1. Phil says

    I’m not a big fan of her music (I don’t particularly hate it, either), but Stephanie Germanotta is very well spoken and a smart interviewee. She played off that question with class.

  2. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    That’s my b#tch! So classy. As a side note: Does she get any rest? Between pumping out new albums, storyboarding and shooting new music videos, her ongoing tour (hello! talk about energy requirements!), creative directing at Polaroid, doing various and sundry magazine cover shoots and media interviews, now doing a runway show…jeez. What a dynamo.

  3. luminum says

    The guy bashes Jews and she has nothing to say? I thought she’d at least have an empowering and positive message to give about casting aside prejudice and hate. But if she wants to skip it, I guess…

    I don’t know of her having an particularly fond attachment to Galliano, so why would it be a difficulty or conflict of interest for her?

  4. Bosie says

    WHO CARES? suddenly everyone is into Fashion>? I like John Galliano his point of views don’t affect his artitstic creations.

    Jews were not the only class of people to die at the holocust…SO WHY EVERYONE IS mentioning jews? stop it

  5. Dallas says

    My take is she wanted to keep the interview about her friend and his work. That’s respectable.

    I’m sure she’ll say what ever she want when she thinks it’s the appropriate time and place. Not having the interview sidetracked away from her friend was quite nice.

  6. Wes says

    The first principle of interpersonal communication is: You cannot not communicate.

    Not saying something is saying something.

    Especially considering the theme of her new song, I find this disappointing.

  7. racer says

    It looks like a publicist outside of the shot told Lady Gaga to skip the question. At 1:38, Lady Gaga looks off camera right before responding. Nicholy looks in the same direction while nodding. No judgment, just an observation.

  8. AlexN says

    “Scrutiny is this massive thing now this century”…Well-spoken? That was drivel. “Analysis leads to divisiveness”? Really…Hmmm. I certainly don’t share her world, and isn’t everything this woman does seeking validation in a meaning, and doesn’t she seem to explain everything she does herself? She also needs to understand that she doesn’t have to do press in support of what ultimately is just press. She’ll do an interview after she wipes her ass if she feels it’s opportunistic enough. I really wonder when the general consensus will shift because it will. A fraud is still a fraud, even when dressed as a ghoulish hooker, the ultimate image of empowerment of women (like Born This Way according to this drip herself! I’m sure it empowers eagles and ants too.).

  9. William says

    Gaga has always been manic about turning interviews back to her point. Look at her recent GMA interview. Anytime the host wanted to swerve the interview in another direction gaga brings it back to MAC and the new product she was there to promote and the Viva GLAM. I see this as much of the same thing. Gaga is there to talk about the fashion show and her collaboration with this designer and fashion house. Dior and Galliano are a completely different ball of wax and not the reason she was being interviewed. She quickly states “Let’s keep this focused on the positive” which in this day and age is a remarkable statement for someone of her age. Any schmo can comment on Galiano’s outburst and we have seen that they are. It takes a strong person to say, I’m not going to comment on the situation and stay on target. Brava Gaga! Bravo Nicola!

  10. AlexN says

    @William. Staying on target? It’s called following contractual obligations, and there really isn’t much beneath the surface to discuss.

    @ Little Joey Whatever: Madonna again? It really seems it’s her fans who bring her up in everything Lady Gaga does. Poor Gaga. I guess she will forever be stuck trying not to “go for second best, baby”.

  11. SKOC211 says

    She is always so poised and articulate during her interviews. And funny, too.

    Also I am LOVING the Cruella DeVille look. And she was fierce on the runway. I’m sure even Miss Jay would have been proud of her.

    And just for the record when Natalie Portman was asked a similar question in the press room after her win at the Oscars – which was incredibly relevant as she’s a spokesperson for Dior – her publicist shot it down just like in this interview (though she did release a statement later).

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