1. HawaiiBill says

    @Mike C.: Yeah, there were. Watch again. Your underlying point about the inequality of women in the Middle Eastern countries is a good one to pay attention to, but facts are facts.

  2. says

    This is great to see; it’s also nice that all the foment in these autocratic states is NOT playing into the hands of Al Qaeda, rather these are liberal democratic movements—even when the Muslim Brotherhood is involved. And I think the Internet has played a big role in opening these countries up to the possibilities of freedom.

  3. says

    @Matthew: Your head is under a rock if you’re missing the movements happening in the Middle East

    @Mike C: Actually, I did notice women. It was one of the things that stuck out to me during the video.

    The video gave me chills.

  4. Phil says

    All of the news out of Libya indicates that this movement is democratic, not religious or Islamist. And in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood had only a minor presence–they were actually caught by surprise. The Iranian revolution and the “Reagan revolution” took place in 1979-1980. The world has undergone a cultural sea change since those days. This video from Libya is inspirational.

  5. says

    and the Us and the Uk are on the wrong side of history with Lybia

    Due to a huge BP oil contract we welcomed Lybia back into the fold and supplied some nice cheap weapons to qaddafi recently

    Lockerbie bombing ordered by qaddafi? Who cared when oil money was shining in the eys of the US and the UK

  6. Chris says

    I find is awesome they were chanting for CNN.
    It’s incredible what’s going on there.
    I can only hope the international community has the people’s back, both in humanitarian aid and military if need be.

    Now where is the long awaited awakening in North Korea….

  7. Nice_Red says

    It is humbling that, in spite of all we know about the imperfections of our systems (political, economic, social, etc.), we are the beacon even today for so many people. Our news crews representing “democacy” and “freedom” – concepts that are as foreign to them as they are to us. But they still dream about it…it’s amazing. No one can predict how this will turn out, but we should all send some good thoughts their way. This should be a wake up call to all of us – don’t take what we have for granted – it’s worth fighting for. These people are not backing down, nor did the Tunisians, nor did the Egyptians. We shouldn’t back down either.

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