Egyptian President Mubarak Resigns, Cairo Streets Roar With Jubilation


After 18 days of protests at home and abroad, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has resigned. Vice-Presidenet Omar Suleiman made the announcement a short time ago:

In these difficult circumstances that the country is passing through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to leave the position of the presidency. He has commissioned the armed forces council to direct the issues of the state.

Mubarak’s resignation comes one day after he insisted he wouldn’t step down until after September’s elections.

Crowds of Egyptian citizens have taken to the streets in a collective swell of jubilation over the news. Reports Chris McGreal from Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the two-week protests: “Cairo erupts in celebration as 18 days of defiant protest finally delivers a revolution after 24 hours of euphoria, dashed hopes and victory”

Now comes the tough task of actually implementing reforms in a timely, stable and democratic manner.


  1. says

    I am so happy for the Egyptian people and the entire Arab people! This can only mean good things for LGBT. Democratisation and the growth of civil society has only meant gains for LGBT elsewhere – like in Africa. But now is a moment to celebrate not analyse. This is just fantastic.

  2. gayermo says

    I love seeing history unfold in real time! This reminds me of when I as a young child watching the Berlin Wall fall. So excited and heartened to see people power over throw autocratic regimes mostly peacefully. Happy for Egypt and I hope this will lead to greater respect for human rights in the region and throughout the world.

  3. reality 101 says

    If only we had known this sort of mass protest would work, we could have tried it to get George W. out of office.

    Posted by: sparks | Feb 11, 2011 12:10:22 PM

    DO NOT kid yourself – if this happened in America we would all be shot dead and or jailed.

  4. Sigh says

    Seriously folks, it is way too soon to be acting like this has turned out well. Those of us who have been around to see this kind of thing happen before know what might happen next. It is one thing to be hopeful. It is another to be naive.

  5. poison says

    Yes, let’s all be excited by the fact that, in violation of the Egyptian constitution, the military has assumed control instead of the speaker of parliament. This is by no means over.

  6. says

    PAGING AMERICAN LGBTs! The Egyptian people who risked DEATH for a chance at freedom shame you! TWO YEARS into the reign of our Fierce Avocado: STILL no end to DADT! No hint of ending the ban on military Ts! No ENDA! No marriage equality! No UAFA! “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings!”

  7. RyanInSacto says

    @POISON: So you’re saying that the speaker of the parliament – undoubtedly a product of sham elections – would provide more appropriate transitional leadership? Whether constitutional or not, that doesn’t seem plausible. In addition, I’m guessing Egypt is getting a new constitution (or at least a radically amended one). As it stands now, the current constitution allowed Mubarak to hold “emergency” powers for 30 years, so it seems seriously flawed, no?

  8. poison says

    @RYANINSACTO It wouldn’t be as worrying if some politician had taken over, but there have been enough military coups in politically unstable to warrant serious concern. I’d always prefer to see a civilian in charge of government.

  9. Kugel says

    @Michael. A little one-note, don’t you think? This is Egypt’s day. The too-slow repeal of DADT hardly compares to the dungeons of a Middle East distatorship. You may loathe Obama, but he’s hardly Mubarak.

  10. says

    oh and shannon

    u do know some controversial scholars believe the evidence points to Moses being Pharaoh Thutmose and Aaron having been Pharaoh Akhenaten (the bringer of monotheism to egypt at least temporarily and brother of Thutmose).

    That would make the Jews a royal legitimate pharonic /ruling family of egypt and their retinue including cousins, supporters, priests etc not someone who was adopted into the royal family but the royal family itself/rightful rulers of egypt


    That would put the Jews as the rightful rulers of Israel, lebanon,jordan, parts of syria, northern tip of saudi arabia, the sinai, Egypt, some of sudan, and eastern lybia

    I bet that busts your world besides causing a lot of arabs heads to explode

  11. Jason says

    I find it curious how happy everyone is about Egypts potential democracy; as if Democratic forms of government are a good thing. Ask the Jews how that liberal democracy thing worked out for them in the Weimar Republic. How bout that democratic referendum in Iran on April 1, 1979. That worked out well too. Thank god our founding Fathers saw the disaster that is Democracy (otherwise known as Mob Rule) and made us a Representative Republic.

    Doesn’t really matter as no middle eastern Islamic nation has the were with all to actually produce anything other than oil. No ingenuity or creative spirit; no long lasting economy.

  12. RyanInSacto says

    @JASON: They’re calling for a parliamentary democracy, not a direct democracy. So, no “mob rule.”

    As far as your last comment about “no middle eastern Islamic nation has the were [sic] with all to actually produce anything other than oil. No ingenuity or creative spirit; no long lasting economy.” I’m going to quote John Locke (someone whose work the framers of the US Constitution read very closely):

    “At best, an argument from what has been, to what should of right be, has no great force.” – John Locke

  13. says


    U do know the aid to Israel wasn’t/ isn’t just for shitz and giggles

    We needed a staging area in the region to launch nukes from during the cold war and even now post cold war to ensure the flow of oil from the region

    It ios all fine and dandy stationing troops and jets in saudi arabia , quatar, kuwait etc but nukes???!~~

    Uhm only in Israel thus the “rent” and low cost loans for Israel

    Israel isn’t perfect, but that $ serves its purpose for US stability and oil interests or does your car run on gronola bars yet

  14. Jason says

    RyanInSacto, I have no idea where your historical views come from; but you are mistaken. Muslims have not created a bloody thing. As a group they have done nothing over the last several hundred years. Persians did wonderful things till the child raping, murdering scumbag Mohammed POS came around. I have zero respect for the head of their religion. I get all other religions, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. I don’t get Islam, their POS founder is disgusting as a person. Mohammed murdered thousands of people to perpetuate his belief that he was cool. Mohammed is pure scum.

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