Website Blames New Zealand Earthquake on Gay Ski Week


Somebody's been hard at work since the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake constructing a website to blame the destruction on gay ski week, "swamp lesbians", "butch uglies & perverts", prostitutions, and abortion….

Writes the site:

Whales dying on New Zealand beaches, over a million lambs dying in three days, a fiery plane crash, storms, wind, property losses over $5 billion, and hundreds of thousands of people, including children, going to bed each night wondering if the roof will fall on them during the night.

And it all started before dawn on the opening day of the Poofter and Lesbian Fest in Queenstown.

Do you really need to wonder if it is more than just "mother nature"?



  1. Bob says

    That’s a lot of effort put into a delusional take on natural catastrophes. Old Testament prophets at least had an identified status to cast blame like this. Whoever did this website is a funded nutjob with lovely design graphics.

  2. johnny says

    Imagine if we could harness this type of energy and industriousness in order to actually help the victims of the quake…

    Instead, these haters simply want to put their energy toward pointing a finger at evil gays and our amazing powers of causing earthquakes when we’re naughty.


  3. bob says

    wouldn’t it stand to reason that if god hated the queenstown ski week, he would have destroyed queenstown and all the gays in it? not someplace across the country. unless of course your god has REALLY BAD AIM.

  4. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    God destroyed a place named “Christchurch” as a warning to “christian” “churches”. Who doesn’t understand such an obvious message from the Angry Sky Being?

  5. Francis says

    Also these are eye raising statements as Christchurch is considered one of the most conservative areas of New Zealand, compared to places like Aucklund, Wellington, and of course Queenstown. Anyway, this is just an example of the pathological hatred and paranoia that some people have towards us, making this a gay issue rather than the fact the death toll could end up near or over 100. Real insanity.

  6. Jack M says

    Why don’t we hold gay events in places that are hotbeds of homophobia? Maybe then God will destroy them and we won’t have to listen to their bullshit anymore.

  7. Michael L says

    Whoever is blaming “Gay Ski Week” doesn’t have the first idea what they are talking about. Why? Right now it’s high summer in the southern hemisphere and there is no snow in or around Queenstown.
    Must be some clueless wingnut in Minnesota or Montana! Next time try July.

  8. JP says

    Not only does God’s aim suck (Queenstown and Christchurch are 480 kilometers apart), but the almighty one also got mad about an event that doesn’t happen for another 4 months.

  9. Chadd says

    The Almighty seems to have destroyed rather a large number of masonry churches in his wrath towards gay people, even apparently killing a few parishioners in Christchurch’s main Cathedral. With all sorts of natural disasters at One’s disposal, you would think that God could pick one less damaging to his followers.

  10. thom says

    …All good points here….and the central issue remains: Why would God waste his time on this when there is so much else in the world going on which needs divine intervention! This is not part of his agenda, in my opinion….get a life, haters! You are garbage. pure and simple….go away…..

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    So, let me get this totes straight: God is not throwing his wrath at straight men who ButFk little girls, or Straight Men who ritually mutilate little girls cl/ts, but instead is causing mass destruction because of teh actions of consenting grown men? Is that right?

  12. Todd says

    God has become a terrorist…what’s the difference with extremists bombing markets full of civilians going about their daily business…God is more powerful so he can use his superpowers to cause an earthquake in Christchurch and kill nearly 100 people going about their daily business…Why didn’t he cause an avalanche at the ski resort instead?

  13. shannon says

    No…they are getting their karma fro what they did to the NATIVE people of the land…the native Black skinned people…killing them…raping the women and children…using entire families as target practice….

  14. Joseph Thaddeus says

    As a Metropolitan Archbishop of an Orthodox Church Jurisdiction I am continually amazed at how so-called “Christians” misuse & abuse Holy Scripture. When the Bible (the books) were first obtained, they had nothing in it relating to the word “Homosexual” but it did contain references to “Sodomy” (sorry people). Sodomy is an act that is not particular to the GLBT people but also to heterosexuals. And since then, various so-called churches have taken the liberty to alter the writings by replacing “Sodomy” with “Homosexual” – – – the Sodom & Gomorrah story is another case in point but I won’t tire you here with it… as it to has been “perverted” by so-called “Christians”… RESPONSIBILITY is a key word in all things one does daily. Remember, “Prejudice makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater!”