1. redball says

    WOW! This really warmed my heart. She did not mince words and looked like she was ready to open a can of whoo-a$$ on anyone who dared infringe on her son’s rights!

    I also feel encouraged. I came out to my own mom 11 years ago and she hasn’t gotten to the place where Jean is, but hearing this story gives me hope that my mom may one day come around too. I’ve been partnered for 4 years…and it’s only a matter of time till she sees how happy we are, just as Jean did with her own son.

  2. Warren says

    no nonsense touching video.

    Makes me want to sit around a breakfast table chatting with her! She fortunately reminds me of my mom.

  3. CPT_Doom says

    Best line is “A few years later, after the shock wore off” – methinks Jean has a sharp sense of humor when she’s not righteously campaigning for equality.

  4. says

    Civil partnership is not the same as marriage. It is different in many ways. Although civil partnership does offer some rights and protections, it is not equality and it does not extend all the same rights to same sex couples as marriage would, including rights in relation to children and other critical rights.

    Marriage Equality has been campaigning since February 2008 for equality for same sex couples, our families and our children.

    We are almost there. But we urgently need your help.