1. TANK says

    wow,d ouche, you’re on fire. Unfortunately, not in the literal sense…lol. Another bright bulb illuminating the gay community with such nutritional fare as, “gaga is genius,” “hot guyz, me likey,” and, “soup is chewy”.

    Just love the swear filter here, too. It fits the “adult” commentary and content here.

  2. Matt26 says

    Wonderful guy, inspirational, a good to all of us to notice. Not to mention handsome. Excellent to take him as a face for a fragrance.

  3. Jeremy says

    Beautiful campaign, and really touching that Mugler would choose him––the gorgeous chrome “legs” they designed make him look somehow superhuman.

    Also, as a musician, it makes me happy that the music ends on a half-diminished 7th chord. How often does THAT happen?!

  4. Michael says

    I’d be a world-class sprinter as well if I had an artificially longer stride and carbon “knees” that never got tired.

  5. Gregoire says

    Beautiful. It’s like a Sound of Arrows music video mixed with a Gillette razor advertisement.

  6. Jeremy says

    @Michael, his legs were amputated below the knee, so the only part of his legs that are artificial are the shin/calf, ankle, and foot.

    Also, this is why he competes in the Paralympics, not the Olympics. His artificial legs may actually give him an advantage over able-bodied runners, so he competes in a different class.

    And really, why do you have to be such a sourpuss? He lost his legs as a BABY and has still managed to achieve great athletic success. What part of that threatens you so much that you have to crap all over it?

  7. dommyluc says

    Very inspiring. And with or without legs the guy could be in a fragrance campaign – he’s handsome as all hell. And sexier than Beckham.

  8. Craig says

    It’s good to see a person with a disability getting commercial endorsement contracts; we see far too little of that, and we need more.

    And Michael, keep in mind that despite this theoretical “advantage” that Pistorius has over able-bodied athletes, keep in mind that his personal best time still failed to even qualify him for the last Olympics. So he’s not a world-class sprinter because he has artificial legs — he’s achieved his world record status while competing against other people running on the same carbon blades, but even his best times still fall well short of athletes running on the feet they were born with. So there’s no artificial “advantage” after all.

  9. Rowan says

    Michael is full of sh*t. Why doesn’t HE chop his legs off and get the same thing? Nothing is stopping him.

    Their is a special in hell for guys like you! I’m sure Oscar had a lovely time being bullied and made to feel like an outsider because he had no legs.


  10. jaragon says

    Beautiful man in action- the spot makes him look like a cross between a superhero and Greek god- which in this case is perfect casting.

  11. Justin says

    Michael – I pretty much doubt that. He has to train and work his core muscles that much more to make up for the fact he is missing half of his legs.