1. Gregoire says

    Gaga looks amazing here, probably the best she’s ever looked, because it’s somewhat in the realm of normal. A not-mutually exclusive fact: she also looks a bit like Candis Cayne.

  2. says

    @Gregoire, actually, I kind of disagree. I feel like something is off with her eyes or her lips here. Almost like these are pictures of her wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s.

    I’ve always thought that she looked her best in her Bad Romance video. Either way, I do love her, and I’m totally excited to see her video for Born This Way on Monday.

  3. John says

    Love comments like Winterbrand.
    Lets see Madonna has been around commercially since 83/84 constantly & successfully re-inventing herself. LGG has been around commercially since 2008 & so far to my ears has been very repetitive.And Born This Way is most definately influenced by Express Yourself which can only be a compliment.For sure Madonna nearly fell into repetitiveness but was reborn with Ray Of Light,an amazing album from start to finish.I wouldn’t be suprised if the two do a duet but as far as LGG goes in the words of the true Queen of pop since the 80’s “I’ve heard it all before”.

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