1. says

    the most flexible word in the English Language.
    It can mean “profit”
    It can mean percentage of the “profit”
    Not sayin’ Gaga’s hiding anything or playing; but why don’t producers simply commit to an actual percentage of the price, or even a number…
    Far too facile a term; too readily used for obfuscation..
    oops! I tripped on my soapbox….

  2. says

    lord some of you are cynics. can’t someone do ANYTHING without it being ripped apart by people who have probably not done half the amount of good in the world as this woman has? who cares how much money she gets from target. i mean, she came to the equality march in dc and spoke to thousands of people about marriage equality when she didnt have to. she leant her name and voice to the repeal of DADT when she didnt have to. she joined forces with MAC cosmetics to help raise awarness and money for hiv prevention when she didnt have to. she helped raise 500 thousand for haiti, she teamed up with virgin mobile to get people to volunteer 30,000 hours of commuinty service and raised 80 thousand for homeless lgbt youth. maybe she made a buck off it all but that does mean that she is a fraud? do you call george clooney a fraud for the attention he has gotten for the crisis in the sudan? do you call angelina jolie a fraud for the work she does for the unhrc? was audrey hepburn a fraud for her involvement with unicef? you know who are frauds… george bush, the kardashians, and people who sit around ripping apart the power of good that can come from celebrity.

  3. RT says

    PDX, I am waiting for you to tell us exactly what you do to help other people. Please give us the list.

  4. Joseph L says

    I second (third?) what Sean said so well above. If you don’t like Gaga’s music or her fashion choices, you’re entitled. But I think it is ridiculous to rip someone apart when they’ve done more good with their celebrity than you’ve done with your jealous, bitchy mouth.

  5. TJ says

    Yeah the trash has done a lot with her celebrity status. However assholes, she decided to make her life public and deserves the kudos and criticism that comes with it. Don’t ask others to publicize their life and work.

  6. PDX Guy says

    Wow, I struck the sacred cow didn’t I?

    Ok, while I don’t have near the resources or audience she does, I do stick to my principles.

    My workplace offers the opportunity to donate a portion of your paycheck to causes you can personally select. Every year, I sign up to donate what I can.

    And when Target has been trying to get me back to their stores with discounts, etc., I have declined because of their actions and refusal to be accountable for them.

    And Sean, if any of those others(Clooney, etc.) had accepted money from someone who was directly working against those causes they were supporting, then they would be frauds too just like Gaga. When Target knocked at her door offering her cash, she should have said NO! She even admitted that she knew Target was homophobic but they promised to be more “thoughtful” in the future, so she decided then it was OK, which is a bunch of crap. If you are a true advocate, you do not work with the “enemy” ever or you have to question their motives.

  7. says

    she needs to really shock people by ditching the schtick at least once and dressing plainly while performing

    Gosh, I’m about to use jake spears of all people to diss on gaga of all people

    he said something like you can only wear a pink flamingo /monkey…something on your head so many times before it gets old

    UGH I can’t believe I just did that

  8. Chris DaChocolatebearcub says

    Wonderful, That is the same way I feel about some of you when it comes to your nastiness of the President!

  9. KD says

    She’s weird and yet boring at the same time. I still don’t understand what people like about her music or her personality. Yeah, I mean she’s nice and works for good causes but her music and her personality are so blah.

  10. Natira says

    Is this another one of Lady Gaga’s fly-by-night charities like Virgin Mobile and Gaga for Haiti (no accountability at all on that one!). Or one of those charities that says it gives 100% to causes but only gives 10%, like Mac?

    Remember, don’t contribute to any charity unless it has a good record.

  11. says

    PDX GUY: so target, as a company can never learn from its mistakes? seems awfully unforgiving, but that is your choice not mine. i still don’t shop at target, but i believe that the humans who make the business and political decisions at that company can change for the better. and maybe lady gaga will bring in enough money for them to see that the gays are worth fighting for. sometimes being a true advocate means showing the enemy what they did wrong, why it was wrong, and how to make it better. again, just my opinion.

    EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS SOMETHING BITCHY TO SAY ABOUT GAGA: fine, you dont like her clothes. fine, you think she has no talent. fine you think that she rips off madonna. fine you think… whatever else it is you think. to me, all of that to me seems shallow and beside the point. all i know is that we as gay people complain that our society doesn’t give us equal rights or treat us with respect… and then here we have straight person doing not only that, but embracing us and bringing awareness to not only our issues but others as well, and all we can do is rip her down because a charity she worked with only gives 10% of the proceeds? isn’t 10% better than 0%. i mean maybe i am bad at math. the idea that this woman is the second coming is silly for sure, but to be so dissmissive of what she has done or can do within our culture is simply ignorant.

    what i want from this society is to marry my partner, and to be looked at equally in this society, and if gaga gets me even one step closer to that, then she deserves my applause. my sisters called their senators to voice their support for the repeal of DADT because I am their brother and they love me and want eqaul rights for all. my nieces and nephews all called their senators to voice their support for the repeal of DADT because of lady gaga.

    oh and another thing PDX GUY, don’t flatter yourself that you hit the sacred cow… you didn’t. at least not mine anyway. kylie is above the viciousness.

  12. testington says

    wait wait lets get to the real issue here:

    Did Gayle say “I took my FAVORITE daughter to your show” WTF?

  13. mememe says

    Oh Sean, I adore you. I have to say that I was indifferent about Gaga but then I went to the MSG show. Just hearing the applause from the kids in the crowd when she addressed gay rights damn near broke me in tears. To see two teenage boys holding hands beside their straight friends in a sea of thousands of people while not being ridiculed or degraded made me incredibly happy. She’s pushing gay rights to the forefront and is doing something with her celebrity recognition.

    PDX GUY, please go away and try to pull that crusty dildo out of your clenched ass cheeks. If you don’t like what she’s doing then stop commenting here. There’s enough negativity in the world.

  14. litadiva says

    Lady gaga is the most talented etc..blah blah artist today?Whoever said that ..kill yourself now.geez.Stefani can sing and thats where it ends.She does not have the”it”factor and isnt pretty thats why she uses the schtick.Gays are so gullible.”gaga” has been planned in the boardroom by st8s and she is backed by AKON (youve made him a very rich black man black people thank you!lmao).OMG so she spoke at a few events and said some nice things and threw a few nickels in turn u give her fame.The Idol worship is ridiculous and saddening at the same time.Most of you are older than her! lol.

  15. shannon says

    She HAS to dress like a demon guys! Google…Laddy GaGA and Satanism….you will see her music producers and video dreictors are OPEN Satanists! She is also a part of this and has to promote this image and mind set….look at it..

  16. redball says

    @Testington: Yes! I noticed that too and immediately came to check if anyone else had. WHAT IN THE WORLD? Parenting 101!