Portuguese Model Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ in Murder of Carlos Castro

Portuguese model Renato Seabra pleaded not guilty in court yesterday to the grisly murder of journalist Carlos Castro in a midtown Manhattan hotel in early January.

DNA Info reports: Seabra

"Handcuffed and wearing a bright Department of Corrections jacket with sweatpants, Renato Seabra, 21, quietly entered the plea through a court-assigned Portuguese translator. Prosecutors announced his indictment on a single second-degree murder charge….Castro and Seabra was vacationing in New York together and had checked in to the InterContinental hotel on West 44th Street when the older man reportedly began to fear his young companion. There did not appear to be any family members or friends of Castro's at the proceeding. After the proceeding, Seabra's lawyer, David Touger, told reporters he planned 'a vigorous defense.' … 'I'm very optimistic there will be a successful result for Mr. Seabra,' he said, without elaborating."

Seabra reportedly mutilated Castro's genitals with a corkscrew in order to rid him of his homosexuality. He also stomped on Castro's head.

Following a memorial for Castro late last month, his relatives dumped the journalist's ashes down a Times Square subway grate.


  1. sparks says

    Oh I’m sure they’re going to claim that Carlos Castro was torturing or threatening him in some way, or keeping him from his family.

    Face it. There are a thousand defenses that will work for a jury when they believe the victim was a lecherous old man who preyed upon a young model and tried to “force” homosexuality upon him.

    I mean come on. That ain’t fair but that’s how the criminal justice system works.

    And that is why older gay men should take care not to become involved in relationships with sweet young things who are pretty obviously not in it for love.

    I feel very bad for Castro and his friends/family but did he really think what he had with Seabra was romance?

  2. jaragon says

    They will try to portray his sugar- granpa as some sort of evil gay monster who corrupted the poor innocent boy and the only way out was to perform that “homosexual demon cleansing ritual”.

  3. ratbastard says

    Seabra is in protective custody. I can’t imagine putting him among the GP.

    Orange jumpsuits [I know he isn’t wearing a jumpsuit] usually infers protective custody.

  4. shannon says

    THIS is why I say STOP claiming anything that comes along and says they are “straight” or “bi” is soooo hot you will do anything to have them! You get HURT in many ways in the end…

  5. just a guy says

    I hate to be sensationalist–and I think old gay/bi men shouldn’t sexualize young men; it’s disrespectful and demeaning.

    But this dude should fry.

  6. Porto27 says

    If possible, you should get a hold of the Facebook messages exchanged between Castro and Renato. I read them in Portuguese, but I’m assuming they’re available in English somehwere in the Internet. Castro is the one who initiated the contact. As I read in a comment posted by someone else in another related article, it appears as though Castro literally “hunted” Renato down after seeing him in the Portuguese reality show “O Procuro do Sonho” in which new modeling talent competed. Renato did not win but was runner up. In his interviews he comes across as rather shy, very calm, extremely polite, and just an all around decent guy. He stressed his family and family values, his devotion to God, and his humility is clearly not faked. Castro sent him a message via Facebook and asked him to be his friend. After a series of exchanges over the course of no more than one week, Castro was already proclaiming to his friends that he had found the love of his life. And he had not even met Renato in person yet!! Where Renato clearly made the wrong choice was when he saw the prospects of a relationship with Castro as a means of advancing his modeling career. Renato should not have let his ambitions lead him down the road where he eventually compromised himself and all that he believed and stood for. Nevertheless, the entire exchange of messages clearly show what in essence is Castro seducing Renato by promising him to introduce him to influential people who could help Renato in his modeling ambitions. If for no other reason, Castro is clearly more at fault for the way this whole sordid chain of events began. And please don’t forget, Castro was 65 and Renato was only 20. I always presumed that with age came maturity and wisdom. Clearly not in this case. But then again, Castro didn’t give a damn; all he cared about was satisfying his own selfish desires– no matter what the cost. And what a cost indeed. As lamentable as the loss of ANY human life is, including Castro’s, by far the biggest loss here is Renato’s future. His life will never be the same again. As always, may God bless you Renato and hopefully your life will indeed be restored to you. CORAGEM RENATO!!

  7. Lisboa72 says

    Porto27 says: “Castro is clearly more at fault” (=It’s the victim’s fault). “by far the biggest loss here is Renato’s future” (=poor murderer). God, god, please don’t let the horrible crime be judged by someone as biased as Porto27… By the way, you’re not related to the murderer in any way, are you? Or are you simply an homophobic disguised as “neutral” in gay websites?

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