Marine Commandant Says Issues Due to ‘DADT’ Repeal Will Be Little More Than a ‘Blip’ and Troops Won’t Quit


Remember how Marine Commandant James Amos, formerly one of the top proponents of the ban on gays in the military, went kicking and screaming into 'DADT' repeal, warning that troops "distracted" by serving with gay servicemembers could lose limbs in combat?

Amos has really changed his tune:

"It would be naive to think that somewhere down the road there's not going to be issues," Amos told reporters. "I think there probably will be in probably all the services, but I don't think it's going to be of any magnitude that's going to cause much more than a blip. So I'm very optimistic."

Does Amos think the military will lose troops because the ban on gays is lifted?

"I haven't had any indication yet at all, not at all."


  1. AllBeefPatty says

    So what it is Commandant?

    Did you finally tell the mentally sclerotic John McCain to pull his hand out of your ass?

    Think for yourself man!

  2. Frank says

    Perhaps, the Commandant merely understands and admits when he is wrong and appreciates a correction under those circumstances.

  3. John Mclaren says

    The threat to the military are not gay and lesbian service members. Last week I saw a report where some 3,206 rapes of female enlisted troops went largely ignored by commanders. And those were only the reported ones.

  4. says

    BLAH BLAH BLAH! So the pig can put on lipstick. Then WHY is the ban still in effect? President Gates and his posse are still acting as if gays are aliens who just landed on the planet and all the poor little straight soldiers have to be cuddled and coddled and handheld and tiptoed into open service. Maybe if the issue was when the government would FINALLY stop killing baby seals more would care. Gays still being told they have to fight and die in the closet for their country? Meh.

    “Any claim that [implementation cannot happen] until after the completion of exhaustive training is inconsistent with DoD history and not based on military necessity. Whatever preparations are ultimately deemed necessary, the Pentagon ought to be able to pull them off faster than it did the implementation of DADT in 1994, which took approximately 40 days. [C]ase studies demonstrate that training can take place quickly, even in combat zones, and that policies are generally implemented BEFORE OR CONCURRENT WITH training. The Pentagon’s request for up to a year to train the troops prior to the repeal of DADT is unprecedented. Training is not a prerequisite…to claim otherwise is a vote of no confidence in members of the armed forces, is not supported empirically, and is suspiciously dilatory. Training, like the formal publication of instructions, can occur (and has occurred) ex post facto.” – Palm Center, December 2010.

  5. Kayla says

    Isn’t this the same fool who said limbs would be lost? The same fool who gave that other fool, McCain, ammunition to use on the Sunday talk shows? So was he just lying about that and just reflecting his own bigotry then, or is he lying now?! I still don’t have any respect for him after his jacked up testimony before congress, which by the way, is going to go the way of Wallace in front the school house. My teenage kids are gonna have to watch this fool in History class someday!

  6. Lexxvs says

    I thought the military men were supposed to be brave and stand for their words and acts. He cowered to avoid losing his position. What a pitiful hustler.

  7. Craig says

    “The four riders of the Apocalypse will rise from the bowels of hell … brother will devour brother …. the blood of the unclean shall run like rivers the cities …

    Oh. Well then, never mind.”

    Oh good grief. What a nut.

  8. X says

    Thank God. The fact the the ban is still in effect is ridiculous and huge, unnecessary extra stain on the military and on America. Get rid of that shameful policy once and for all. It’s the *least* America can do, and it’s sooo dragging, it’s crazy.