Israel Appoints First Openly Gay Judge


Dori Spivak, an attorney and former chairman of Israel’s Association for Civil Rights, (ACRI), was appointed Tel Aviv Labour court judge on Sunday yesterday, the Jewish Chronicle reports:

Mr Spivak, a Harvard graduate who lectures at Tel Aviv University’s law department, has been involved in several high profile gay rights cases, including the Supreme Court’s landmark 1997 decision forcing a state channel to broadcast a programme about gay teenagers.

A lawyer for the ACRI, Dan Yakir, told Israeli newspaper Ynet that the appointment would “contribute to developing human rights”.

Mr Spivak’s longtime partner, law professor Dr Yishai Blank, added: “It's a happy occasion for us personally and also for the state.”

YNET adds:

Many other gay activists and academics praised Spivak's nomination, describing it as "a ray of sunshine, especially at a dark time like today where human rights organizations are under attack." They expressed their hope that this appointment will be a sign of social change, particularly within the justice system.

"He is an experienced legalist when it comes to human rights and labor laws," Spivak's colleague, Professor Eyal Gross from the Tel Aviv University said.


  1. bravo says

    I trust his judicial robe will also be sleeveless.

    Congratulations. I can’t comment on the quality of his legal work, but I can comment on the quality of his arm work. Nice arms, your honor.

  2. Matt26 says

    I agree. Congrats, but he has not just studied and worked hard with law, but also at the gym.
    I’d love to be there when he takes off his robe… dirty me… I demand you put me in order…

  3. Michael says

    Apparently gay judges in Israel adopt the traditional sleeveless tricep-flexing pose when making their candidacy known. Why does this strike me as a little douchebaggy?

  4. TANK says

    Hmmm…he’s not buff or even in good shape, so these comments about his “guns,” etc…can only make sense in the context of the flabby out of shape older judges one expects. Good for Israel! Wouldn’t see this in…any other middle eastern country.

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