1. candideinnc says

    Translation: “Well, you gays can be part of the party, but don’t expect us to give a flying f**k for anything you care about.” And the sad part is, the GOProuders lap it up.

  2. Rob says

    My own “higher, natural law” says that Huckabee, Napolitano, and the entire cadre of Faux News talking heads are full of homophobic Christianist wingut crap. I would no more pay them any heed than I would the writings of, say,……SATAN (thanks, Church Lady). And a pox on all their evil hate-filled houses.

  3. JFE says

    I like how he talked about natural law and then what he believed natural law was. So what’s the metric of natural law? What happens in nature? Then marriage is definitely not a part of natural law!

  4. Ish says

    I don’t understand why they keep insisting in mixing religion with civil rights. Aren’t the state and church supposed to be separate. If they want the church to have a say in all of this, make them pay taxes. That will fix the economy too or better yet will make them shut the f**k up.

  5. ophu says

    This is what I believe those Constitutional Conventions must have been about a couple of decades ago. If we allow one religious group in the country to hold legal sway, it will be like plugging up a massive volcano, letting the pressure build. We have avoided bloody revolutiion in this country for the past 150 years because the Constitution is a living, breathing document that is not stifled by religious preconditions. To introduce religion into law is to deny that change will happen. Denial always leads to grief in the end. Denial is death.

  6. boone68 says

    By “higher” law, he means the laws of HIS god. He’s talking about the inappropriate influence of his personal religion on the rest of us who may not be believers. That is what the whole gay marriage and anti-gay movement is about–the imposition of the religions of some on the whole of us.

  7. walter says

    will somebody please tell mike that the constitution allows for separation of god and state. also he better look again because god is not happy with these so called believers. look at the weather lately in the bible belt snow in texas alabama arkansas birds falling from the skies. pat robertson watch out you could get hit by a bolt of lighting, which would be the brightest thing from you ever.

  8. Austin says

    natural law hummmm
    that thing is not natural
    it is am imp from hell, hukabee wants to eat your babies, and
    molest your dogs, he will turn the sky green, and get shot in the head.
    now which one of these things is not true, well Naturally thats up to you.

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