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Watch: Dog Tsunami Victim Won't Leave Other Dog's Side


A heartbreaking reminder that many animals were victims of the earthquake/tsunami as well.


Writes Kenn Sakurai on Facebook:

"This is what it's like when we could find the dogs at the actual disaster area. The white has gotten weak but the brown one is not allowing to get closer. The TV crew shot this. We have already got these dog. But it too two hours to take them to the closest shelter. The guys who had done that had the bigger plastic cage on the back of the bike. Having such weight on the back is risky for going the way with no road...Those two dogs are rescued. The one which came close to the camera is in the better condition. The other White, Gray and Black was weak. So it is in the vet clinic in Ibaraki Prefectre. The other dog is in the shelter of the same area. But please know that those two are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more and we need help."

Sakurai works at Butch-Japan - an animal rescue organization. Donations at PayPal can be accepted at If you want to read more, go to his Facebook page, and here.

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  1. Having rescued a Brittany from Hurricane Katrina, wish I could rescue this Brittany from Japan.

    Posted by: Bruce | Mar 16, 2011 8:16:54 AM

  2. Sometimes it takes a non-human act of kindness to remind me what humanity looks like again. The irony is not lost on me, believe me.

    I'm just glad that these two are at least being taken care of right now.

    Posted by: Ray | Mar 16, 2011 9:10:05 AM

  3. Crying so early in the morning! Makes me want to go home and hug my dog.

    Posted by: Dennis | Mar 16, 2011 9:33:00 AM

  4. Why would this guy have Michael Vick listed as one of his favorite athletes on his facebook page?

    Posted by: Mark | Mar 16, 2011 9:49:11 AM

  5. @Mark,


    Posted by: Fenrox | Mar 16, 2011 10:04:57 AM

  6. @Mark Most likely because you weren't allowed to comment on Michael Vick's fb page unless you "liked" it when all of the badness with his animal cruelty was happening. I know a lot of people who "liked" him so they could flood his page with comments about his terrible actions.

    Beautiful clip. Thanks for posting Andy!

    Posted by: Nick | Mar 16, 2011 11:27:38 AM

  7. Reminds me of my dog who's heroic acts are so unreal, I don't repeat them as they'd seem made-up. I love it when these acts get recorded.

    Posted by: MG | Mar 16, 2011 11:48:26 AM

  8. This reminds me of the clip I saw (maybe from this site?) of Dog #1 who rescued Dog #2 from a busy freeway after Dog #2 got hit by a car.

    So amazing, and overwhelmingly sad.

    Posted by: Austin | Mar 16, 2011 1:51:24 PM

  9. You know what, I watch this and as a dog owner myself, completely understand why some people value a pet's life more than human life, including their own.

    They are bred as entertainment for us and with the knowledge of how many are euthanized and/or abused in some way, it's all the more difficult to watch them be put into a perilous situation through no fault of their own.

    Unlike the starving African children in the 2:00AM infomercials, these dogs don't have even the smallest iota of thought on what to do; they're 100% helpless without human intervention (lousy comparison, but dogs owners may understand it a bit more).

    So yeah, that video is stressful to watch if you love animals. Of course, it's endearing to see that even at a basic level, lower species care for one another, sometimes more so than actual people do.

    Posted by: Drew | Mar 16, 2011 1:56:01 PM

  10. maybe they should stop filming and feed them? god, I hate people

    Posted by: jj | Mar 16, 2011 2:08:19 PM

  11. @JJ
    Maybe you should read and you'll see that these dogs were rescued...

    Posted by: Frank | Mar 16, 2011 2:27:00 PM

  12. Our media have us so inured to human tragedy that we have to consider another species before we can feel much anything.

    Posted by: Bryan | Mar 16, 2011 3:12:15 PM

  13. Well said, Drew. I'm right there with you.

    Posted by: Jodi | Mar 17, 2011 4:41:50 PM

  14. Here's the translation of the Japanese in the video:

    They also apprently called the rescuers who got the dogs out of there.

    Posted by: breckroy | Mar 18, 2011 1:11:11 PM

  15. I have no defense when I see animals in trouble. They are the only true innocents. I'm crying like a baby right now.

    Posted by: Michael | Mar 18, 2011 4:32:49 PM

  16. Though a huge number of animal lovers the world around still want to know
    what has really happened to these two dogs, Mr. Sakurai’s response to
    requests for this information has been both contradictory and suspicious, tosay the least.
    To date nobody has been able to learn the fate of these animals.

    Posted by: arahama | Aug 21, 2011 5:40:26 AM

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