1. christopher says

    The eeriest thing in these videos is not the people who are stumbling around confused, or the woman weeping, but the people who can be seen futilely trying to put their world back in order, like the man sweeping dirt off the street while the entire mountainside continues to landslide just yards behind him. It’s so purely human, this need to rectify even in a state of shock.

  2. rovex says

    Whats really shocking is the quiet after such an event. We in nations that have no real natural disasters, like the UK, only see it in films and TV when it is dramatised. The real horror is the silence and shock. It really hits you.

  3. anon says

    The UK can have rather serious flooding though.

    Extensive damage due to a 6.3 would indicate the need for better buildings.

  4. Nick says

    Ignorant comment, Anon.

    Christchurch survived a 7.4 earthquake – roughly the same size as the Haiti one – in September with no loss of life.

    New Zealand is an extremely earthquake-prone country and, as a result, it has very stringent building codes.

    Yesterday’s earthquake hit buildings already weakened by September’s earthquake and 4,000 after-shocks. It hit directly under the city. Most recent buildings have survived. Much of the damage came from 19th century stone buildings awaiting reinforcement after September 2010.

  5. says

    @Anon, the magnitudes of earth quakes are only one of *many* factors in how much damage they do. In NZ’s case, this quake happened to be very close to the city both in terms of distance and in depth, and it followed up 7.4 that hit just a few months ago. NZ’s a modern country with fairly strict building standards, but there are limits to what mankind can do to reasonably protect ourselves.

    Christchurch is an absolutely beautiful city… it’s sad to see it take so much damage, and see so many of its people suffering. My best wishes to them all.

  6. ratbastard says

    Incredible destruction. Anyone who has experienced an earthquake will tell you the sensation is bizarre, almost indescribable. I can remember being fascinated by a door frame swaying back and forth during one earthquake I experienced.

  7. SamanthA says

    Watching this struck me with so much fear. I noticed the whether being a bit whacking. I think its nuts how it can effect the mid west in the US. I hope the city can recover.
    I know a guy orginally from Chi-chi as they called it, I never heard anyone speak of their city with so much love. I haven’t heard from him in a while, but only hope that he [Jeremy] is okay … not just him. But everyone within the city and the surrounding limits … I really do hope reconstruction and all the cities and homes can be rebuilt