1. says

    he is getting long in the tooth and its more likely to broaden his appeal to xtianista idiots

    They loves them some jeebus and anyone who simply says jeebus. remember how they all went weak in the knees over bush saying jeebus was his favorite philosopher

    anything and everything the bekhams do is 99.999999% contrived for marketing themselves/their brand kaching$

    anyway; when he is all wrinkly the tats will look really gross

  2. The Iron Orchard says

    Well we all knew that Beckham saw himself as some type of messiah, didn’t realize he saw his sons as cherubs, though…hmm.
    Anyway, what I really would like to know is whether or not he specifically asked for Jesus to have pubic hair peeking through his sarong?

  3. anthony says

    he can kick a ball….but what an idiot otherwise. There’s a fine line between getting a tattoo and body mutilation. I think he just passed the goal line.

  4. Real Talk says

    When it comes to religion and homophobia…it is pretty black and white for me. No other institutionhas done more to demonize and belittle gays and lesbians. That is a FACT …sadly a fact some gay religious individuals request we ignore. Sure there may be gay friendly religious folks out there, but a GREAT many are not….and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to convert you into their religious ideology. Even in my 40 years on this planet in many parts of this world, the most open minded, and loving of Christians told me “I don’t hate you, I hate the sin of what you do (homosexuality)”….THAT’S OFFENSIVE. Religious is offensive at best, and pure hate at worst. Sooner we realize that, sooner we face the truth and reality of matters when combating homophobia. Too often, people get a free pass because they are “religious” and LGBT fall for that gimmick of enabling them to get away with their bigotry because they are religious.

    Any “star” that celebrates it with body ink is a zealot in my book.

  5. Let's think here says

    Religion and culture are harmful, but the imagery of Jesus is simply a metaphor for a part of man’s various elements of mythology since ancient times. There’s always a savior element in our lives. Although an athiest, I find the imagery of Jesus’ sacrifice beautiful.

  6. Matt Ford says

    Religion has always been used to justify bigotry and superiority. That is the main underlying theme. Religion has certainly held humankind back for centuries.

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