1. Strepsi says

    he is dreamy. He is also politically correct and impassioned about the gay aspect of the story in a way almost all straight actors fail at. he is such a good ally and role model.

    That said, within Glee itself,

    “The Blaine and the Warblers” show is fun and all, but even when Kurt planned his own Valentine’s concert Blaine got the lead vocal on “SIlly Love Songs”… WTF?

    COme on Kurt, get your balls back and and diva out!

  2. Frank says

    I’m glad Kathy Lee wasn’t there. She was Anita Bryant’s Renfield – I mean “personal assistant.”

  3. Matt says

    It’s so pathetic when guys who are CLEARLY gay pretend to be straight!
    It totally ruins any good qualities in them.
    It’s 2011 oh young-one, not 1950.

  4. RONTEX says

    He’s so charming and well spoken but Matt, you sound like a one of those girls that swears they can turn a gay man straight. Many young men in this generation are comfortable with who they are, period.

  5. Jim says

    He’s actually not that great a singer, no Adam Lambert, but his charm and charisma make up for it. Completely adorable, and they have a star in him and they know it.

  6. Matt says

    No RONTEX,
    Even if he were straight I would not want to turn him gay, I personally don’t find him attractive at all!

    You missed my point entirely. I like many others, in 2011, are annoyed and irritated by closeted gays trying to play it off like they’re straight. It’s insulting and I’m embarrassed for them.

  7. RONTEX says

    @ Matt, so cute, charming and talented men are all gay? Seriously, are you and Chuck Norris related?

  8. Tagg says

    I agree..he does ping my Gaydar but thats just me. Now…Matthew Morrison is a closet case if there ever was one!! My gawd…stop pretending. He was on a local radio show today and if you didnt know who he was you would swear it was a gurl talking!

  9. says

    Jim — lots of very popular singers and musicians out there aren’t technically brilliant singers (though, even if he’s not “technically brilliant,” I still think he’s pretty darn good). There are other factors that really define just how successful singers can be professionally… and certainly Criss has those in spades (charisma, cuteness, screen presence, originality, intelligence, etc. etc. etc.)…

  10. Brion says

    I have to admit that he makes me think dirty things. I hate that. Because I so totally respect his talent and charisma but the thoughts I have are bad.

    Bad bad thoughts. Dirty.

  11. PAV3 says

    He’s quite a catch…but I think he’s straining his vocal chords a bit…he was a bit pitchy, otherwise his piano skills are commendable. Some rest from performing and trying to infiltrate our everyday lives will help improve his delivery at those special moments. That being said, I have room in my condo/life for him any day, and we could sing/live wonderfully together.

  12. Drew says

    I’m shocked some of you don’t believe that Criss or Morrison are straight. They both stated otherwise and neither seems even remotely ‘gay’ in any real world mannerisms (voice, movements, dress code, etc.)

    Just accept the fact that you’re fawning over a straight dude pretending to be gay. Meanwhile, you don’t see networks clamoring for Kurt Hummel much, so they too (the networks) see Criss and Morrison and reliably-straight stars.