1. nick says

    Love it! It’s always exciting to see someone with real talent and creativity produce something so wonderful and entertaining. Not that I don’t love Rebecca Black…

  2. sparks says

    Cloud has danced in shows with Madonna and Michael Jackson, among the many who have recognized his abilities. Amazing talent and wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend taking time to watch his other videos/clips!

  3. Glenn says

    This is awesome, and the credits are great as well.

    He should guest in Glee as Harry Shum’s brother and they should dance all over the school.

    p.s. I’m proud that he’s part Filipino. =)

  4. Dan says

    While no question he’s talented, and perhaps took this to a different level, this is, when it comes down to it just a re-make of Gene Kelly’s Summer Stock Dance – right down to what he’s wearing.

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