James Franco to Present 12-Hour Re-Cut of ‘My Own Private Idaho’ Featuring Hustler Interviews, Dreamy River Phoenix Montages


James Franco tweeted the above photo yesterday advertising a new art project he's involved in with Gus van Sant!

Movieline has the details:

A release from the esteemed Gagosian Gallery states the exhibit, “Unfinished,” will open Feb. 26 in Beverly Hills and run through April 9. The exhibit is basically a reworking of Van Sant’s 1991 flick My Own Private Idaho, renamed Endless Idaho, done by Franco using behind the scenes and deleted footage. It is 12 hours long. 12.

What does this 12 hours include? Location scouting! Interviews with actual street hustlers! Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix improvising!

Exhausted yet? Well, wake up, because there is a second movie, My Own Private River! This is just shots of Phoenix (Sorry Keanu!), set to an original score by Michael Stipe.

The films are accompanied by eight works on paper done by Van Sant. While this is of course remarkable, and obviously time consuming, it seems like phoning it in next to Franco.

Here's the full press release.

Sounds like the gayest thing Franco's done to date.


  1. Rowan says

    87 hours Milkman? What were they showing?!

    Franco is soooo OBSESSED with My Own Pivate Idaho, I knew he would find away to somehow be part of the history of it’s conception! He’s relentless but he gets what he wants.

    I think he is doing as much as he can because he’s going to want to concentrate on not being an actor later in his life and during that time, we will see the real non girlfriend Franco!

    Thing is I have to say he is consistent in what he likes and their is link to his writings, art works and films he directs. It’s all about male-gay- repression of some sort. There is always an element of confusion-art work, feast of Stephen-and frustration-his second film with Charles Dance and some of his art work.

  2. DireFates says

    ” we will see the real non girlfriend Franco!”

    Does that mean he will finally come out as a straight person?

  3. KevInPDX says

    A re-edit could only help this movie in mu opinion. I didn’t really like the original movie (I know I am in the minority on this) but there is a lot of scenes filmed in downtown Portland that was fun to see. The boys were so young and cute then too. Van Sant used to live up in the west hills area and would be downtown bar hopping some. Got popped for a DUI a couple years ago and haven’t seen him downtown since. Might have quit drinking :(
    Franco (talented hottie) definitely has an interesting bent to his choice of projects. Would rather see him act more and spend less time resurrecting old stuff.

  4. Rowan says


    His background before acting was in art and he did a degree in English.

    @ direfates

    Ha, ha! Meant as gay. Ted on the blind items seems to think he’s the only one who will come out soon….the others not so much. Apparently he dropped his girlfriend/beard ages ago and it’s got all his publicists worried.

    Good for him!

  5. jaragon says

    And the point of this is? “My Own Private Idaho” is an interesting movie but this may be a bit much unless one has a River Phoenix fetish

  6. DireFates says

    Rowan, thx for the clarification. As you can see, I’m not privy to much Franco gossip.

    Since I’m not in Beverly Hills, I won’t see it. Hope they have plans to put it out on disk.