1. Terrance says

    Oh, darn. From the pic, I was kinda hoping he was going to make an appearance on “Spartacus”….! 😉

  2. says

    they got a decent hair piece for him

    The dude is balding bad which is obvious in all non studio pics of him = that isn’t his real hair

  3. reality 101 says

    This is a nice one.
    I understand for movies and pandering to tweens why he wants hair –

    but his weaves are BAD and obvious most of the time.

    Hopefully as he ages he will just be cool and buzz what he has – and he may be hot.

    Right now hard to feel it.
    Well there are things I might like to watch him do.

  4. Terrance says

    Sheesh… You guys really go overboard over his hair, of all things (though I suspect, if Jason Statham grew *his* hair out, you guys would probably freak out even more)…!

    If it’s hair you want, go drool over the Bieber kid, he’s got plenty of it…

    ..I just want to know how big a SWORD he’s wielding…!

  5. says


    LoL true it isn’t greek but for him and what they plopped on his head in the twilight movies its decent

  6. Drew says

    I love looking at his fine-ass body; however, there’s still something off-putting about his face. Is he ugly? No. Is he hot? No. It’s more akin to Mr. Potato Head, where great features are taken from 5 different men and combined into something I can’t enjoy as a whole. Yeah, I thought about this one too much.