1. tjc says

    Only if when he gets him alone he ties him down… and gives him a haircut.

    Sheesh, Blaine, there’s superhot blue-shirt and cute red-shirt GAP guys. WTF is w/ 90’s grunge-reject GAP guy?

  2. ggreen says

    oh geeze. All the unnecessary gymnastics seem to be choreographed by Jake and Elwood Blues. As far at the song being a plot developer does anyone remember the lame reveal of why Blaine was singing “Baby its Cold Outside” to Kurt? At least the song was better this time than that Destiny’s Child crap.

  3. candideinnc says

    If Darren drags twenty a capella singers along with him for one more effort at a romance, I will vomit. Aside from being absurd, this undermines whatever believability there was to the gay teen love angle. The story line is delicate enough. Think seriously of what a young gay lives through. This is preposterous.

  4. Ron says

    So now sexual harassment is okay if it’s sung? And while I love Darren, does ANY OTHER WARBLER get to sing lead? Kurt’s not ending up with Blaine or Kurofsky. His future boyfriend is pretty obvious.

  5. scooter says

    Love the show, but the posts about Criss are getting tiresome. Let the show go on, but stop the stupid plugs… I get it, and so do probably most of the readers here.

  6. TPL says

    Okay, I know if I can’t say anything nice I shouldn’t say it at all but–really, guys. Do we need a post every time Darren Criss farts? Yes, he is undeniably cute. Yes, he is undeniably talented. But come on! It’s getting kind of stalker-ish–not to mention more than a bit tiresome. Enough with the creaming our jeans over “Glee”! Pretty please?

  7. Chris says

    Glee came dangerously close to being a romance with the Blaine storyline. Good to see they are going back to being random, crazy *** drama.

    Oh, and Beethoven has some ***-kicking to do.

  8. Pitt90 says

    You’re not alone, Kugel! I thought I was, too. Acknowledging that taste in entertainment is totally subjective, and understanding that for a certain section of the downtrodden, abused in high-school, and/or misunderstood youths and less than youths (gay or straight) this show has a certain “Take that!” appeal, I generally find this show completely overrated and poorly written. And I’m a theater professor …

    But, as I said, taste is subjective …

  9. Troia says

    Ugh enuf with all the Glee hate. If you don’t like it stop watching it, sorted.
    it’s not meant to be a serious social commentary or an afterschool special.
    it’s a fluffy musical for christ sakes.
    until you get your critics licence just shaddup and let people who enjoy it do just that.

  10. jpeckjr says

    I enjoy Glee as entertainment. And maybe this scene does make sense in the episode.

    But I gotta ask: how is this a helpful image for gay men? Blaine is a teenager, possibly underage, aggressively pursuing a man in a public place, a man who is embarrassed by the attention, trying to focus on his work so he doesn’t get fired, and showing no interest in Blaine (notice I’m using the character’s name, not the actor’s).

    I know it’s entertainment not documentary, but it reinforces the stereotype that gay men can’t control themselves.

  11. Lane says

    I think it is cute and all in good fun. I see it as equality; so many times it a straight guy singing out to some pretty girl. I love red heads so I think the gap guy is cute.

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