1. Rowan says

    If he literally goes out and says he supports gay marriage now-that would be career suicide. Simple as.

    As we’ve seen we have gay repubs who don’t even WANT same sex marriage.

    Saying you believe in civil unions….now, is the best and smartest strategy.

    Don’t be an unelectable martyr my friend because you have gays who will hate you no matter what AND in fact don’t want what you have done like DADT and DOMA….

    Be smart.

    Get another term and let the fun begin because you will have nothing to loose but something tells me this was your strategy from day one.

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    This is a good time to remember that our elected officials are humans whose reason and passion can be on opposing sides of an issue, and the effort to breach that divide can take a lifetime. Jefferson opposed slavery, but owned slaves ’til his dying day. It appears Obama is having more success with this particular matter.

  3. Tim NC says

    apples & oranges. You don’t have to support same-sex marriage to realize that state sanctioned legal same-sex marriages should be recognized by the federal government since the federal government has given the right to define marriage to the states.

  4. says

    I totally agree with Rowan, and while I will admit that my own opinions of Obama have wavered throughout his term so far, I think it is important to remember that this is politics, a game of sorts, and he absolutely has to play his second half. The alternatives are seriously bleak.

  5. ted says

    Since our rights don’t really matter, it is ok for politicians to play games about what they support.

    Why do you guys believe that Obama secretly wants gay marriage?

    If this were racial you can bet the farm that they’d be all over it, in their faces and screaming out loud for the discrimination to end!!!!!

  6. FunMe says

    I can wrestle all he wants … on his own.

    I give him and his DOJ credit for FINALLY seeing the light and just letting it go and not defend the unconstitutional DOMA any longer.

  7. Rowan says

    Guys let’s use our heads like the GOP do ALL THE FRIGGING time which is why they ALWAYS win and most of you either didn’t vote during the last elections or voted Republican.

    When DADT got repealed, didn’t straight away an Advocate writer-Kerry etc-ask him the question about marriage? Right after he monumentally changed an anti gay legislation? Did she thank him? NO.

    And now, right after he has again decided to work towards overturning an anti-gay legislation, the same question is posed.

    Come on folks, use your brains. This is politics and further more, the Advicate whose right wing proprieters are being investigated for fraud, plus other suspects,refuse to congratulate him????

    Can you not smell a rat as who is on your side?

    Every time he does something towards gay rights, these gay-pro?-journalists are they to wind you all up for sticking by him.

    It’s a f*cling game and he has just stuck up one on the GOP. If you are so DUMB that you still believe that the GOP care more about gay people then you need help.

    Furthermore, no one says you shouldn’t stop that wonderful left wing critique we have on our own because if the left can’t hate it’s own, who can?

    GOproud went out of their way to defend McCain, even after what he said. Dan Choi not once did he try and aim for the GOP with all his brilliant activism-at least he can still go to war!-but yet, you still seem to try and side with a group that has manipulated you to the frigging brinks.

    What is up? If he was white would this be different?

    Where you like this with Clinton when he did not even half of what Obama has done?

    This is really sad. Really sad.

    Don’t you realize if he went out and said he was pro gay marriage he would only be first term? Do you not know how HATED you are by the Koch brothers, NOM and the so much powerful religious forces??

    Don’t you realize just doing this, he has earned the rafth of so many conservatives who are know haying for his blood?

    Why the F*CK does he need to do this? Why should he care?

    Damn, maybe humans are so inherently stupid, irrational and selfish that the GOP should always be in power.

    You reap what you sow you ungrateful b*stards.


  8. JeffRob says

    I do think Obama personally supports marriage equality, he did in 1996, he did in 2006, and he does now, and I don’t think it would be suicide anymore for him to be in full support, and he knows it, which is why it’s come up so many times in the last few months. In fact, he knows he HAS to support equality before Nov 2012 or he won’t win.

    The wrestling and grappling and so forth are necessary to make it seem a decision not taken lightly. But his goal has clearly been to try to reflect what he sees as the median center-left adult American stance on the issue on any given day, and he’s done a hell of a job at it I’d say, albeit slowly.

    There may be gays who don’t support equality, Rowan, but there are also straight arch-conservatives who do, and we do not live in the 90s or even the 00s anymore. O will be in full support of equality before, say, mid-summer ’12, at the latest. THAT’s the political game.

  9. justme says

    “I do think Obama personally supports marriage equality, he did in 1996, he did in 2006, and he does now, and I don’t think it would be suicide anymore for him to be in full support, and he knows it, which is why it’s come up so many times in the last few months. In fact, he knows he HAS to support equality before Nov 2012 or he won’t win.”

    Exactly. The war’s over even if the enemy isn’t giving up. Poll after poll after poll shows that the majority supports marriage equality. The rules have changed and Obama is scrambling to keep up. I think his sad little transparent act might have its finale scheduled for too late in the game for his own good, but we’ll see, won’t we?

  10. Brad says

    For all you twits who have forgotten, remember all the fags who were all over themselves supporting their candidate who was FOR gay marriage? I don’t recall them pushing the candidate who was “wrestling” with the issue. And Civil Unions are not even close to marriage.

    Once again: I told ya so !!!!

  11. bobbyjoe says

    One side says they’re “grappling,” the other side says we’re “trying to force it down their throats…” don’t ya ever suspect that if all these ‘straight’ boys had an appointment with Dr. Freud, they might work out some of these psychosexual hangups and give us our g*dd*mned rights?

  12. ravewulf says

    I highly doubt he is “grappling” with the issue personally, instead he’s “grappling” with if he can please both the right wing nutters and his actual base at the same time (but mostly the nutters).

  13. ant says

    The President knows very well that there is no such thing as “a strong civil union that provides them the protections and the legal rights that married couples have” and that’s why in the end he will support marriage equality.

    I wish it would happen faster, like we all do, but: if we had a repug president we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

  14. Dave says

    This is what change looks like. It’s not pretty but it is pretty effective. There will be same sex marriage within the next few years. Watch and enjoy. The rational adults are in charge.

  15. David says

    If I claim same-sex marriage ceremonies as being an integral part of my religion, will it not then be legal under freedom of religion?

    I think it would be an interesting tactic to try – let’s just create our own religion that DOES recognize same sex marriage. It doesn’t even have to have spiritual/moral guidelines…

  16. gregv says

    @David: There are already many religious denominations that support same-sex marriage: United Church of Christ, Church of Sweden, United Church of Canada (which is Canada’s largest denomination after Catholicism); both the Quakers and the Unitarians (both of which were very influential in early American history, counting presidents among their adherents); Reform Judaism (the largest denomination of Jews in America); Metropolitain Community Churches, many United Methodist churches, etc., etc.

    Many of these denominations’ representatives have been blessing the marriagesof their members in same-sex relationships for decades and have argued that the lack of legal recognition for those marriages is an inappropriate infringement of the religious ideas of others on the law of the land.

    Of course, even among those religious denominations which don’t officially bless the marriages of same-sex couples, there are millions of members who don’t agree with their religious leaders’ policies (just as we see the vast majority of Catholics using birth control even as the Vatican leaders calls it evil).

    Of course, if the tenets of any of those accepting religions does not conform to your own beliefs, you are free to establish any religion that you do agree with.

  17. Phil says

    There might be local Republican exceptions (e.g, in the San Fransisco Bay Area), but on the whole, not voting or voting Repug in 2012 is gay self-hate.

    @Ant: You said it best: if we had a Repug president we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    @Tom: No learning curve needed for a Repug president. He would be anti-gay from beginning to end. Just look at the House of Representatives that you helped to usher in.

  18. says

    At a time when “small-government” Republicans at both the state and federal level are doing everything they can to restrict and set back our civil rights, meddling in our lives instead of focusing on the economy as they promised, I think the President’s response to DOMA today and his “grappling” with marriage equality can unequivocally count as a positive step forward.

    Is his position perfect yet? No. But his position, unlike that of his Republican colleagues, is one we can work to improve. We can continue to pressure him to do the right thing. We have no such leverage with the bigots. The danger of having Republican majorities is becoming clearer by the day; the told-you-so applies to the deluded gay people who claimed that Obama’s and the Dem’s positions on gay rights are no different than the conservatives. It was always a lie, now it’s simply a more laughable one.

    If the naysayers can find a more pro-gay President at this point in time, be sure to let us know.

  19. Phil says

    @Tom again: There’s nothing wrong with holding on to your wallets and keeping your money. Just get to the polls in 2012 and vote for candidates who don’t pander to anti-gay hate and gay self hate, which doesn’t cost a dime. I think that’s a modest proposal, don’t you?

  20. Ken says

    I disagree the supporting marriage equality would be career suicide for Obama, those who base their vote on that will never vote for him anyway. Most Democrats and Independents now support same sex marriage and many others just don’t care one way or the other. These are the people he needs to get to win in 2012.

  21. Ken says

    @NY2.0: I don’t think anyone says Republicans are better for gays, however, I do beleive that the large number of gay voters who abandoned the Democrats during the mid terms got the attention of the party and led to the repeal of DADT being made a priority during the lame duck and has now led to this decision by Obama.

  22. DSCinSEA says

    Even if his personal views are conflicted over same sex marraige (I have several gay friends who are also torn on it; it’s a free country, by definition of our constitution, we are all able to express and have our own values/ideals), he is making things happen (had McCain been in office, we’d be so far from where we are now). Obama knows what he is doing…it is simply amazing how much he has accomplished since taking office – and this is just one more piece of the pie. Those of us that thought he could change this particular issue overnight or in 2 years were hopeful, but not realistic. At the end of the day, it’s still politics. It’s still the House and Senate that have to pass the laws…As we continue to watch how Obama is operating and getting things done, I think as we hit 2012 and his 2nd term, it’s really going to come out that he’s had this planned out all along. No one in office as our President realistically would have thought they could probably get DOMA, DADT repealed – but Obama is on his way – he’s methodical, smart, and I’d rather have a solid civil union with equal rights on paper than a potentially repealable marraige law. Slavery didn’t happen overnight, blacks (and women) being able to vote didn’t happen over a short period of time either…it takes a country like ours time to sway the majority. Give him the time and another 4 years and I think we can all say we are proud we took a chance and voted for Obama (twice!).

  23. Mark says

    The timing on the President’s change of heart feels too conveniently suited to the political changes in D.C. since this Nov.

    In the real world it feels too much like a Blue Dog divide and conquer strategy for 2012….designed to pull some of the economically ravaged Republican middle by pitting the hard line ideological and loony bin social conservatives against them.

    So while I celebrate, this particular political aspect of the end of DOMA feels to me like a diluted kind of justice.

    After all, don’t we deserve to say “Bye, Bye to DOMA” because that is the justice that wants to be made real?

    Honestly, this “practical” “election strategy based” flavor of justice never really tastes that great in the minority cup.

    You have to ask, why all the “grappling”?

    If it’s justice it’s justice, otherwise it’s just playing some degree of sleazeball politics with people’s precious lives….Yuck!

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