Amazon Beats Apple, Google; Launches Cloud-Based Music Service

Amazon has beaten Apple and Google to the music cloud. TechCrunch reports:

Clouddrive Cloud Drive is the name Amazon is giving to its media storage space on their servers. They give you 5 GB of storage for free and allow you to access the media from any computer. Cloud Player is the name of yes, the actual player. And it comes in two flavors: a player for the web, and one for Android devices. You’ll note an absence of an iOS player…

Mashable's first impressions:

"Even from my short test, it became apparent that Amazon wasn’t launching some half-baked product; Cloud Player is a fully-functional, very usable streaming music player that could even make iTunes obsolete for many people, and its ability to play on-device and cloud-based music could quickly make it Android’s killer app. Amazon has thrown down the gauntlet and set a high bar for cloud-based music streaming. Apple and Google, which are expected to launch their own cloud players sometime this year, will have to match Amazon on usability and price if they’re going to compete."


  1. Randy says

    Whatever. I like the music I pay for to be MY music. After I download it, I can put it on whatever devices I want, without wastefully eating up my internet usage cap.

    Why do people insist on trying to fix something that was never a problem in the first place?

  2. Damien says

    @ Randy: I think you’re misunderstanding this. It is your music that your playing in the Cloud Drive. You can download it whenever you want. Amazon is just storing it in the “cloud” – on their servers – so you’ll be able to play it on any computer your Android phone without having to download it again.

    Another thing I found out is that if you purchase an album from Amazon MP3, then you’ll be automatically upgraded from 5 gigs of storage to 20 gigs of storage for free.

    You’re right, though, some carriers (AT&T and Verizon, here in the states) limit the amount of data you can use on your phone per month.

    I actually don’t buy music much anymore, since I now use Rdio for most of my music-listening, but I’m definitely going to get my free 20 gig upgrade just to back up my collection.

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