1. Mike says

    Watching that video didn’t go well, but according to that quote I would agree that the way the question was framed was a little awkward. Sure everyone expects your ass to be kissed if you’re speaking in public. But that question is on everyone’s mind, he’ knows it, he’s aware of the hypocrisy, so since it’s been asked… Perhaps an answer? No why would we get one of those from someone who is trying to one day run the world.

  2. reality 101 says

    His reaction is typical – turn the blame on the person who asked the question, make intellect and clear vision something to be scorned as “tricky” and “of the enemy” for his Neanderthal followers.

  3. says

    Gingrich’s repulsive and hypocritical love life notwithstanding, after what Republicans did during the health care bill “debate”, none of them are allowed to complain about civility ever again.

    Ever again.

  4. Rowan says

    Conservatives are always victims when you bring out their hypocrisy.

    How was it framed awkwardly? That’s how we out questions to politicians in the uk- all the time.

    We don’t throw fluffy non questions like Anderson Cooper or Maddow…

  5. bobbyjoe says

    But that question WAS “delicate” and “generous.” If Isabel wanted to frame the question more accurately, she could have noted that Gingrich had an affair and dumped his wife while she was IN THE HOSPITAL UNDERGOING CANCER TREATMENT.

    I’d say Gingrich is scum, but scum could sue me for slander for making that comparison.

  6. Rob says

    “Conservatives are always victims when you bring out their hypocrisy.”

    How very true, Rowan. In fact, there are so many right wing hypocrisy “victims” here in the US that I’m surprised our hospitals and courts aren’t overflowing with them seeking treatment and then retribution against their questioners. They NEVER answer the question — only try to turn the table on the one asking the question. These low lifes may think it works but most in their audience aren’t stupid. We know the truth when the double-speak falls from a hypocrite’s lips. And Gingrich is among the very worst of the GOPer bunch. If you don’t think so, ask an ex-Mrs. Gingrich.

  7. The Realist says

    I would hope that that question would be asked every time that scum appeared on television but, that would be an exercise in futility. With Olbermann gone,and the unlikely-hood of Gingrich appearing on Maddow, O’donnell or shultz, It is left to Matthews and he is too infatuated with “Newty” to put him on the spot and CNN is too afraid to confront politicians for fear of appearing unprofessional or biased.

  8. NY2.0 says

    So he answers with a non-answer. This issue will be the big elephant in the room all the way to 2012. And how about a hand for the stupid, gullible audience members that applauded him, they must be conservatives too!

    I thought Isabel framed the question very well given some of America’s “most esteemed” journalist can’t even come around to confronting him on this obvious hypocrisy.

  9. anon says

    Newt can’t win, but more likely he’s angling for either a cabinet position or simple publicity to further his economic empire. The press does need to cast a more critical eye on the impossibly high moral standards of some crusaders, but Newt doesn’t even meet low moral standards.

  10. BobN says

    Anyone planning a question like this has to COORDINATE. Make sure that the next person in line to ask a question will stay on the same issue and demand an answer. And the next. And the next.

  11. ScrewNewt says

    One of the most loudest mouthed hypocrites on the planet but oh wait he’s a conservative so guess that goes without saying. Please let me wake up and hear he has stage 4 cancer~!

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