of a crackdown aimed at "dangerous" gays in that country and just last year nine "crossdressers" were imprisoned for public debauchery.


  1. Francis says

    Time for some swift and immediate international attention, condemnation and pressure on these countries who continue to target LGBT individuals. My thoughts go out to the 127 men. This is outrageous.

  2. ratbastard says



    The World doesn’t give a rat’s a** about gays, ESPECIALLY outside of the western, first world bourgeois. And the Middle East has far bigger issues going on then this.

  3. Francis says

    If you don’t care about the well being of gays in Middle Eastern/African/Asian countries, that’s your prerogative, Ratbastard. I care, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of others actually do genuinely care for the well being of innocent individuals being discriminated against. All it takes it international pressure and spotlight on these activities to see a change or at the very least bring understand to the horrible situations in these countries and not just allow them to continue without warning. If you don’t want to help, then you can just stay out of the way.

    And thank you lesighsigh!

  4. who tha? says

    hmm… Ratbastard, have you eaten Tank? I was beginning to wonder where Tank went? apparently Trolls change their names a lot.

  5. TANK says

    You would know. Your poor grammar reveals the name changing troll that you are by proud self admittance no less. Gonna post under “tank” again, sock puppet? You’re trash.

    First, apparently they do care quite a bit about gays in the middle east and in other less tolerant hellholes throughout the world, which is why they go to such lengths to persecute them while basically ignoring rampant poverty and financial exploitation by superior countries that extort favor by threat. So long as they have religion, they will care more about it than each other and themselves. And even if there were bigger problems to face than homophobia and misogyny in most if not all middle eastern nations, that doesn’t justify the widespread practice of both, nor minimize the urgent need for it to cease and muslim extremism’s influence eradicated.

  6. Max says

    Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East:

    – where LGBT people have rights and protections.
    – that recognizes same-sex marriages performed abroad.
    – that has Pride parades.
    – that celebrates a transsexual popstar.

    Yet, most LGBT Westerners have been brainwashed to believe that Israel is the problem in the Middle East.

  7. who tha? says

    wow, TAAANK!! it took just 30 minutes for you to reply, it’s like calling Beetlejuice. Miss you, where have you been? Do you materialize when summoned? I farted while typing, maybe that’s where you were.

  8. Andrew says

    The real crime here is the cover for the party. 20 BHD?! That’s like 50 bucks! I’m not paying 50 bucks for a party!


  9. Pointed says

    This country hosts a military base for US for piss sake. We need ditch these mo-fos and remove all of the revenue generated by our military having a presence in this worthless country. Then they can start robbing one another to survive when their economy starts looking for other revenue streams. Been, there and there is little other income besides what our military spends.