Rep. Aaron Schock ‘Disappointed’ That Obama Declared Anti-Gay DOMA Law Unconstitutional


Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) spoke out today against Obama's announcement regarding DOMA:

"I would say it’s disappointing he is unilaterally making that decision when a bipartisan Congress passed a law into effect. It was supported by Democrats and Republicans and was signed into law by then-President Clinton."

Just a reminder — Schock is a 'confirmed bachelor who is "not" gay though he does occasionally express shame at his flamboyant wardrobe choices and has said that he hopes his chiseled abs will cause people to pause and listen to what he has to say on CNN.


  1. Fenrox says

    UGH, I am so tired of these guys just making crap up. THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED. and you DO KNOW that he is the PRESIDENT right? So in his OFFICIAL CAPACITY as the guy we ELECT to MAKE THESE DECISIONS, YES he can rule that the law is NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BE DEFENDED IN THE COURT OF LAW, which you know, IT ISN’T.

    But hey, since you like playing things that way, sure thing Cock, Message received, you hate gay people. GOT IT.

  2. Frank says

    Went to high school with this guy for two years and he definitely sent my gaydar into overdrive. Maybe one day he’ll see the light and come around to viewing gay rights as a civil rights issue.

  3. says

    I fairly certain the majority who would pay attention to him based on his chiseled abs would be teenaged girls and gay guys, and I think he’s effectively burning his bridges with the latter, and the former can’t vote.

    I’m with Jimbo on this one. =)

  4. JonB says

    How do we not have a picture of this guy at Town yet? It seems totally absurd to me. Gays in DC need to be more vigilant about snapping photos of closeted GOPers.

  5. SFshawn says

    Sorry Mr. Schlock but it’s difficult to hear you through all that self-loathing and internalized homophobia your spouting.
    Just come out already and quit your hating.

  6. Woody says

    You mean to tell me that Schock is the one in the pic with the screaming pink gingham shirt, white pants, and TURQUOIS BELT! Dear Lord, republican fags are so confused.

  7. jersey says

    he’s smart enough not to be seen out and about in gay DC. If you surround yourself with sycophants and fellow travelers then you can have your cake and eat it too — I’m sure there are more than enough people who would be OK with keeping his secret in exchange for dating/befriending the congressman.

  8. patrick nyc says

    I agree he is dumb as a bag of rocks, but not dumb enough to troll in DC or on Craiglist. He seems more the type to do it out of town, like Larry Craig, in public restrooms with baseball cap and shades on.

  9. Andalusian Dog says

    I know I’ve already posted a comment on this “story,” but GODDAMN that is one gay mo-mo-sexual…

    This picture looks like a PFLAG luncheon in Greenwich.

  10. says

    seriously, he isn’t gay?!

    that pic says screams otherwise

    Hell, most gay guys wouldn’t wear what he is wearing due to it being too queeny

  11. Gry says

    I thought these guys were all about eliminating government waste. Why should the administration continue to spend time and money defending a law that’s not only clearly unconstitutional but ridiculous to boot.

    As for the Schocker, other than voting with his party Daddies in order to kill any bill that promotes fairness or meaningful change, does he even have any significant legislation to his credit?

  12. Mason says

    I’m very progressive and it’s disheartening that someone so young is opposed to gay marriage but I have a problem with the way you framed this article.

    -The man is 29 years old and single; hat is not unusual these days.

    -Many urban straight wear “flamboyant” wardrobes.

    -Being physically fit has nothing to do with sexuality.

    I really don’t think a gay website should perpetuate such stereotypes for political reasons.

  13. says

    LOL Mason

    No metrosexuqal, even the most flamboyant straight metrosexual would ever ever wear what the nelly queen in denial is wearing

    That sh@t doesn’t scream flamboyant, it screams Nelliest nelly that ever was. Agaain, most gay guys wouldn’t wear it due to it being too queeny

  14. ChicagoMike says

    OK All, many of us in Chicago have seen Mr. Schock on Halsted Street in Boystown pre his days in Washington. And since Chicago and Peoria are not in the same congressional district he was not trolling here for votes. Very sad, not for him, but for his boyfriend in Peoria. His day will come, hopefully he will be the messenger. But I doubt he has the courage/

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