1. Atheist says

    those tatts are new i think; last time i saw him with his shirt off, he was tatt-less. i dont mind the odd one or two but yeah, too many here.. Ppl dont imagine how they are gonna look when they’re 50, 60 etc. on saggy skin..

  2. Pitt90 says

    @Atheist: Be careful. Apparently you’re not allowed to dislike tats without being someone who likes show tunes or denies self-expression (although, personally, I like both … just not ink on someone’s beautiful skin).

  3. KevInPDX says

    The man has a great kisser. Will also age into a very stunning man if he keeps himself up and doesn’t booze it too hard and quits smoking. Tats are a bit much but it’s his bod. Usually the overly pierced and inked have low self esteem and other issues so he might really be an insecure softy but a sweetheart just the same.

  4. EM says

    “To the poster who said that TOm is Bi,CORRECTION! He is NOT bisexual.The story about him doing a guy was denied.”

    Wow. It must be a real labor of love for you to go to every single site where someone dares mention Tom Hardy is as bisexual as a huge flashing neon bisexual dildo on the top ofthe Hollywood sign (because darling anyone with a functioning braincell can see it) – and reprimand people in exactly the same finger-wagging style. Are you getting paid enough? Do you need to take a break and go on the sandwich run for the rest of the PR department or are you busy cutting out Tom Hardy Loves Me lovehearts and sticking them over your Twilight bedspread?

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