1. New jersey boi says

    Uh. So no one in the history of the world got married before tge bible was written??? And what about all the gay marriages performed by other cultures NOT Judeo- christian???

    Once again another self loathing closet case tries to use his half wits and his republican-dumbed down education to forward policy

    Gosh its like Moron of the Day should become a regular feature here.

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    TCW I would like the civil right to marry regardless of whether I find a partner. I’d like the civil right to eat in any restaurant I choose to whether I eat there in fact of not. And I’d like to civil right to free speech whether I ever make some free speechy gig or not. Having access to a Civil Right does not mean you MUST act on in any more than the Speed Limit being 65 mean YOU MUST go 65. However you have that choice. Count me as one that would like the civil right.

  3. tcw says

    I’m not suggesting this blog come out against gay marriage, Sargon. I just think there are so many more compelling, more urgent issues within the gay world. Gay marriage coverage consists of either (i) angry bigots yelling or (ii) fundamentally secure, comfortable white same-sex couples making sad faces.

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    And these bigots suggest they are historians. “In the History of the world…” Well smart ass what happened in the history of the world in 1546 BCE? I’ll take one event.

  5. redball says

    @TCW: Bitter much? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? I for one look forward to marrying my fiance: 4 years together, and counting!

    If you had argued that there are other important issues too like ENDA, then I’d’ve agreed with you. But you went the Negative Nancy route instead.

    On another note: did anyone find Red Sweater guy (in the video) a bit HOMO-SPICIOUS? QUEEN, PLEASE!

  6. LiamB says

    What’s funny is that the early church did marry same sex couples, using the exact same rites as those for opposite sex ones. Thomas Aquinas led the charge to root out any gay friendly behavior in the 1200’s.

  7. 11 says

    I don’t understand why same sex marriage is framed as a middle-upper class white issue by queer people interested in other issues. I’m pretty sure people of all races and classes want to get married.

  8. tcw says

    @11: Elton John, Chris Hughes, NPH, David Geffen: these are some of the most prominent faces of/donors to the gay marriage movement. White and wealthy, they’re pursuing an issue of narrow self-interest to them – and in the process draining attention and funds from other, more urgent gay issues in the process.

  9. James says

    I am so sick of these ignorant people who use the bible as the sole defense of their marriage arguement when this country was founded on the basis of a doctrine of ABSOLUTE separation of church and state. Learn your history….oh but wait you think that the history of the world began with the Bible….I guess all those amazing ancient pre-christian civilizations were a what, a clever invention of the liberal left?????

  10. AlphaA says

    So this is really interesting. The whois information for their website: lists Robert Broadus of 8611 Jason Court, Clinton MD, 20735 as the admin contact:

    Looks like Robert ran for Congress in MD.

    Amazing that a candidate would put their name on a website like this and still get 16% of the vote in their district:

  11. says

    No need to hold Bob up to the light to know that he’s a genuine a-hole. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that marriages sanctioned only by our “Lord Savior” are counterfeit in a secular society where marriage rights are granted solely by the state.

    @TCW: You may not personally regard marriage equality as an important issue, but it is undeniably a major civil rights question of our time, one being posed all over the country. It would be nuts if Towleroad didn’t cover it extensively. Wealthy male celebs like Elton John are hardly the true face of “gay marriage.” (They certainly weren’t in VT during our successful fight for equality. More like middle-aged, middle-class lesbians.) The freedom to marry cuts across class lines and is about protecting gay families, rich and poor. Basic civil rights can hardly be classified as narrow self-interest.

  12. RWG says

    @TWC Nothing is more urgent than winning recognition for our full equality under the law. Every aspect of our lives is touched by the discrimination aimed at us. If you think otherwise, you’re either deluded or living in denial.

    If you think there is too much focus on the marriage issue here, you’re welcome to over to Gawker and fill your head with gossip. It’s a better place for people who are not serious about their citizenship.

  13. tcw says

    @ Ernie: I don’t deny that gay marriage has become a major civil rights issue. Nor do I deny that it stands to benefit gay couples, “rich and poor”. My issue is that there are a host of gay rights issues that are both more urgent and more neglected because they implicate only the relatively “poor” half of that equation – a segment like homeless youth and Ugandan activists, who are less conformist than middle class lesbian couples in VT and less glamorous than David Geffen and Elton John.

  14. LiamB says

    TCW, don’t blame Andy, or his site for lack of articles you find more important. All he does is post links to stories others have written. By all means, if you know of articles he hasn’t linked to, send off an email to him, and I am sure he will. So manifest all these articles he is ignoring because of the “poor” factor (an idiotic statement if there ever was one) or shut up all ready.

  15. TonyJ says

    And TCW, many, many married same-sex couples are of mixed race, including mine.
    In fact, this is quite common.

    Maybe you live in an area where there are fewer minorities or something?

  16. Gianpiero says

    They can talk ‘counterfeit’ all they want, that doesn’t change the fact that the tens of thousands of same-sex marriages in this country are legal and valid. Their misrepresentation of the truth is not going to change that.

  17. walter says

    the whole thing about same sex marriage is the right to do it whether you want to or not. this country is supposed to be about equal rights for all. religion is not supposed to be allowed to have a place in people’s rights the same way that government can’t interfere with a person’s religion. why is it that the religions feel okay to interfere with my civil rights . i for one want no pat of their religion and very rarely would step into a church.

  18. StillmarriedinCA says

    TCW–The financial benefits of our marriages being recognized by the federal govt. are particularly beneficial to poor people. Every gay and lesbian who loses a partner in death also loses tens of thousands of dollars in Social Security benefits–money that could make the difference in being homeless or not. We also have to pay thousands of dollars in taxes for health insurance extended to our partners that straights don’t have to pay. Changing this inequality would also mostly benefit the poor.
    Marriage equality for LGBTs would no more only affect rich white people than heterosexual marriage benefits only rich white people. You need to get out more if you think only wealthy white people fall in love and want to get married.
    Marriage Equality would have an incredible impact on the self-esteem of LGBT teens and would undoubtably prevent many suicides. That’s pretty important in my eyes.
    The reason you see a lot of rich celebrities championing marriage equality is because celebrities get more airtime and rich people have the money to make significant contributions. DUH. How dense can you be? There are millions more doing the same thing on a smaller scale but we just don’t make the news. Do you really not understand that?
    Many states and cities already have laws barring workplace discrimination so ENDA, while important, would actually not affect as many people as marriage equality, which can potentially affect EVERYONE.

  19. FML says

    TCW — there are tons of blogs and sites out there with coverage of the other issues that you seem to think are “more” important. I suggest that you go to those blogs if you’re so overheated about this particular issue, which, like it or not, is important to way more people than you will ever know. And by the way — I’m not exactly swimming in cash and the issue is of paramount importance to me.

  20. tcw says

    Wow – in two hours I’ve been called “idiotic”, “dense”, “deluded”, “bitter” and told to “shut up”. Thanks, guys! You prove my point, namely that the gay marriage movement is the pettiest, most self-absorbed rights movement of any kind.

  21. Mike in the Tundra says

    @TCW My partner died last spring. I will never be able to marry him now. I will still fight for same gender marriage. I will fight to get every civil right denied me. As long as I’m denied any right, I am a marginalized citizen. One reason that Andy may have so many stories about same gender marriage is that the right wing is so visibly attacking it. I really feel that DADT articles were quite visible here when it was most under attack.

    I am Latino and my partner was part African American, and I would have married him at the drop of a hat.

  22. StillmarriedinCA says

    TCW–please demonstrate that you are NOT any of the things that you were called. Until then, maybe you should take a look inside and see if you can do better.

  23. jexer says

    Nice demonstration of Counterfeit Christianity if you ask me.

    Q: “Is this marriage legit?”

    A: “Here’s the notorized marriage license, looks legit to the authorities that matter.”

    See, it’s that “’til death do us part” bit that makes it a STATE matter more than a CHURCH matter.

    The smug bastard in the video’s family is indulging his senility a little too much.

  24. StillmarriedinCA says

    TCW-in my first post I laid out exactly why you are so wrong on this issue. Several people have pointed out how misguided you are. Instead of admitting that you were wrong or addressing any of the issues that we have explained, you want to take offense at how you haven’t been treated with respect–even though you began by disrespecting everyone who is concerned with marriage equality.
    If you have a rebuttal to our rebuttals, I’d like to hear it. Otherwise you look like a fool.

  25. Fenrox says

    @TWC, I understand where you were going in your first comment. It’s a pretty big deal to most people I know. Also it’s kinda the last big block to equal rights other than discrimination laws. But like when I was 19 and gay marriage was just happening in places like Hawaii, I was like “WHO CARES”, I am still in that boat (I will never get married) but I want the issue righted and put away in my lifetime.

  26. Brian says

    Hey TCW, no problem with your question… I live in Maryland with my partner and son. We’ve tried to create as many legal protections as we can for our family but marriage would make our lives a lot easier. The MD bill is incredibly important to my family and to many of my friends.

  27. Hollywood, CA says

    BBBBBBBBahahaha! An old white man leading the charge to keep the gays down. Pathetic. If marriage between a man and a women is real, then what is the 50% divorce rate? You blaming that on the gays? The bible says “’till death do you part.” Oh, but ya’ll don’t HEAR that part, right? Go S.A.D.

  28. Cristian says

    TCW, I actually agree with you on several points. I can understand coverage of the same-sex marriage issue if it’s actually relevant, but I don’t see how this particular news item is relevant in the least. Just another random dumbass I’ve never heard of before making ridiculous comments that are so unintelligent that they’re not even worth arguing with or laughing at. Certainly, there are far more important things going on in the world that should be reporting on and thinking about instead of this man’s inane comments.

    Unfortunately, here on Towleroad, Andy likes to imagine that his own emotional reactions count as legitimate news. I wonder if he goes through one day without whipping himself into a belligerent frenzy because some retarded, backwoods maggot doesn’t like gay people.

  29. Matt S says

    This guys has his facts all wrong.

    1. I don’t beleive god originated marriage. I don’t recall a wedding ceremony in the garden of Eden. Never in the bible do we see God say, “Ok, you and you are gonna take oaths and she’ll dress in white and you’ll get a certificate.” The bible just lays down rules for something that already existed.

    2. Nowhere in the bible does it expressly say that marriage is between a man and a woman. They read into what there and say, well, since the marriages in the bible are man/woman, that’s what god intended. By that logic, marriage is a between a man and a woman and his concubines, or a man and his several wives, or a man and his dead brother’s wife, or a man and the girl he raped, etc. Or maybe it’s between a man and the woman created from his rib. Heck if I know.

  30. Phil says

    I can’t understand why a person would worry about another person’s marriage, and why one would be so obsessed as to campaign and invest energy and free time in preventing those marriages. These people are very empty. There is something wrong with them that they don’t attend to their own lives and stop meddling in others. To be so actively against gay marriage is more a statement about the obsessed person.

  31. db says

    TCW–this blog has a lot of different stories. There’s a lot about gay marriage but there’s a lot happening on the gay marriage front. But, I see a lot of content here that doesn’t have to do with gay marriage–if the subject bugs you so much you don’t have to read those posts. Whether I get married or not (and if it became legal in may state again my partner and I just might get married) it’s a right I think we should have and it’s one I’m willing to fight for. And I have to say your comment about hoping DOMA isn’t repealed is just nasty and just makes me not care what you have to say at all.

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