Lady Gaga Spent 72 Hours Inside of ‘Born This Way’ Egg


Hmm, wonder how she stayed looking so fresh?

Lady Gaga says she spent 72 hours inside of the egg before she hatched at the Grammys:

"I was in there for about 72 hours. It was a very creative experience…It was time for me to really prepare and think about the meaning of the song and get prepared for the performance. I really wanted to be born on stage. The creative vessel was helpful for me to stay focused. We had it backstage so that I was able to really stay in this sort of creative, embryonic incubation."

Gaga's choreographer Laurieann Gibson confirmed the claim:

"We made sure the Lady was not suffocating with an oxygen tank in there while incubating, checking her new DNA, which was producing this new race. This race does not give up and does not give in."

The LGBT anthem "Born This Way" just became Billboard's 1000th #1 single.

The arrival of "Born This Way" bests the previous debut record on Radio Songs, set when Janet Jackson's "All for You" soared in at No. 9 with 70 million in 2001.

With opening-week digital sales of 448,000, "Born This Way" likewise breaks barriers with the largest debut sum for a female artist. Britney Spears established the prior mark four weeks ago upon, the arrival of "Hold It Against Me" (411,000).

Gibson got more over the top in describing the upcoming video:

"I can't tell you, but I will tell you it is a life-changing experience…Well, actually it's a vessel. When Gaga played me the record, it took me quite some time to feel the direction and the inspiration, and when she played it for me two weeks later, I was like, 'I think I got it.' I said, 'We have to birth a new race, a race that cannot hate.' And, of course, as genius as she is, she runs with it."


  1. Mrs. Sippi says

    A fun song, but there needs to be a major campaign to stop release of this video if she does not amend the culturally incompetent lyrics. Hundreds are repeating the term “orient” to refer to Asian folks. It gets old just waiting for white allies to fail like this. She needs smarter people around her. Her intent was actually incredibly lovely, but ignorance ruined the execution and she needs to step up and amend.

  2. luminum says

    There was a great line in the Daily Beast’s article that Towleroad linked yesterday:

    “Eric Ord, an openly gay chap working in New York in commercial real estate, said, ‘I think she sees herself as the gay messiah and it bugs me.’ According to him, the song would be like ‘white people writing a song about breaking free from slavery and expecting black people to worship us for it.’ (To be fair, Lady Gaga has said she’s attracted to both men and women.)”

    That aside, what a genius she is, hatching out of that egg after sitting in it for 3 days! Incredible genius! I haven’t seen that level of genius since David Blaine!

  3. reality 101 says

    Lying as “performance art” is boring.
    She wonders why there is such a backlash ?

    I really hope Stefanie matures – right now she has far too many “art school” / “club kid” pretensions.

  4. says

    Oh, c’mon, this is sheer showmanship and lots of fun. I don’t buy that she was in it for 72 hours straight, but…who cares?

    What about this Laurieann? She’s the one from MAKING THE BAND (anyone? anyone?) and she is saying GaGa is a genius based on the fact that GaGa accepted on of Laurieann’s ideas and ran with it. :0)

    I like the concept of a new race that can’t hate. At least it’s a concept and not just, “Here’s a song some famous writer sold to my label and aren’t my boobs pretty?” She’s interesting, and when she’s not interesting, she’s still pretty fun.

  5. FilmTurtle says

    Funny how quickly the gays turn against someone who is on our side, eh?

    Anyway, I like the song. I like her. But compare her Grammys performance with Cee-Lo’s “Forget You” performance done up in feathers with a puppet band (!) and Gwyneth Paltrow. Both are outrageous and over-the-top. Once has a sense of humor and one decidedly does not.

    This is how we lost Madonna. She started taking herself too seriously. But Gaga has sent some kind of land speed record for it. I respect how seriously she takes her art and her mission, but girl needs to lighten up.

  6. jj says

    it should be noted that her sales figures for “Born This Way” are during 3 days only. it was released on a Friday instead of the Tuesday before. im guessing a full 7 days would have put her closer to 1 million ….impressive stuff!!

  7. phillip says

    That’s quite some time in that egg…if it’s true. Though I kinda doubt it considering the egg that she was carried in and the one she crawled out of look to be two entirely different creations.

  8. Jesus says

    Generic comment lauding her revolutionary ideas followed by another generic comment contemplating the ingenuity necessary to carry them out.

    @Mrs. Sippi though, REAL TALK. Edward Said would have a field day!

  9. dattexas says

    She needs publicity to be the most famous pop star in the world right now, little boy. That gives her the largest platform of any celebrity, little boy. That’s what makes her a very good ally for the gay community, little one.

    There. Let’s give you a minute to process.

  10. Dan says

    Only someone who hasn’t a “creative” bone in their body needs to invent such a spectacle over a supposed “creative, embryonic incubation”… It wasn’t interesting last time around and it isn’t going to be this time either.

  11. romeo says

    I just love her. However, I’ve had enough run-ins with New York performance art over the years not to want to get sucked into that vortex. F*ck It. Long Live the GAGA!!!

  12. Jerry says

    Gays are so funny, how you want to turn against your allies. What’s that about? You guys need to spread some of that hate over to somebody who’s really more deserving than someone who worked toward DADT repeal and toward LGBT visibility. So she’s pandering to the relatively small audience of gay guts. Get over it.

  13. Tim says

    I am shocked at the supposedly racist backlash here. So she says “chola”; does that have to mean she is including every Hispanic person? And Oriental is still used in almost all of the world outside of the US. Since the US essentially ignores the Indian population, which are also classified as Asian everywhere else in the world, the distinction that Oriental provides is still valid. Get over this hate, people, and be happy that SOMEONE with a high profile is really on our side and so vocal about it. If we want change, then accept the methods required. Otherwise, the hate towards us will never stop and maybe it should be deserved.

  14. Jared says

    I really can’t believe that between her, her producers, her singers, her musicians, her agent, her managers, the hundreds of people involved in her creation of this song that NO ONE ever even spoke one word that the word “orient” shouldn’t be used. It’s been decades since Asian people have been trying to fight against and get rid of this bad, offensive, condescending term (read up on history to know why). Finally it was gotten rid of in the past year or few years. And now……….it’s back. Thanks, Gaga, for reviving the term.

    Now the gays (and straights) who listen to Gaga–and she is everywhere–will think it’s okay to use the word again.



    Gag me.

  15. says

    Good for her! There is no one in music today with the talent and charisma of Lady GaGa. “Born This Way” is an AWESOME song that is only made stronger in that it promotes equality and acceptance of ALL people. The terms GaGa uses in the song are puposely meant to not necessarily be “PC.” She is asserting that no matter what label you put on a person, “I’m on the right track baby… I was born this way!” LOVE HER!!!

  16. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    People should start calling her “shelly” to see if she gets the yolk… er, the joke.

    Does she travel in a big styrofoam limo that seats 12?

  17. brian says

    Lady Gaga is the product of marketing. That’s all. Her “gay anthem” is a damp squib. It’s yet another attempt to market to our devotion.

    Note how we in the GLBT community are being forced to admire sexism and fakeness in the form of Lady Gaga. Not much of a choice, is it?

    Consider that there is no male Lady Gaga. If there was a male Lady Gaga, you could at least say that the music industry had progressed and was becoming more accepting of men with a fluid sexuality. In Lady Gaga, however, we have the same old stereotype designed by straight guys and their female enablers.

  18. Drew says

    I’m sorry, but all I could think of when I saw that she was ‘in an egg’ was the episode of Doug (anyone remember that show) where Judy, his sister, is auditioning to get into a snooty art school. What is her act, pray tell? She’s going to be ‘born’ from an egg and go into a rant about her new self. I can’t take anyone seriously that ripped off a nicktoon from the mid-1990s, intentionally or not.

    Also, the song is fun to listen to but my anthem it is not. Thanks for your help Gaga, but politics is best left up to the professionals, not commercials.

  19. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    @Jackfkntwist, What’s the metaphor? I’m curious!

    LOVE. HER!

    1. Did she take bathroom breaks?

    2. I kind of figured artists rehearse up until day of show. But maybe she learned this choreo weeks and weeks ago. Anyway, her moves were lookin’ CRISP AS HELL on that Grammys stage.

    You’re a fierce b!tch, Gaga.

  20. Ohnoshedidnt says

    Yeah…because the human body is totally down with spending 3 days in a cramped space and then just suddenly jumping up and dancing for 15 minutes without pins and needles, cramps etc. Yes. This is TOTALLY plausible. And all this incubating to change one’s DNA to a new race isn’t totally pretentious either/Sarcasm.

  21. Rick says

    I think GaGa and her team are brilliant and here’s why. The Grammy’s were Sunday and it’s now Thursday and people are STILL talking about that stupid egg stunt she pulled. All of the bloggers (especially that idiot Perez Hilton), her managers, stylists, record label execs, her choreographer and so on have helped her achieve more press and publicity than merely writing and performing a half way decent song could ever garner her. It was still 1 of the top news stories here in Boston when I was watching the news earlier today. My sister is driving my parents crazy because she’s been trying to get last minute tickets to her show in Boston just so her and her friends can see what she’ll do next. Think about it – She releases Born This Way and people instantly compared it to Express Yourself. Don’t think for a second that Madonna and her team weren’t given an advance copy of that song way before GaGa released it just so there’d be zero issues between the 2. Major publicity. Yet people (me included) bought into it. Sunday rolls around and she hits the red carpet in an egg. More publicity. She shows up on Leno and GMA this morning – even MORE publicity. Bottom line is, GaGa knows exactly what she’s doing and we’re all along for the ride as she laughs all the way to the bank.

  22. hohum says

    Ugh. It’s really tiresome to hear people be so hateful of Gaga … just because she wears crazy outfits and sings pop and gets tons of attention for it.

    The woman is very smart. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down easier. The amount of affect her effort will have on our youth is very important. In the past eras up to the 50s gay people were being locked up for their sexual preference, and now we have a number one hit single about us, and it’s being played all over the world by the biggest pop star. Who is our advocate! Get a grip. Don’t be such bitter queens.

    Thank god SOMEONE prominent is going up against the Sarah Palins of our current culture.

  23. MadM@ says

    there -was- a male Lady Gaga, and his stage name was Marilyn Manson. They’re really very similar if you think about it :b

    Yeah, she REALLY spent 3 days in an egg, like Bowie was an androgynous glam rock alien. All theatre is a lie, and she has a flair for the dramatic. It’s some people’s thing, and not everyone’s… but there’s no accounting for taste I guess.

    So haters- Is it fun to go through life with all that hostility towards something that in the grand scheme of things is near irrelevant? On this very site there are articles about queer people being gang raped, beaten, killed, denounced, and legislated into oblivion, in addition to more positive stories about things happening in our community. Unfortunately the posts with the most comments are ones involving Gaga, and mainly because people feel the need to troll and gloat about how they see through something that’s an obvious farce.

  24. Jet says

    So she could dance and sing after being cramped up for 3 days in an egg?Doesnt she need a little stretch and shower and bathroom as others have said?

    Anyone who reports on this is stupid for buying it.

    I dont have to like you just b/c you like gays [money].

  25. sare says

    It would suck for her if she really did spend 3 days. It would have been for nothing since nobody believe it. Maybe they should have done a little documentuary about it while it was happening. That would have been more interesting then the Grammy’s

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