1. says

    He’s a bit delusional and overly optimistic, but I’m glad to see he’s finally showing some fangs. Also, the title of the 80s Homocon dance is hilarious!

  2. Gigi says

    I don’t like Barron’s politics but if he can keep some of the homophobes away from CPAC I’m all for it. If they’re upset, I’m happy. I do agree with him that many younger people who’ve been raised in Republican households are stepping away from their parent’s views on gay marriage issues, which is a good thing. It’ll be interesting to hear how this weekend plays out. When I first heard about Hawkins singing (for free) at the event I: a) had to Google her to remember who she was and, b) thought it very fitting that she of the “Damn…lover” fame would be singing a song that celebrates sex outside of marriage at a convention of people who, most of whom anyway, purport to believe that such activity is a sin. Ya, right!

  3. says

    Roy Cohn denied being gay and denied that he was dying of AIDS with his last breath.

    Mike Wallace interviewed him on “60 Minutes” the very week he died and he growled out both lies. There’s film of this, people.

  4. Kayla says

    Can anyone understand what Sarah people says….the woman is so inarticulate….she seemed rather jumpy, is she on meth or something….?

  5. rhett says

    does anyone know what’s wrong with the left side of his face? it looks like he has the mumps or something

  6. Matt26 says

    @Kayla, no, no-one understand what Palin says, but her supporters try to explain they understand very well.
    Has Chris Barron already been on Fox News?

    They have lot to do, because GOP is politically so far away from accepting gay marriage. But good luck for them. I truly hope the change is coming there too.

  7. jamal49 says

    Barron is still a shill and a butt-boy for the GOP. The guy needs a serious reality check. As long as the evangelical and tea-party crowd has any say in the GOP’s affairs, there will be no acceptance for gays in the GOP. Which is fine with me because there is nothing more repugnant than a gay man wanting to be let in to a political party that doesn’t want him (they do want Barron’s money, however; and all his rich gay friends’ money, too).

  8. BobN says

    Never has so much attention been lavished on someone who represents such a tiny group of people.

  9. james says

    Leave it to the states….what a cop out! Don’t you know that residency and citizenship are decided on the federal level which are things fundamentally linked to marriage when one of those getting married is not a US citizen. This is something that often gets forgotten in the debate and by those cowards who can’t take a stand and demand equal rights for everyone and opt instead to use that tired old line that it is something that should be decided by the states.

  10. Bill Cooney says

    Let’s say New York allows gay marriage. You and your lover get married in New York. A year later, he gets offered a job in Utah which doesn’t recognize gay marriage. What then? This is a ridiculous argument when Federal Law would trump all of this.

  11. Mike says

    Chris Barron,
    I saw you on TV Wow! Pretty, but dumb as a box of rocks dude! Any Gay Man that supports the conservative agenda is likened to a Jewish man supporting the Third Reich, it just does not make any sense!! You know Chris, you CAN fight the evil empire without becoming a part of a wheel that crushes you! Not that it would mean anything to you, but you should go get your IQ checked dude.