1. Matt says

    Bad song and complete ripoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself”.

    Her Ace Of Base “Don’t Turn Around” rip-off was a bit better.

  2. Natira says

    Express Yourself was released 22 years ago, so most of Gaga’s fans won’t remember it because they weren’t born yet.

    Recycled music.

  3. Anonymouse says

    The only people for whom this could be called a “gay anthem” are male Christian gays, probably the only people delusional enough to find nothing morally amiss about equating their love for their imaginary friend (god) to their love for their boyfriend/husband as Gaga does in the opening of this song.

  4. monsteravery says

    As I said before, a new gay anthem is born! Upon first listen, you can clearly hear it’s a massive massive hit! Nobody can say this one sounds like her other stuff… funk soul dance pop extravaganza. With a little Madonna mixed in. Can’t wait to see her blow the Grammy’s up with the live performance.

  5. poison says

    meh. It’s a song.
    I’m more curious as to why she appears to be turning into a Klingon in that picture.

  6. kirby says

    So great to see other posts criticizing this silly, silly song. It does sound recycled, but worse, it sounds like one of those anonymous dance songs performed by no-name singers that we have heard for decades. Andy, please, please, PLEASE — enough with the Lady GaGa posts. There is no shortage of reading material out there. I expect MUCH MORE from your blog.

  7. DR says

    Definitely an “Express Yourself” derivative. I might like the lyrics more if this wasn’t an over-synthesized dance-pop track.

    It’s got an appeal as an anthem to a certain set of gays, but not to me. I’ll pass on learning the words since the song won’t become an “anthem” for me personally. If it rocks your world, fine. It doesn’t do much for mine.

  8. Chris K says

    That’s it? Meh. What a boring song.
    It doesn’t have a good hook to it like Bad Romance and Alejandro, nor does it sound fresh or new like they did.

  9. Alec says

    OK you all may not like the song, but keep in mind that this is exposure for the gay community. She is a very popular artist who is sticking up for us. Sure, we give her lots of money, but there are lots of closeted homos giving money to hate churches who do nothing for them, so I considered GaGa a ‘return on investment’ at least…

  10. Monamonstrosity says

    It’s defiantly gonna be a hit. I see this on many soundtracks and being played everywhere.

  11. Shawn says

    Dancing around in my room at 5:00 am on a Friday morning, love you Gaga. You never let us down and you’ll never stop being a voice for us! Love it.

  12. Jay says

    Alec, while I agree that it’s nice to have someone sing about being gay and born that way, it doesn’t make it a particularly good song! So again, it just reminds me of why we have to settle for things just because they are directed at us (i.e. civil unions). Just because McDonalds is the best food seller of all time doesn’t mean their food is good or full of substance.

  13. Bosie says

    ? what are the old queens complaining? something is always wrong with them. LISTEN old hags not everyone is 100yo so fresh music with a new dress works for me. SO GET OVER IT.

    Lady GaGa’s new gay anthem is awesome…hopefully kids in the south or midwest …where they are all alone can listen to this song and self empowered themselfves.

  14. aucontraire says

    OMG, this song is amazing. It has such a beautiful message! I was born this way, it IS an anthem with an amazing dance beat. It reminds you of Madonna because it has an oldschool sound to it, doesnt mean she is COPYING Madonna, if anything Madonna is pround of GaGa. This song is for anyone who has ever been bullied or hurt. I WAS BORN THIS WAY!

  15. says

    It does sound a lot like Madonnas Express Yourself, but hey, it’s pop music, it’s ALL recycled… Besides, this song is a little more straight forward and I feel picks up where Express Yourself left off (comparable to a sequel).

  16. Rob says

    Amazing new GAY anthem!
    This song makes me wanna put on a golden speedo and wrap a pink boa around my neck and go dance at Rage on a saturday night in WeHo. And I’m straight! That’s how effective this song is. Lolz.

    But seriously, I like it. Not as hard hitting from the get go as “Bad Romance” was, but definitely a grower. And its certainly destined to be EVERYWHERE in a matter of months so best get yourselves ready.

  17. GrindhouseLILY says

    Haters… the point is that only gaga get this much attention this early in the morning! Thank you haters. She managed to get you all up and go online to listen to her song! haha idiots.

  18. Chris says

    Why the hate, girls? I LOVE this song! I mean, of course it’s no Bad Romance, but you bitches all said the same thing when the Fame Monster came out.

  19. TTpointer says

    Here in Ottawa, Canada the radio is playing BORN THIS WAY back-to-back ALL MORNING. It’s amazing!

  20. DJP says

    Say what you will, this song will bring HUGE crowds to the dance floor this summer. “Born This Way” is here to stay.

  21. taurus says

    I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. Sounds like something that was commissioned to be written for some annual gay pride event.

  22. Gregoire says

    All you haters need to go home and cradle your old Madonna records, straining to remember the days when you were cuter.

    There is nothing wrong with imitation when it’s the greatest pop singer of all time that you’re emulating. Of course, it’s Madonna lite, but when did that become a negative? Madonna certainly isn’t making these songs any more.

    So, in other words, while you haters crumple into a ball, the rest of us will be on the dance floor….

  23. neverstops says

    ready for 100 lip dub videos

    plus assorted various comments about paws, bitter old queens, rip offs, haterz, GAGA & a mass of heated finger pointing & general unhinged emotional outbursts ad infinitum


  24. says

    okay why all the ugliness here? if you dont like the song or lady gaga, just move on. just having a young woman who is willing to say and do things that many straight people aren’t willing to say or do, is pretty great in my opinion. fine, she doesn’t speak to you, or its not YOUR gay anthem, or you think it’s recycled, or you think she is awful, or madonna did it first… whatever! the fact of the matter is, that we in the LGBT community should be supporting people who fight for positive change in the world, not ripping them down like the rest of the world does to us. if this song helps one person out there find love and acceptance within themselves, or helps crack open someone’s narrow mind, than hasn’t it served a pretty good purpose?

  25. Daveny says

    Lmao! The old guys are complaining it sounds like Madonna and the younger guys are complaining the old guys don’t like it. lol as someone right in the middle I can say it’s plain booooring. Bad romance was better. She’s peaked.

  26. MikeLOL says

    What a party track ! So much hype and -to me- it exceeded expectations. Can’t wait for the video, let alone the album.

    Indeed it has the feel of Express yourself with the fierceness of Bad Romance. A very positive vibe, free-spirited and people that complain it sounds like 70’s / 80’s; disco music is the true dance & gay classics and this song fits right in.

  27. Natira says

    What’s amazing to me is how many of the shallow pop fans, gay and straight, will insult other gays who don’t like taste in music. I mean, cmon Gregoire and Boise. Get off your knees from worshipping straight women and stop acting homophobic towards other gays.

  28. Keith says

    At 45, I guess I can be considered an old queen. However, I have a huge love for Madonna and for LG. In fact, I came out to “Express Yourself.”

    After listening to this song, which will be HUGE, I fail to see the comparisons to Madge. Are you geezers listening to the same song I am? There are “0” similarities. I’m guessing because one person said it early in the post, everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.

    Bitches Please!

  29. Swanny says

    A lot of these posts sound like they are from readers at the 40+ age like me. However, my take on it is that it is fun and will uplift the gay youth who are the next generation of liberators. Sooo, my suggestion . . . just enjoy it and don’t take EVERYTHING so seriously! There are more important things to criticize than a new song from an artist who clearly has the vision of a socially responsible, intelligent pop icon. It is also not the first time an artist produces a song that is influenced by their idols when they were younger. Brought back some good memories of a slightly younger time for me! :)

  30. Chris says

    It sucks, and not in the good way. There is no identifiable hook in this song. I’m young, but I appreciate music from all decades. I’m an eclectic music lover. I liked GaGa’s other work because she really had something interesting there. For those who’ve compared this to Express Yourself, DON’T. It’s not anywhere near as good. Express Yourself has an intriguing bass line that’s catchy. It’s a hook. The synths in that song are rhythmic and keep you wanting more of it, although it doesn’t go through many structural changes. Those who don’t like it aren’t just old queens remembering their earlier days. Those who like it may have to see a doctor about getting their head out of GaGa’s a**. EOM.

  31. CJ says

    Hi yeah, Madonna called and she wants her Madonna back. The fact that this will be a hit song only confirms the notion that people have no real taste in music beyond BPM.

  32. ketchuprobot says

    @Jack M Do you have a problem with twinks? Young guys that you can’t get anymore am right? How sad for you…

  33. Polyboy says

    This song sounds nothing like “Express Yourself” particularly the original arrangement.

    That said, this song rocks. Can’t wait to dance to it at the bars.

  34. Arty says

    We’re gonna dance to this all weekend.
    I can’t wait to buy the new album. I can’t wait to enjoy the new songs…

  35. LiamB says

    “@Pablo They don’t like Gaga, but they live for the drama.

    Posted by: Nautilus85 | Feb 11, 2011 10:52:28 AM”

    Or, maybe some of us actually like her original sounding works and found ourselves very disappointed that she chose such a lazy method this time. Believe it or not, BSC’s, it is possible to like someone, but not be happy with everything they put out.

    I would also add, acknowledging the blatant lifting of melodies does not mean someone can’t or doesn’t enjoy the song. It’s just a matter of facts. Anyway, many artists do it, so it’s not like she did anything new by doing it.

  36. Nautilus85 says

    Whatever. I think this song is fabulous.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to get out of the house and hit the clubs.

  37. james says

    I like the song despite the obvious Express Yourself lift… but I would rather have Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” or “Fuckin’ Perfect” as an anthem for the all-inclusive “freak” club.

  38. DR says

    Amazing how even the remotest critique of a GaGa song will encourage this much stupidity.

    Her music, and the phenomena which accompanies it, does not suit everyone’s tastes. I myself prefer rock, although I will acknowledge that some of GaGa’s stuff is very well done. This song, however, is not well-done in my opinion, and I won’t be spending the money on it.

    If you can’t disagree with that opinion in a mature way, then you probably ought to turn off the computer and go away for a while. There’s no need to be catty and insulting because because of it.

  39. Tom Stoppard says

    Times may change, but one thing is constant: there will always be a coterie of mean-minded, hyper-critical, impossible-to-please gay men who are determined to hate everything, even things which are intended to HELP them.

    I feel so sorry for them – life must be a constant strain and series of disappointments.

  40. says

    Good song, not great song. Great sentiment, though—so why the bile? It’s like gay people don’t want any good news. If you don’t like the tune, listen to something else, but JFC it’s pretty much a big win for gay people and is clearly coming from someone who is genuinely pro-gay.

    That said, Madonna queens (of which I am one) need to CHILL on the “OMG, she’s copycatting Madonna!” bullshit. First, I don’t think this song sounds amazingly similar to Madonna’s work. There are some comparisons, but Madonna’s been working for almost 30 years and has made a point of trying just about every pop-musical style out there. And as much as I worship Madonna, remember this: MADONNA. DID. NOT. INVENT. MUSIC. Many of her most indelible classics could also be accused of “borrowing” from other sources. In fact, that was a lot of the fun of Madonna, seeing and hearing if you could figure out her references, everything from the Staple Singers to Marlene Dietrich to Horst to anything else you can think of.

    I like the song, I just think GaGa oversold it as the be-all-end-all pop song of all time.

  41. Alan Arthur Chiras says

    Wow! I’m SO glad I’m not the only Gay man that doesn’t like this song AT ALL! It’s not even worth stealing from the internet. It WON’T be going on my iPhone!!!

  42. Bostonbeat says


    It seems okay. I don’t know how I feel about an artists stating they have “created” a gay anthem. Isn’t it supposed to happen organically?

    I do get a sense of “Express Yourself in the sound and some of the lyrics.

    For me, its so-so. I will probably end up buying the remixes but as the song on its own, I’m not listening to it on repeat.

  43. pharmerandy says

    Seriously. People need to chill out. It’s a song. Regardless of what you think of the song its definitely a gay anthem and we should be happy one gets this magnitude of exposure.

  44. Ty says

    Very interesting song … I sort of hear some connection to Madonna’s music, but I think lots of today’s artists are influenced by Madonna (that’s almost a given). I think people will like the song – it’s got a great beat and the message is inspiring too.

  45. JT says

    Im not a huge Gaga fan, but the song is pretty good. It does have a few melodic inflections like “Express Yourself”, but they are fleeting. I know many, many got up this morning with the thought “I know that Gaga song is coming out, and Im going to hate it”…so lets not pretend all the haters in here just turned the song on with a neutral mindset and suddenly didnt like it. They are either…1…Madonna fans that still think she’s untouchable and anything even remotly similar is trash (Im a huge Madge fan, but she aint made GOOD music in about a decade) They are Britney fans whom are programmed to hate the one that stole her thunder (Cuz face it, Britney is kinda over) Or they just dont like anything thats “gay popular” so they rail against it in some feeble attempt to be “deeper” than the average gay. Sorry kids, I will predict this song will be a hit, and all the arguing will be for not.

  46. thegaytemp says

    for some reason i feel like i’m about to start watching queer eye for the straight guy when listening to this. it isn’t what i hoped but i’m sure after hearing it at the bars and in stores, we’ll all be dancing to it.

  47. David says

    It’s no “Bad Romance” but it’s not the worst song ever. If Gaga rips off Madonna then that’s just justice because Madonna is the biggest goddamn thief in the world. At least Gaga tries to help gays with her message and her actions. Madonna just stole Vogue’ing from poor Harlem drag queens, made millions off of it and then appeared in interviews with a fake british accent making an ass of herself.

  48. Chitown Kev says

    @Matthew Rettenmund


    I don’t dislike the song but this is not and will not be my favorite Gaga song.

    And yes, as a Madonna quuen myself, other Madonna queens do need to chill.

  49. Mauricio says

    I don’t understand the hate, it is a good song and even if you disagree with me, wouldn’t you want to support an artist that writes, sings LIVE, and as talented as Lady Gaga? – She loves the LGBT community and I’m sure some 14 year gay kid in a rural community will probably feel empowered – yes Madonna has done it ALL so why be so negative.. I love Madonna and I love Lady Gaga – let’s stop this ridiculous hate

  50. Richard says

    Not everyone who hates this is old. I’m 22 and know my musical history. Such a disappointment. Besides that, isn’t it upsetting to anyone else that all our “gay anthems” are sung by small straight white women? More like annoying apathetic youth.

  51. larson says

    how is it “hate” to say that you don’t like the song?

    it’s not very good. hopefully she has better songs on the album.

  52. Robert says

    I don’t understand the hate, it is a good song and even if you disagree with me, wouldn’t you want to support an artist that writes, sings LIVE, and as talented as Lady Gaga? – She loves the LGBT community and I’m sure some 14 year gay kid in a rural community will probably feel empowered – yes Madonna has done it ALL so why be so negative.. I love Madonna and I love Lady Gaga – let’s stop this ridiculous hate

    Well said!

  53. Peggy says

    Lyrical love, are you kidding me?! “Don’t be a drag; just be a queen.” That ain’t love–or lyrical. That’s just shite!

  54. IAN F says

    I was hoping to like it because I know we’ll be hearing it everywhere for months, but it already annoys me. Oh well.

  55. RussellJ says

    It WILL be a huge hit and that is just sad. There is a thin line between HOMAGE and RIP OFF and Stefani has leaped it yet again (she clearly has no shame). Yet another crap song to add to modern crap culture… originality is very, very dead. Enjoy your gay twink anthem… PAWS UP?! bwahahahahaha!

  56. Xtincta says

    It’s ok, but not all that great. I hate how you can’t be objective about a song without being considered a hater. This song pales in comparison to a lot of her unreleased songs. Bad Romance et al sounded great right out the gate. This song however is just meh and may have to grow on me. And Britney just had a #1 song, she may not be in he prime of her career but the girl still has influence.

  57. Non-jaded gay says

    Why are my gay brothers so jaded?
    What is your damage?
    LG just wrote a song for us, and all you can do is bash it, by calling it a rip-off of Madonna.
    Boys, don’t bash your allies… otherwise you deserve no one in life.

  58. torontofag says

    You don’t have to be old to think this song is BORING. Madonna meets Robyn. I love pop music but this doesn’t cut it, it’s not catchy at all. I hope Britney puts something good out soon.

  59. torontofag says

    It’s called pandering to the gays and no one has to fall in line to like something because it was made for ‘us’. She is a business, it was made to make money. If an artist can’t take criticism then they should step off the stage. Gays are allowed opinions without being called jaded. You should change your name to non-jaded natzi gay.

  60. rayrayj says

    Speaking as an old curmudgeon (I prefer not to label myself a bitchy old queen), it’s fun music. If it touches some people great. If it doesn’t touch you then enjoy something that does. Gaga is in the business to create art and to make money. If anyone can think of a single artist whom everyone likes, please share.

    But seriously, WTF? Some of the respondents appear to be bitter beyond understanding. Gaga is in the business to create art, as she sees the world and to make money

  61. Derek Pearce says

    It sounds more like “Sex Drive” by Dead or Alive than anything. Also, for those who think it’s ripped from Express Yourself– EY was ripped from both Sly & The Family Stone and The Staple Singers (contains a direct sample from their “Respect Yourself”). So what goes round comes round, everybody chill out.

  62. Natira says

    @RayRay Reading around, I see many old people who like this song. So it’s not just 20-something twinks who act like 12yo girls and masturbate to Justin Beiber who like the song. It’s also 50 year olds who masturebate to Justin Beiber.

  63. kybarsfang says

    There’s a scene in Easy A where the main character hates “Pocket Full of Sunshine” upon first listen, and then eventually listens to it over and over and even makes it her ringtone.

    I imagine something similar might happen with some of y’all here.

  64. says

    Yeah it sounds like Express Yourself. So what? I’m just happy to be living in a time when a song being labeled “too gay” or people proclaiming “How amazing is this gay song?!” can be debated about a silly pop song that’s being played on mainstream radio and media outlets. When Express Yourself was released this kind of song would never be hyped.

    The song is too pandering for me and while we have many more and bigger issues to deal with the fact that such a silly argument is such a big deal makes me happy in a way.

  65. Mauricio says

    This version is like the chipmonk version of the song?? ANDY!! get the actual version!! – I love the song! it’s #1 on iTunes already so I’m glad most people agree with me. lol – old gay men piss me off with the comparisons to Madonna – so WHAT!????

  66. Effie Ewe says

    Sounds great! I honestly dont get the “Express Yourself” vibe. It doesnt sound anything like McDollars old (old, old) tune.

  67. sal says


  68. Tagg2 says

    After 6 months of hype…what a let down. The lyrics are so-so but the music…sucks! There is not hook. Not a good sign if this is the first cut off the cd. Maybe this is the start of GaGa’s day of recogning???

  69. Nautilus85 says

    Lady Gaga’s new song breaks iTunes record! Born This Way has reached the number one spot on iTunes U.S. in less than three hours since its release, becoming the fastest song to ever do so. (Number one in 22 Countries at the moment) World Domination! Suck it Haters!

  70. George F says

    Is this the most discussed post/topic ever on Towleroad or what?

    I am in Pop heaven with this song… Cant wait for the video…It will set the internet on fire as well…

  71. Jared says

    EOM. BPM. I consider myself a reasonably technologically fluent guy, but the use of abbreviations in messages just distracts and confounds. Doesn’t make you seem cool. It’s the opposite of efficient. It’s inefficient. Y’all using abbreviations in your comments makes me just give up.

  72. JUAN says


  73. Joel says

    If you google “Why do people have different tastes?” you will find that there is no conclusive scientific data on why this phenomenon exists.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    1) Please stop pretending that your musical taste is anything other than completely subjective. It’s narcissistic at best.

    2) Please stop attacking an artist that is on our side and actually fights for our rights. If you think you can do better then by all means try, but stfu in the meantime.

    3) Please learn to appreciate good elements of life/the world/art from time to time in between criticizing everything you see and hear.

    P.S. Anonymouse, this song is actually directed at you. While I strongly agree with the ideology behind your post, you, sir are a bigot. Religion might be an ugly thing to you and me, you might try being as accepting as you (I assume) expect of others.

  74. StFrancisFolly says

    Am I the only one hearing TLC’s “Waterfalls”?? I keep imagining a Glee mash-up of this and that song.

  75. Glenn Walker says

    God bless Lady Gaga’s good intentions, but … This anthem at best is silly, awful; and the mindless refrain “I was born that way”, in its pleady, weepy words, is (un-intentionally] insulting in that it suggests “I know its’ awful being gay but I was born that way.” What could be worse as an assault on pride?… I hope the Lady will continue to sing her wonderful songs but not present this as other than a very bad song to be summarily retired.