1. The Iron Orchard says

    HOT TUB!!
    Oh my so much could be said!!!
    I think I’ll just leave it….on second thought it looks like the DVD cover for a porn about incest. Get in the tub kids, daddy’s home.
    (the kid on the right looks a little afraid!)

  2. Bryant says

    Is this guy for real? I am annoyed, confused and I need to go throw up now. I haven’t felt a weird combination of emotions like this since I came out to my overly religious grandmother.

  3. jakeinlove says

    The two good looking kids, front left and rear right, will go on to some TV reality show. I can just see it already!

  4. Max says

    I think it is inappropriate that he would drag his kids into the whole mess… anyone who had some sense would just drop off the radar for a decade. First they have to go through him getting caught and now they have to appear in a national publication in a hot tub with him?

  5. Paul Bunion says

    ‘Just sitting in a hot tub with my kissing parents after my bisexual father had crystal meth enhanced sex with a male prostitute, but it’s all ok now.’

    Ew. What have those children done to deserve this ?

  6. willie t boned says

    He is obviously insane to do this to his family — but what pisses me off is how well being a hate monger has passed off for him …. nice pad Ted.

  7. Dego says

    Yup. there’s definitely a gay gene in that family.

    If there is a “famewhore gene” too, cue the folks at Sean Cody… Those kid’s got their work cut out for them.

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Like picking a lobster in the aquarium of a seafood restaurant.

    Oh, he’s NOT pimping his family? I’m sorry, I misunderstood.

  9. Matt26 says

    That is so terrible on so many levels. I feel sorry for those kids. I wouldn’t blame them not wanting to go to school this winter after that pic.

  10. Fred says

    I feel sorry for the family. But hopefully the kids will learn from their father’s poor behavior. And since I live just down the road from Michelle Bachmann, same goes for that family (poor behavior of both mom and dad)

  11. plaintom says

    This is so wrong in so many ways. If the kids do appear on a reality tv show it will definitely have a mental rehab theme. Hell, I thought Sarah Palin exploited her kids, this is a whole new level.

  12. says


    not the good looking doofy at the end of the movie

    the supposed retarded sgt doofy throughout the movie

  13. patrick nyc says

    Someone should call child services, have his wife committed for psych evaluation and have him shot.

  14. Michael Letterman says

    Oh yes a man kisses his WIFE and the queers go nuts. I’ve seen your kind mincing down the street in assless chaps shoving your tounge down each others throats as if you were doing a navel exam.

    But heaven forbid a normal heterosexual man kisses his wife in front of his children thereby showing them the dept of his affection for the woman he selected to have a family with.

    No wonder the country won’t elevate you to the same level as hetero’s.

  15. brian says

    Stop being so harsh on Ted. He’s like most married men today. Most married men are bisexually oriented to varying degrees but choose to live a nuclear family-oriented life because they see it as more stable and fulfilling than the endless nothings of the gay party scene. He’s entitled to make that choice.

    Put simply, his commitment to the heterosexual behavioral choice has strengthened although, orientation-wise, he remains a bisexual man.

  16. antisaint says

    Yeah, I personally don’t think sexuality has anything to do with the incredibly AWKWARD situation in that photo. I wouldn’t want to be photographed posed around a hot tub while my parents kiss, regardless of their gender or sexuality. How this idea even got this far I couldn’t begin to imagine. Hot tubs, bikinis, bare chests, and kissing, perhaps, but when you throw “family” into to the mix… No. No. Just no.

  17. says


    If you bother to read Ted’s own self-identity statement, it’s not “normal heterosexual”–respect his choice of wearing a bisexual label. And if you are incapable of understanding why this posed photo of kissing his wife in a hot tub in front of his children who have been traumatized on some level by his literal years in the national spotlight of being a liar, a drug-using, prostitute hiring–oh, what’s that word used by a lot of conservative christians? Fornicator/adulterer? (Doesn’t matter if he was betraying his wife with a male or femalesex worker, right?)—there is no point wasting our time explaining it to you. When he was first exposed, these kids were driven out of their home by his actions. I agree with other posters this is a type of child abuse in using them to exploit his “lifestyle in recovery.” As a Family Therapist, I look at those 4 young faces and think about how they will deal with their dysfunctional family relationships over the next few years. The one on the front right looks as if he’s already on his way to an eating disorder, and 3 guesses which one will act out sexually. I suspect 3 of the 4 will have problems with intimacy. Sadly, a much too typical American Family where the father has set himself up as a spiritual leader.

  18. walter says

    doesn’t this creep you out?is this an example of family portrait you would want on your mantle? ted is one sick ass individual.

  19. Ealan75 says

    Wow, watching this PDA takes me back to when Liza Minelli and David Gest got married. Remember that kiss?? Ugh!!