Gay New Jersey Couple Awarded $3.15 Million from Jury Over Anti-Gay Attack at Burger King

A Union City, NEw Jersey couple has been awarded $3.15 million by a jury over a 2007 dispute at Burger King which escalated into an anti-gay attack, the Jersey Journal reports.

Bkbeating Casbar and Robichaux testified emotionally during the civil trial that began Feb. 7, saying the dispute with the person taking their order in the 2007 incident escalated and other Burger King workers became involved after they had already left the restaurant.

"The manager and a group of angry restaurant employees chased the couple and then mercilessly kicked, beat and spat upon the two men while screaming hate-filled anti-gay invectives," Fine said in a statement.

The couple alleged they were victims of a violent hate crime and brought the suit under New Jersey's Law Against Discrimination.

The jury rendered its verdict at 7 p.m. Wednesday and the award includes $1.7 in punitive damages. The $3.15 million must be paid by Food Service Properties Corp. and Union City Restaurant Corp. which own seven Burger Kings, including the one at 3501 Bergenline Ave. in Union City.

Two employees of the Burger King in question have pleaded guilty to aggravated assault related to the attack on the couple.

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  1. Hugh says

    LOVE THIS NEWS! Congrats to this brave couple to tackling those THUGS. You deserve every penny and deserve a blessed life from here on out.

    EVERY gay person needs to be active, involved and fight back be it in the court room or physically. In this case, they were wise in fighting this in the court room and winning BIG. Justice served.

  2. IonMusic says

    The hood rats working at this Burger King were just angry at the world and these gentlemen for being failures at life and having to work at a burger joint. I was at Taco Bell (horrible!) the other night with my mother and the girl working behind the counter gave my mom serious attitude to which I responded “You don’t like your job? leave! but don’t work in customer service when you can’t stand to deal with either” This story just shows a bunch of losers at life who didn’t mount to anything and were going to end up in jail one way or another.

    May this money lead to positivity for this couple.

  3. Dynex says

    Love hearing news about homophobes having to pay up and be sent behind bars. One by one, the bigots are loosing their lives and their futures and it puts a smile on my face.

    Although, a bitter Burger King employ didn’t really have much of a future to begin with. Wishing the best for these guys and their new (well deserved) wealth.

  4. Danny says

    Thing has changed. Almost every week, it seems, cases like this are resulting in this kind of findings. Slowly, ever so slowly, the word is getting out: homophobia is for un-cool low-lifes; and law enforcement and common decency are increasingly unwilling to tolerate it. When I came out in the 70s we were not yet willing publicly to expose ourselves in this way. The cops would have beat us up and/or blamed us for what went on in the restaurant; judges would not have imposed stiff sentences or fines; and the guys bringing the complaint would have been laughed (or burned) out of their home.

    things HAVE changed, but not enough.

    I wonder what Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck or the rest of the republican cast of clowns think of this. They don’t tire of criticizing liberals but they’re strangely silent about incidents like this except when they can find way to blame the victim.

  5. Bob R says

    Too bad is wasn’t $30 million. I hope more and more gay people who are assaulted decide to sue. I also hope more and more kids who are bullied by thugs decide to sue. It’s time to start fighting back and showing these mouth breathing morons bigotry is no longer cool.

  6. rw says

    You racist scumsuckers that are alluding to the attackers’ race with code words like “thugs” (IN ALL CAPS), “hood rats” and Ru Paul’s Drag Race can kiss my entire black ***. You are fooling no one! And by the way, these kids were LATINO, not Black! And stop acting like white people don’t pull this same crap ALL THE TIME!

  7. Chris says

    I agree to a settlement, but this multi million amount is what drives the cost of everything up.

    Sue the individuals involved.

    >$3 Million, guess where that money is going to come from?

    The innocent workers of the company, the innocent customers that are going to have to pay more, the innocent production team behind the scenes in logistics.

    Perhaps 500K tops, but 3 Million is over the top.

    I doubt BK corporate had any real control over what happened that night.
    Please someone punch me and make me a millionaire over night if that’s all it takes.

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    The money is being paid by the local franchisee, not BK corporate. $3 Million is significant to them and will be a wake-up call for many small businesses relying on quasi-trained people to provide customer contact. If the company has 250 people working in its various units, that would have afforded $12K in training (or benefits) per employee… vanished. This award is of an appropriate scale and attention-getting to others, which is the entire point. I would like to see more and longer jail terms, though.

  9. Gigi says


    The cost of things won’t skyrocket because these gentleman got a $3.1M settlement. The franchisees, who own seven stores, will pay. I think it’s ridiculous for you to insinuate that the victims of this horrific assault deserved less so that you won’t have to pay $0.10 more for your burger.

  10. Shane says

    @RW, don’t be a chip-carrying dumbass. Hispanics and whites can live in the hood too. You ever been to Union City, NJ? It’s 99% hispanic. And very very ghetto where this BK is.

  11. Dynex says

    @ Cris:

    You’re an idiot who is siding with the bashers here. Probably was raised in a low life upbringing. It puts a smile on my face that people will finally PAY UP and pay up big for their militant homophobia. It indicates justice is being served. Congrats to these deserving millionares.

  12. rw says

    @Shane, I know that Hispanics live in the hood, jerkwad. And I also know how the racist commenters think on this site. And if you believe that they were just talking in general terms, then you are the dumbass, sir.

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