1. says

    “The pastor was almost attacked” means that the pastor was indeed NOT attacked. It’s like saying “You were almost late.”

    And yes, Virginia, opposition to equal rights is the same thing as bigotry.

  2. Derek says

    Hmmm.. a peaceful protest in front of a church.. compared to the ranting ugly things that they shout and spew when they show up at Pride events.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    What’s really more of a threat to Catholicism: homosexuality or the possibility that Maggie Gallagher will eat the world’s entire supply of communion wafers?

  4. mike says

    It’s a group that isn’t even allowed to go in the church to worship and their suprised they’re protesting? I’ve heard the phrase “almost doesn’t count” so when she says the pastor was “almost attacked” does she mean he wasn’t attacked, she looked in the crowd and saw some ugly gay face giving him a dirty look? Yea that’s what it was. Thanks NOM, everyday more hate.

  5. BornThisWay says

    Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. There are many venues and times to picket. Picketing a church right before, during, or after will win no hearts or minds.

    I live in Topeka, KS and we must endure the WBC cult of hatred every day and often outside our churches. It isn’t right for them and it isn’t right for our activists either. At least because of the cult we in Topeka have a targeted picketing ordinance that limits protests at churches half an hour before to half an hour after a published scheduled service within 90 feet of any entrance.