Charlotte, NC to Host 2012 Democratic National Convention

CharlotteCharlotte, NC has been picked to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, which will take place the week of September 3, WCNC reports

"Charlotte beat out St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis in the bid to land the convention, which is expected to be worth big dollars to the city. City officials estimate the convention could bring $150 million to $200 million to the Queen City, according to Hosting the convention will also mean new construction and other jobs for the two years leading up to convention week."


  1. Javier says

    Cool. Good to see the Queen City has this honor. Polls show that Obama would beat any Republican candidate in North Carolina now, so it is important that we keep North Carolina with its significant amount of electoral votes a BLUE state.

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    I’m glad you gave the information on the President’s standing in the more educated & intelligent of the Carolinas. I was thinking that Minneapolis deserved it since Minnesota has been so loyal to the Democrats in the last 6 presidential elections. But maybe North Carolina is turning blue. And to some the idea is to get publicity for the party in a toss-up state (did it work in Colorado last time?…I forgot).

    Missouri? I don’t know anything about it except Mark Twain.

  3. ggreen says

    IMHO its a bad choice. NC is not known for its Democratic values or forward thinking. Re-electing Jessie Helms for 30 years and now the insufferable Virgina Foxx is enough reason to avoid the state. The kind of people representing the sate in congress says an awful lot about the citizens.

  4. David says

    Well, the Colorado went blue in 2008 but that state is much more purple than North Carolina. I think the Democrats are pushing their luck if they think North Carolina will go blue again, to be honest.

  5. cody2earth says

    This is MY HOME STATE and Very Near and Dear to my Heart and the Democrats in North Carolina are ever progressing and evolving this is a perfect choice! Most are supportive of core gay rights!

  6. joe says

    Good choice (though I’d have preferred Cleveland, both as a city and as a strategic choice). Hosting the convention doesn’t mean the state will go for that party (remember, the GOP held their ’04 convention in NYC). However, holding the convention in Charlotte is really more symbolic than strategic. While Charlotte and the Research Triangle are more liberal than NC as a whole, by going to North Carolina, the Dems are going into 2012 with the attitude of fighting on somewhat hostile territory (traditional, Bible belt America).

  7. Dback says

    I agree, it’s definitely a “purple” state, and this is kind of an olive branch to the South. However, John Edwards will be absolutely nowhere near the convention, which is a shame since his “two Americas” theme really did have some validity. I’d still like to see the Dems have a convention in Seattle or Portland sometime–both are pretty reliably blue cities/states, but the economic shot in the arm would be nice.

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