News: Lady Gaga, Gay Cruise, Ron Paul, Jamaica, Egypt

 road Lady Gaga to give birth in music video for "Born This Way?"

Allue  road Drug bust on the "world's largest gay cruise."

 road Sign in UK causes outcry: "A hotel owner has caused uproar in his village after putting up a sign outside the building saying 'Poofters welcome here'. Mike Saqui meant the sign to be a pointed reference to the case where a Cornish B&B owner refused to let in gay couples. But many in his village in Hampshire's New Forest were left outraged and he was given a strong talking to by the police."

 road Marriage Equality supporters plan valentine's Day demonstration in San Francisco.

 road Looters stole 18 items from the Egyptian Museum during Egypt's recent social unrest.

 road Ron Paul wins the straw poll at CPAC.

 road Sarah Palin hires chief of staff of her political action committee.

Criss  road Matthew Morrison, Darren Criss and others attend Barbra Streisand tribute.

 road New Zealand Prime Minister John Key speaks at Big Gay Out.

 road Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson criticizes President Obama's action on DADT: "I think the dialogue was advanced, but when it came to 'don't ask, don't tell,' I would've let that court ruling stand."

 road Adam Lambert attends pre-Grammys bash.

 road Mickey Rourke speaks further about the development of the new Gareth Thomas biopic: “I’m meeting Gareth’s parents and his family tomorrow in a box to watch the game. This is an incredibly important story about equality and it’s something I want to make happen. We’re working on the script, the treatment and we have the producers on board. I’m very excited to see Gareth play – it’s a first.”

 road Not a surprise but a study reveals that anti-gay states are unhealthy.

 road Increase in the number of Jamaican gays seeking asylum in the United States.


  1. Matt26 says

    Barbra Streisand still needs lots of vocal training to belt out those Gypsy highlights.

    Many of her fans don’t want to face the fact her voice is not the same it was until Back to Broadway (listen to her With One Look). At Musicares her belting was painful to watch and hear, even thought it sounded much better than on Oprah.

    I hope she is very critical to her own voice and trains hard if she wants to shine on Gypsy. I would still prefer her directing Patti LuPone.

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    Puh-leeze!!!! Of course Streisand’s voice has deteriorated, you cretin. She’ll be 69 this year.

    In addition to revealing your ignorance of math, you’re displaying a little subjective denial yourself just like every other LuPone fan who can’t admit that regardless of how many great “performances” she’s given her vocal range has ALWAYS been barely above that of a dial tone. And Laurents’ praise for her in “Gypsy” was about her acting not her—to the OBJECTIVE— pitiful, painful performance of “Rose’s Turn.”

  3. TANK says

    Drug bust on world’s largest pillow biter cruise without a link to the story. You are teh awesome.

    Having read the story, it’s hilarious. I find the problems with drugs and other substances and activities that seem to plague weak men of the gay community endlessly entertaining (if you can’t handle your steak, order a salad). But there are two kinds of people in the world: those who go on cruises, and those who do not. I am of the latter category. The only thing worse than cruise people are gay cruise people…what fresh hell that must be. Drugged up elderly old queens “dancing” on a boat…lmao. The conversation! The drama! The buffet.

  4. Max says

    Have to agree with Tank about the cruises. I don’t mind the “old” or “queen” part, but the drugs are really disgusting. Anyway, just my opinion, to each his own, live and let live…

  5. shannon says

    REALLY? gee…go figure… get a few hundred gay “circuit” men who THINK they are cute and “hot”….and are delusional as hell together AND POOF! YOU FIND THEY ARE ALL CRACKHEADS!!!!!!!!!

  6. says

    Hey, if Tank isn’t there, it was probably a lot of fun!

    Try getting laid girlfriend…your rants here are just sad pathetic things.

  7. TANK says

    Swab the poop deck has a whole knew meaning (or not, depending on which circles you chum) on the hms astroglide. The dread pirate roberts wouldn’t be caught dead on it, but there be pirates there nonetheless-ARGH!!! I wanna be ghettoized at sea, too! And I’ll be there, crusty, as I always go out of my way to have the worst possible time imaginable with drugged up detritus. thankya thankya.

  8. fred says

    I agree that cruise people are the worst, but gay cruise people are no more grotesque than their gluttonous and boorish straight cousins. The thought of being trapped on board with either group is frightening.

  9. Richard says

    For all you Streisand critics I have something to say. Yes Streisand’s voice is not what it used to be. In fact it’s failing quickly now. As someone stated she’ll be sixty-nine in April. But let’s put this in some perspective here. That dame has been thrilling us with her extraordinary vocal ability since the early 1960s. She’s the last (in my view) of a great line of unparalleled vocalists who never cease to amaze, inspire, and enthrall. I grew up with Streisand. Often she got me through the day. Yes I, for the time her LPs were on the stereo, became “Funny Boy”. She led me (AND MANY OF YOU!) through some pretty tough times and many of us lived vicariously through her unusual beauty (On a Clear Day) and, arguably, the best set of pipes to come along in all time. We owe a debt of monstrous gratitude to Streisand. Many of us, when down, could “become” her. She gave us hope. Yes, the ever-evolving cameleon. Now THAT is entertainment. But it goes further. As a fifteen year old boy I wrote her a fan letter and sent it to her brother Sheldon who passed it along to Barbra while she was still on Broadway doing Funny Girl. She answered it. The woman is a living legend and until about five years ago could, vocally, keep up with the best of them. In my view her voice was at its peak during the filming of Hello Dolly and On a Clear Day. But for a singer’s voice to remain strong all the while Streisand’s has is something for which we ALL should be incredibly grateful.
    To Miss Striesand I say, quite simply, BRAVA BRAVISSIMA!

  10. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    Criss looks simply dreamy in that picture. Come ravish me in your bed, luvah!