1. Jake says

    Bitter party of two…

    These two are just a couple of tools! You don’t agree upon a settlement and then want more when the greed kicks in. What part of SETTLEMENT don’t they understand. These immature losers have some nerve to tell someone else to grow, and move on. LOL

  2. Dan says

    I really don’t think Zuckerberg gets enough credit for the EXECUTION of Facebook. ConnectU was like a million other social networks, including Friendster. Facebook was and is different. I loathe it with every atom of my being, but I admire its design and how Zuck rolled it out.

    That said, would it be wrong to dream of being spit-roasted by these richboy douchebags?

  3. Latebrosus says

    I like how they mention amidst all that weightlifting that they’re in their twenties. Good-looking, well-built, rich, privileged, entitled, whiny, with excellent sperm counts!

  4. NickC says

    If you pay attention to the news: they aren’t disputing their original $65 million settlement, but contend that Facebook cheated them in paying the settlement.

    They agreed to take a portion of the settlement in Facebook stock. Now they claim that Zuckerberg knowingly cheated them on the stock valuation, so they got fewer shares than they should have received.

    Facebook claimed that the stock was worth about $36 per share. The twins have evidence that the company actually valued the stock, at that time, at about $9 per share. If that is true, they should have received four times as much stock as they did.

    At the current value of Facebook, this difference amounts to tens of millions of dollars. Maybe over $100 million.

    I have no idea if there is any validity to their claim. But if I thought I could make a good case that Zuckerberg owed me another $100 million, you can bet I’d be back in court.

  5. Hunter says

    One of my rowing coaches was a teammate of these guys at Harvard. Have to say that they’re case against Zuckerberg seems flimsy, and their ongoing criticisms of him, simply envy.
    That being said, I also have to state the obvious: these guys are genuine *hot jocks*.

  6. anon says

    The Social Network spared no expense making fun of their name, but portrayed them as first elitist jerks, then sympathetic upholders of high class values and finally, sympathetic losers. Only in the closing credits do you find out that they won a $65 million settlement which added to their already considerable wealth. Now it seems they still can’t outwit the big Zuck. Here’s an idea: use the movie to get endorsement deals. You’ll make more money that way.

  7. AM says

    What entitled assholes. I love how they say, “Admit to what you did and then you can move on.” Um…Zuckerberg isn’t the one who seems to have a problem moving on. YOU’RE the ones up in his grill. These toads don’t even realize that they’ve contributed the most towards making socially-awkward, billionaire Zuckerberg seem like a likable underdog in this conflict. Good job there!

  8. shannon says

    DESPERATE GAY MEN…they ate NOT “hot jocks”….there is nothing jock about them! but they are “HOT MESSES” who need to sit the hell down somewhere>>

  9. gr8guyca says

    @shannon: Not jocks? Are you serious? They were on the US Olympics Rowing Team in 2008. Anyone who makes it to the Olympics qualifies as a jock in my book. You may not like them – clearly, you don’t – but there are some things that you have to give them. Aside from $65 million.

  10. Todd says

    Winklevoss should become a term like Santorum.

    Santorum refers to the “frothy mix…”

    Winklvoss should refer to immature, ungrateful, self-pitying, resentful dweebs.

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